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Your Morning Dump… People are starting to take notice


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here... highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

And now? Your Boston Celtics have cemented their hold as the leaders in the Atlantic Division with a thorough dismantling of the fading Philadelphia 76ers on Easter Sunday. If the Celtics close out their regular season in proper fashion, they will land as the No. 4 seed in the playoffs, with home-court advantage in the opening round.

The 103-79 thrashing of the increasingly hapless Sixers gives the Celtics a three-game lead over their division rival with just 10 games to play. The only thing that could prevent Boston from capturing the division crown would be a collapse of epic proportions.

"They're getting strong at the right time," Sixers coach Doug Collins said. "They're going to be a handful.

"I know everybody is looking at Chicago and Miami, but don't blink on Boston."

ESPN Boston (Jackie Mac) – Don't sleep on Green giants

Don't blink on Boston. Feels good to be a threat again, huh?

Celtics fans should have tempered enthusiasm. We should be disappointed pissed off if this team fails to advance in the 1st round. As for the second round, they're good enough to scare the crap out of Miami and Chicago. Can they beat those teams in a 7 games series?  I'm still not feeling it. 

The I-told-you-so crowd needs to chill out. No one expected Avery Bradley to play this well. While the Rajon Rondo fan club was calling for more shots, no one expected an historic assist streak. Props for keeping the faith, but you're lying if you saw this coming.

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On Page 2, how a 100 push-up wager motivated Rajon Rondo.

Heading into halftime up by 14 points, the Celtics should have been in good spirits. But not Rondo. He was upset after turning the ball over five times in the first half.

So, he made a bet with assistant coach Tyronn Lue — if he turned the ball over one more time, Rondo would do 100 push-ups. Good thing for the Celtics, he wasn’t in the mood for calisthenics. Rondo came out of halftime on fire — dishing out nine assists and didn’t make another turnover as the Celtics coasted.

“Yeah, I bet 100 push-ups. I didn’t want to do any push-ups today, so I decided not to turn the ball over anymore,” Rondo said. “I was really conscious of it. I try to play free as far as turning the ball over and not. But in the second half, I just tried to keep it simple. We ran one particular play the entire third quarter.”

Herald – Rondo finds motivation to end turnover trend

No one is better at the lazy, reckless turnover than Rondo. The dude drives me mad.

Like I've written before, you have to take the good with the bad.

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Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • Dwade

    I been posting it way before, Avery should start I know how good he play. I saw it coming!

  • andy

    big mick can you drop a single post without mentioning yourself? jesus man. nobody cares about what you personally think or said or look like or do. just write about the celtics and keep the personal crap for your friends.
    in this particular post your dumb claims are just brash, wrong, and annoying. plenty of people saw the celtics playing like this.

  • try keeping reality in perspective. c’s have easy wins vs. mediocre teams and blown-out losses by upper echelon teams ie bulls, spurs, lakers, and okc

  • paul

    Nice cheap shot at the ones who want Rondo to shoot. Well, it’s not true that no one saw the assist streak coming. In fact, we saw just such an assist streak last year from Rondo, remember? We know he is capable of this and more. But what you need to understand is that for Rondo to be most effective at setting people up, he has to be a scoring threat that opposing teams respect. THAT MEANS HE HAS TO SCORE. Over the past several weeks, Rondo has done a brilliant job of scoring selectively – meaning, typically, early in the game, and when the team is in a rut and needs a pickmeup. Because of Rondo’s timing, and the spectacular nature of many of his drives, and the spectacular performances he has put on national tv, which – a factor no one has recognized – send a message out to the league that his scoring is to be respected incredibly efficiently – Rondo has been able to get the effect he needs on the basis of amazingly few actual scores.
    But whether you or Paul Pierce want to admit it or not, we do need Rondo to score, and how far we go in the playoffs will in part depend on that.

  • KG is the biggest reason for the resurgence.
    They are 17-8 since KG was inserted as the center.
    This is by far the best he`s looked since his knee injury three years ago.

  • Alex

    Could you post these blow out losses to these teams in here. I would like to see some examples of this.

  • Nobody cares what I think about the Celtics? If that were true, nobody would read this blog.

  • Danno

    They lost to the Spurs by 1 point. to the Bulls by 6 points. to the Lakers by 3 points.
    Yeah. big blowouts. LOL.
    They also beat Miami by 20, Philly By 24, Indiana by 8, Minnesota, Houston, and even Chicago earlier this year. All Playoff Teams, 4 of which are seeded higher than they are.
    way to keep perspective.

  • Danno

    Actually, I much prefer Chuck’s and John’s humor and sarcasm over the stereotypical “gotta keep it real yo” unintelligible writing, or worse, the stale “I’m really just doing this to try to get a Job at ESPN” talking head nonsense on most of the other hoop blogs.

  • If we all chip in to buy you a sense of humor… would that be a big problem?

  • Alex

    Danno, this is a blog made by Celtics fans. Their personalities are similar to us. What I love about Red’s Army is that I can relate to these writers while ESPN writers and other “professional” bloggers are not exactly fun reads.
    If you do not like the Red’s Army style of writing, then leave.
    You always have this bitchy personality in you that turns people off. I hope you realize this.

  • shit. It just hit me why I haven’t gotten the job at ESPN

  • Danno

    Did you read what I wrote?
    I said I MUCH PREFER Chuck and John to those other examples. I was disagreeing with the tard who said “stop making jokes”.

  • James Eisenman

    I’m happy that the Celts have made this run. Many people said that the young teams, like Philadelphia, would start out hot and fade and that the older teams would make their run as the season progressed. Although, the range of play of this team made it hard to believe at times. If the threat of push ups works to make Rondo a more responsible passer, then I’m for Lue making this bet every game. I could live without the behind the back pass from the top of the key and, while we’re at it, can we add the ball roll down the court to the list of no-no’s?

  • Um…Danno was complimenting RedsArmy. I like Danno even though I may not agree with every opinion he has or how he expresses them. Andy up top blows.
    Hey Andy! No one cares that you don’t like it here. RA staff each have their own flavor and properly integrate news pieces with their own opinions in every post. It makes following the C’s not feel so sterile. Sports are suppose to be fun and blogs are suppose to be fun for the reader AND writer. Keep up the good work John, Chuck, Jay and KWAPT!