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Your Morning Dump… Doc rips the team for its crappy effort

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"I had to use two timeouts in the first half to remind us that we actually had an NBA game to play and that we needed to play," a ruffled Rivers told reporters in Chicago. "I thought that was the worst loss for us this year, with the way we approached the game.

"Then in the second half, I just thought Chicago, they were too tough for us. Their toughness made us let go of the ropes. You could see it; we wanted to use all the excuses all night. I just thought Chicago was too tough for us tonight."

"Listen, I'm just pissed at the way we played," Rivers said. "Honestly, the playoffs are the furthest thing from my mind. We haven't been that way, but we were tonight."

"We were cool tonight. We were the cool Boston Celtics, that's who we looked like. Walking the ball up [and] we couldn't get the ball inbounds. No one wanted to work. We were the cool Celtics, and there's nothing about me that's cool, I can tell you that. We don't play basketball cool."

ESPN Boston – Doc Rivers: C's play unacceptable

Doc Rivers had to see this coming. The Celtics are consistently inconsistent with their effort. But it's his job to motivate the troops. We can only hope the players respond with a big time effort in Indiana on Saturday.

Due to my advanced age, I was unable to watch the second half collapse. I had the DVR locked and loaded at 6:30 this morning, but the Comcast game recap was the first thing I saw when I powered on the TV (stupid me). And there was no way I was going to watch this debacle knowing the outcome.

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On Page 2, Ray Allen says he's cool with coming off the bench.

“Well, people were talking about it,” he said after the Celtics’ 93-86 loss to the Bulls. “It was being talked about a lot. I can’t say that it was my idea — I don’t ever want to come off the bench. But if it can help the team, and that’s what they needed me to do, then I would be up for it.

“At the end of the day your minutes don’t change, and that’s one thing I’m very cognizant about when I’m out there in the flow,” said Allen. “It’s an ego thing to start, and my ego is not that big where I feel I have to be in the starting lineup.”

Those words from Allen, who finished with 14 points on 5-for-10 shooting and played the last nine minutes of the fourth quarter, were like music to Rivers.

“We’ve been talking about this for awhile,” said the Celtics coach. “Our bench is very lean and we’ve been trying to go with some different looks. Ray came to me tonight and wanted to do it. We’re just trying to get ready for the playoffs and our rotations.”

Herald – Ray Allen won't whine about coming off pine

I think this is a good move. You'll get the best of Avery Bradley playing him with the starters, and the bench needs Ray Allen's shooting. 

Ray played 31 minutes to Bradley's 27 last night. Ray also logged significant time in the 4th quarter. There should be no ruffled feathers or bruised egos.

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  • JR99

    Doc was talking mostly to Rondo.

  • Alex

    I knew the celtics wasnt gonna win tonight. They just can’t play back to back games. No way.
    Losing to the spurs still hurts for me… It’s like everything went wrong at the end…

  • paul

    Really? Rondo played weak, but so did the rest of the team. Deng ate up Pierce down the stretch. Noah outplayed Garnett.
    it’s just too easy to be a hater.

  • paul

    I think Bradley was the goat last night, for the first time that I can recall. He’ll come around, but the pressure of stepping in for Allen as the actual starter seemed to get to him.

  • James Eisenman

    Bradley was no more the goat than anyone else last night. He had a hard time staying with Watson and made some turnovers but so did Rondo. Rondo got burned by Watson and Facemask and anyone else he pretended to guard. But Deng destroyed Pierce in the 4th, Ray got burned by the same people as Rondo and KG got outplayed by Floppy, who also goaded him into turnovers and technicals. They let Chicago’s defense overpower them and they didn’t get rebounds in the second half. It was a full team debacle. It was no more Bradley’s fault than Mr. Walk-it-down and the boys.

  • Quest

    Starters have to take the brunt of Doc’s criticism. They are the vets, leaders on this team but they all played bad. PP playing hero ball, KG couldn’t even box out, Rondo walking the ball, Steamer fouled 3 sec in etc.etc. Doc is right they “let go of the rope” & we are not going anywhere playing like this. Bet that plane ride back was pretty silent.

  • Doc`s expectations for this team are totally unrealistic.
    Their core players are “elderly”…their schedule is punishing…they are missing Green, Wilcox, JO, Pietrus.
    It is amazing their record is as good as it is!

  • James Eisenman

    Plus, in the second half, the refs let the Bulls manhandle the Celtics with very few calls

  • Gotta put some blame on Doc, KG played the entire 4th qtr. That can’t happen

  • Jim.

    I don’t think anyone’s missing JO,I wouldn’t have him back even if he was “fit.”

  • Granted, JO blows! But, he is a “body”.

  • Cam

    Much prefer Bradley coming off the bench and infusing energy and letting him run wild
    We’ve had ray as a starter for 4 years now 2 weeks before the playoffs, a guy who had never ever come off the bench we are going to try and turn into this 6th man spark plug off the bench? Not enough time, messing with the chemistry

  • Anti

    so PP, KG & Ray should step back because it’s RR team or should they be leaders and carry the team on their backs?
    because theory is different after every single game

  • Quest

    When have the Big 3 ever stepped back because “its RR’s team”?

  • Quest

    Luv it ” Mr. Walk-it-down and the boys”. lol

  • C-12

    Ohhh please Doc lets be real here. Admited that you just mad and jealous of Thibs, and u try to take out on your team. He beats u everytime we play the bulls. He’s a better coach, he prepared his team for every games. He beats u without his best player. Don’t come out and say that was the was lost of the year. The Celtics played really hard the last 2 games, they just got beat by better teams. I’m a die hard Celtics fan but the truth is that we are not a good enough team to win a championship this year. And thats a fact, Our worst lost was agaisnt the lowly Sacramento Kings by 25 points and Detroits Pistons by 15 points this year, not the Chicago Bulls. Lets be real Doc.

  • C-12

    I meant to say that was the worst lost of the year.