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RedsArmy presents: Fan Friday #28 “Live Green or Die”

I thought "Live Green or Die" was the most fitting title for this week's fan. Mainly because of her die-hard worship of the Boston Celtics, but also due to her currently residing in New Hampshire. I actually met Kim through, she's been a friend of our site's founders for a while now. Kim has been a season-ticket holder for a couple of years and very rarely misses a game. One of the great things about Kim is that if she does have to miss a game, she generously gives her tickets to other fans. She was nice enough to donate a coveted pair of Celtics-Heat tickets for our recent Red's Army bash.


Kim's been a Celtics fan since she was "a toddler." Growing-up, her Dad always had the C's on the tv, and Kim was right there with him watching. As Kim puts it; "my father didn't have boys, he had me!" I've spent some time with Kim myself, and believe me, she knows her basketball. She'll hold court (pun intended) with you on the new Big 3, the old Big 3 and everything in-between. She's been at the Garden for alot of special games. Her favorite though she says is the night Ray broke Reggie's record: "been following Ray since UConn. He's always been a player I respect and seeing him make history was a great moment I'll never forget… Didn't hurt it was against the Lakers, either."

the view from Kim's favorite seats..
(the view from Kim's favorite seats at TD Garden)

Next time you're at the Garden, that loud, distinct female voice you hear coming from Section 5 is Kim. If you're shy, she is not the girl you want to sit next to. I remember watching a recent game between the C's and the Utah Jazz. Kim had seats not too far from the scorer's table, and you could clearly hear her on tv. "Play some defense!!" or "C'mon REBOUND!" That, and cheering-on her favorite Celtic Brandon Bass. So if you're on Twitter, be sure to follow Kim. And please get at her if you know where to find a Bass Celtics jersey. She'd be so happy, she might even take you to a game. Thanks for reading, and GO CELTICS!


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  • You can have a Bass jersey made for you

  • @Sportsgal1972

    Thanks guys! You rock! See you in the Garden!

  • mike

    One of the best fans of any team and any sport here in NE.

  • Chris57

    damn Kim ill sew you a damn Bass jersey for those seats. WOWZA.

  • Or you can get a Glen Davis jersey for 56% off…
    I’m sure if you wait a little longer the price will drop even more.

  • ManUp

    not bad, the seats of course 😉

  • Fantastic seats! So jealous.
    I’ve been high on Bass since he was with Orlando. So happy when he came to us. I’m disappointed he didn’t get the Shaq treatment with jerseys out before the first game of the season.
    As zippittyay said, you can always get a jersey made; I’m not sure if they do female ones, though. I got my Auerbach and Heinsohn jerseys custom made through They iron on the names and numbers, though, with faux stitching.