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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics lost their legs


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Chicago.

There's a basketball axiom that you use your energy on defense and rest on offense, but the five offensive rebounds in the third quarter were elongating so many possessions that Boston couldn't rest. The Cs had four second chance points to the Bulls' only four, but lost their legs to execute their halfcourt defense in the ways that stifled the Bulls earlier. Then, the ball started moving again.

Before the fourth quarter, the Celtics expectedly used the break to gather some of their energy back. Without Rose, it was clear that Deng would have to knock down big shots or the Bulls would have to rinse and repeat the energy-consuming second-chance strategy of the third quarter, that could be easily negated with smart rotations and timeouts by Doc Rivers.

Deng picked on his mismatches, as the Celtics had no one with a combination of quickness and length to stop him. His heroic fourth quarter line: 12 points on 6-for-8 shooting with two assists in 8:59.


You can only play intense defense for so long before the legs quit. 

If you really want to drive yourself mad, watch the Celtics players under the basket once a shot goes up. No one boxes out. Never. Ever. How can a team of veterans be so fundamentally flawed?

On Page 2, the Bulls suckered Rondo.

But the Bulls would take advantage of Rondo, who tends to play the passing lanes looking for steals and runouts instead of fundamental defense. So the Bulls suckered Rondo several times into the middle only to find his man open for shots.


Do you think Doc Rivers signs off on Rondo's style of defense? 

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  • This is all wrong. I have it on good authority from many different Celtic fans who comment on various blogs that it was Ray Allen’s defense in the game that lost it for us.

  • Quest

    How can you blame a game loss on ONE player??

  • need more Sasha the bench did score cause they didn’t play

  • chachee

    the defense looked lazy last night. this was a scheduled loss. Back to backs against the spurs and bulls, with the 2nd game being away? we were bound to lose one of these, NOT both. after that miami game, i was confident that this team was starting to turn the page and were ready for the playoffs to start. then, i remembered that their stellar record after the all-star break, was nothing more than having a very soft and easy schedule. give them credit, their last 3 games have been against the 3 of the 4 best teams in the league. they beat miami, should’ve beat the bulls and had a helluva comeback against the spurs. i’m not eager to write this team off because of their recent troubles. it’s just a little concerning because in the past, we usually win these types of games, where its close in the 4th and it comes down to a few possessions.
    let’s kill the rondo assist streak. it’s phony. i love the kid but he got outplayed last night by CJ Watson. CJ Watson. That’s right, one more time, CJ Watson. His 15 and 8 against Rondo’s 10 and 12, should end any talk of Rondo’s amazing double digit assist streak. Btw, wasn’t this a national broadcast? Isn’t Rondo supposed to go bananas and drop a triple double??

  • James Eisenman

    Well, at least the Chicago blog comes out and says exactly what I’ve been saying all season long. It’s like they took the words from my comments and posted them there. This is true, not wrong. But Rondo was not the only one playing poor defense. Ray did play poor defense. Paul could not contain Deng in the 4th Quarter. Avery tried but was not doing a great job staying with Watson for a lot of the game. Bass left Carlos Loser alone several times not far from the basket. Even KG was not stellar against Noah. In short, they let Chicago dominate them. Maybe they just did lose their legs from being tired. But Rondo did his thing, as usual…which is to guard the paint for steals. I’m surprised all the opposing teams don’t have this ploy in their playbooks.

  • BrookLyn

    I agree with the Bulls bloggers. If Celts fans can’t be honest with flaws in last night’s game, then there’s a problem. I saw a Celtics team that ran out of energy or gave up in the second half. I saw a Celts team that did everything right in the first half, but did everything wrong in the second.
    You wonder if this team in mentally tough? Are they playing for a higher seeding or just playing to be a seed. Let the Celts keep these bad habits going and they’ll be toast!

  • paul

    Well said. It’s always Rondo’s fault.
    Btw, did you notice how many shots Watson had to take to get his points?

  • paul

    I don’t have a problem with the way Rondo plays defense, except that I think that if he’s going to stray off his man as much as he does, he has to create a lot more havoc than he does. Most of the time, he really doesn’t accomplish much of anything by straying, and when he’s having a lazy night, he can go from being possibly the best defender in the league at his position to the absolute worst. The last Philly game will stand forever as the ultimate in horrible defense by Rondo, but clearly, he allowed Watson to go off too much last night. But Pierce also got torched, and so did KG. This team just sucked in the second half last night. Deng was the one who really killed us, and was that Rondo’s guy?
    But there’s something important to notice about the way we are talking about this last game; no one knows who exactly to blame. This is telling. It shows that this team does not have a clearly defined leader. Where does the buck stop?

  • chachee

    who’s blaming Rondo? i like Rondo. i think he’s an amazing talent. to answer your question: Watson took 16 shots, Rondo took 8. You could argue that Watson was more aggressive, while Rondo just stood there and waited for guys to get open. Nothing is more frustrating than watching Rondo walk it up the court, stop his dribble two feet from the 3 pt line, and just wait for Ray or Paul to break away from screens. he did this repeatedly in the 4th. if there’s any criticism, thats it. If Rondo wants to be considered one of the best in the game (at his position), he can’t let guys like CJ Watson outplay him or make him a wash.
    Deng is always a hard cover for Pierce. He’s always been a thorn in Pierce’s side. Sure, Deng lit it up in the 4th, but it shouldn’t have come down to that. The C’s got out hustled in every aspect, in the 2nd half. It all starts with the point guard. When they win, everyone loves to say, “it all starts with rondo”. what happens when they lose?