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Your Morning Dump… Where Pierce thought he got a great shot

Paul pierce takes the final shot against SAAP

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"I was trying to make the shot," said Pierce. "I got the switch on the big man, got to a good place — I just missed the shot.”

Pressed on if he considered driving, or if he expected the Spurs to give a foul, Pierce shrugged off both notions.

"This type of stuff is not really pre-scripted, you don’t have an idea of what’s going to happen in those type of situations," said Pierce. "You get in those pressure situations and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, but the thing is I’m not going to second-guess my decision. I thought I got a great shot, created some space right there at the free throw line. It's just some days they fall, some days they don’t."

ESPN Boston:  Pierce won't second guess final shot

I'm not a huge fan of Pierce dribbling out the clock on an iso, but that shot last night wasn't too bad.  Doc sums up my feelings

 "We wanted him to go a little quicker because I thought [Pierce] could’ve beat [Duncan] off the dribble and he would’ve reached the foul line and you know Paul has a knack of getting the ball up. But his step-back is what he wants. I just thought we waited a little too late in the clock.”

I know a buzzer beater to win the game is more dramatic, but I'll take my chances with leaving a second on the clock.  Leaving some time to tip in a miss SHOULD be standard practice.

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On Page 2:  Avery Bradley was a pain in the ass

“He’s a pain in the ass,” Popovich said. “I mean, the game starts and you know what he’s going to do. He’s going to cut from the corner to the bucket and lay it in. He’s going to cut diagonally from the top. You’ve got to give him credit. He knows his role and he does it very, very well. He killed us all night long.”

WEEI: Popovich:  Bradley 'killed us all night'

Avery Bradley was the game's leading scorer.  Avery Bradley.  

In a game with Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, Pierce, Garnett, and Allen… Avery freakin' Bradley outscored them all. 

The Celtics bench was outscored 44-24… and 19 of those points came from Bradley.  To be fair, though, Stiemsma, Dooling and Pavlovic played a combined 31 minutes while the Spurs had four guys off the bench playing 20+ minutes each. 

Back to Bradley, who has carved out a nice little niche for himself making cuts and scoring.  He's been shooting the J with more confidence too, but he had a couple of moments last night where he was left wide open and he hesitated.  So as good as he's been, he's still got a ways to go. 

I'm sorry, though… I'm still a bit astonished at this whole thing.  To sit there and legitimately say "if it wasn't for Avery Bradley, the Celtics wouldn't have had a shot last night" still boggles my mind a bit.

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  • Mike

    Sorry Paul I don’t consider that a “great” shot in any shape or form.

  • sorry mike, but paul has hit that exact game winning shot more times than you can imagine. he had plenty of time and space.. this time it didn’t fall.

  • Moh

    Not a fan of Paul’s step back jumper. I thought Paul, should drove or kick it out to Ray or Kevin. Also the Celtics, are hurting themselves by not rebounding and allowing second chance points from opponents. Now they’re 30-23, instead of 31-22 heading into Chicago.
    The Celtics continue to make life harder on themselves. I’ll be frank too Celtics fans. If the C’s keep getting out rebounded they’re going no where!

  • Dutchgreen

    I loved how Mike and Tommy declared AB to be their favorite Celtic right now – and actually I kind of agree. Factoring in the element of surprise, there isn’t a single player on that time who is more fun to watch right now.

  • Avery got you a cutting play so Avery can score the game winner? No it ALWAYS has to be Pierce..smh

  • Alex

    Seriously, Avery should be the one starting… The C’s HAVE to start strong in order for them to stay in the game. They can’t afford slow starts with Ray Allen’s bad defense and his inability to get open most of the game.

  • Quest

    Time to make adjustments to their game or start thinking outside the box. Surely every other player knows Paul’s game plays by heart by now as well as Rondo dribbling down the clock at the end of Q etc. etc. The comments on what needs to be done are getting too repetitive. Are there any solutions or is this it for the playoffs because if it is then the C’s have an up hill battle going in.

  • djisinthehall

    Crazy comments of the day-
    “Not a fan of Paul’s step back jumper.” ?
    “Avery got you a cutting play so Avery can score the game winner? No it ALWAYS has to be Pierce..smh”
    If that had developed maybe. Cuts works when Defense falls a little bit of asleep. hard to imagine anyone was sleeping on the last play of the game.
    “sorry mike, but paul has hit that exact game winning shot more times than you can imagine. he had plenty of time and space.. this time it didn’t fall.” – i agree with this 100%
    PP has hit to many big shots to second guess his judgement and he is right to say he doesn’t want to second guess it either. He will end up with Lebronitis.

  • Anti

    “I’m not a huge fan of Pierce dribbling out the clock” – Dec 15, 2010
    Let’s Just Agree – Sometimes they fall, sometimes they don’t

  • TJames

    I just hope AB doesn’t start hesitating come playoffs.

  • paul

    We are dealing with a team that thinks it’s still 2008. The fandom is the same. KG has begun to adjust, bless his heart. But Pierce and Allen remain Gods in the eyes of the media and fans and Doc. Should Pierce always be the go-to guy still? No. Obviously not. Rondo should be. Rondo is our best player. MUST Allen start? No. Obviously not. right now Avery and Rondo have a fantastic groove, and there is no reason to think it’s a flash in the pan.

  • Anti

    Rondo go-to guy – 2012.03.06 rockets; this layup should be highlight of the month… at least
    and i love rondo

  • Mike

    “plenty of time and space” is a bit of an overstatement. Paul is fading away shooting over a 7 footer with a hand up. obviously not blaming the loss on this play by any means, this game was lost in many other areas, but i don’t think its unfair to expect a better shot than that after two timeouts.

  • Pierce’s shot wasn’t a bad shot. I would have liked a pick-and-roll with KG, but at that point they already had Duncan on Pierce, so they probably didn’t want to give SA a chance to switch back.
    Pierce hits step back jumpers in his sleep. It wasn’t a bad shot.

  • tom

    Pierce is a clutch player and the c’s are ok yet they will not win tonight against the bulls man! i guarantee them losin back to back and i can tell u why! its all on my blog so come on and look!

  • Wels

    The worst part about the loss was not being able to savor how Boston dismantled the Spurs’ Pick and Roll game in the 3rd. I agree with Doc Rivers that they’re the best PnR team in the league, but my God, you couldn’t tell it watching the 2nd half of that game. Parker and Ginobli may have PTSD after how Bradley et. al. terrorized them.

  • “Wide right”…Pierce missed that final shot by a mile!

  • James Eisenman

    Paul Pierce got up a Paul Pierce shot. It just didn’t go in. It wasn’t forced. Unless you’re super quick, it’s the kind of shot you get on a bigger guy. If you take him all the way to the basket, with Paul’s lack of floor speed or jumping ability, he may beat Duncan to the basket but Duncan can still block or affect the shot with his length. So you put him back on his heels, stop at the free throw line and take the same elbow jumper you’ve made 1,000 times. Yes, he should have looked for it a little earlier in the clock. But we’re the team with Rondo, who almost always takes the clock down too far on those plays and ends up taking the shot himself because he’s wasted too much clock. It was a decent shot and it missed. The game was lost in a million other ways. Credit Doc’s poor choice of running with the small team in crunch time with no Brandon Bass or rebounders. Second chance baskets killed us at the end. Plus, everyone missed open shots all night long. If we hit half of our open shots in the 3rd quarter alone, we would have left the Spurs in the dust. We played good defense and they totally allowed the wheels to fall off the bus. We just didn’t capitalize enough.

  • djisinthehall

    great analysis-
    If we just made every shot we took we would have won.

  • James Eisenman

    You know you are embarrassing yourself whenever you reply to my comments, don’t you? Who said anything about making every shot? But NBA players should hit wide open mid- range jumpers at least 75% of the time. I only asked for half. They got the open shots but missed them. It was a mediocre shooting night. As a result, we didn’t take advantage when we had the Spurs on their heels. Are you seriously arguing that some other reason exists? And I wish you’d take DJ’s name off of your screen name. He was a graduate student of the game. You’re a 3rd grader.

  • djisinthehall
    ” Plus, everyone missed open shots all night long. If we hit half of our open shots in the 3rd quarter alone, we would have left the Spurs in the dust”
    Not embarrassed son. Go get your shine box.
    ps- we killed them in the 3rd quarter. Its jackasses like you who are experts of the game. The game is simple.
    Don’t stress your self out with the analysis. You can count on certain things in basketball, making shots is not one of them, but you knew that.

  • James Eisenman

    Everyone did miss open shots all night long. KG did. Brandon Bass did. Ray did. AB did. We outscored them 16-9 in the 3rd Quarter! ! 16 to 9!!!!! And we went 6-19 in the third quarter. In case you can’t count, that’s around 30 percent. (31.667% to be exact). And open mid-range jumpshots were missed by Garnett, Bass, Ray, Rondo and Pierce. And Sasha missed two open 3’s. Yeah, my point exactly. Hell, one player could score 16 points in a quarter let alone the whole team. If we would have hit half of our open jumpshots in the 3rd quarter, we would have outscored them like 27-28 to 9, at least, and instead of losing by 1, we would have won by 10 or 12. You really are a complete basketball idiot savant, without the savant part. Basketball is simple. You need to make your open jump shots at least 50% to 60% of the time. No shot is guaranteed but you have to make a high percentage of the easy ones because a good defensive team does not give you that many of them. Basketball is simple, not simple-minded.

  • James Eisenman

    And you posted a video of Paul Pierce making an open midrange, step-back jumpshot in crunch time. The same shot that my comment said was a good Paul Pierce elbow jumper at the end of the game, that I said he has made 1,000 times and that he just missed this time. That was what I said in the comment. And “go get your shine box”. What’s that supposed to mean?

  • putjinthehall

    I told you not to stress out about it

  • James Eisenman

    Do I seem stressed to you?