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Recap: Celtics run out of gas, lose to Bulls

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) April 5, 2012 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Recap: Celtics run out of gas, lose to Bulls

Out of gasIn the first half of this game, the Celtics were doing just about everything right. They went into the break with a 49-38 lead.  Their defense was doing its job, they were even in the rebounding column, and the Celtics were controlling the tempo of the game. 

Then the Bulls stormed out of the locker room and ripped off a 29-17 quarter that saw the C’s fall back into their old habits of getting crushed on the boards and settling for jumpers.  The lack of rebounding forced the C’s to play a LOT of defense in the quarter… and when you couple that with the back-to-back night games, you got a gassed team that couldn’t execute down the stretch.  The C’s made a little bit of a late run, but they ended up losing to Chicago 93-86.

Kevin Garnett looked tired.  He shot 5-16 and most of his shot were front rimmed.  He played 38 minutes tonight, and it caught up with him.  

Paul Pierce tailed off after a hot start.  He had 12 first quarter points, but only 10 the rest of the way, finishing with an 8-21 shooting night.  He played 40 minutes.

That’s a LOT of minutes for these guys.  Too many.  I’m not sure what other options Doc has.  Greg Stiemsma must be hurting too much to be effective.  He only played 10 minutes and Ryan Hollins only got 8.  

Other quick notes about the game because we’re all tired:

  • Rondo had his 15th straight double digit assist game. 
  • Avery Bradley did ok in his start, but Ray Allen played 31 minutes to Bradley’s 26.  Starting is overblown… it’s who finishes.  
  • Ray had 14 points and clutch shot that was initially called a 3 but was turned into a 2.  But he and Rondo had a rare miscommunication that sealed the loss when Ray came off a screen and went to the corer, but Rondo threw a pass to the wing for a turnover.  
  • Brandon Bass tweaked his right knee but didn’t come out.  He finished with 15 and 5 and also played some pretty good on-ball defense. 
  • Luol Deng killed the C’s in the 4th quarter.  He had 12 points, including 8 straight for the Bulls at one point.
  • I want to punch Joakim Noah.  God he’s annoying, but baited Garnett into a bad personal foul and a tech… out KG’ing KG for a bit there.  He had 17 and 9. 

The Celtics NEED to get something out of their bench guys. What happened to Keyon Dooling?  Doc is going to have no choice but to play these guys.  You can’t run Pierce and KG into the ground.

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  • Quest

    when was the last time the C’s had a producing bench???

  • gigy


  • gigy

    on the miscommunication Ray and Rondo barley played together all night. So it just looked like they weren’t on the same page. But it didn’t matter the Celtics lost the game in the 3rd gtr

  • gigy

    that’s 8-21 shooting night Paul was awful in the 2nd half

  • The headline says it all, they ran out of gas….stopped driving, got outhustled. I’d say we just got beat by the 2 best teams in the league. Hopefully they can bounce back and keep playing well.

  • sev

    i agree…what happened to moore deserving playing time in the beginning of the season. I doubt he digressed and he is a better scorer than dooling, not to mention they said he is pretty cocky…so hes got confidence. Dooling is prob such a good locker room and practice guy that doc feels like he needs to play him…i dunno, but your right, there bench looks pathetic after all the injuries…green wilcox, JO and petrius….they would have helped with bradley coming along

  • skibothy

    tonight, i just lost what scrap of hope i still had left. good run, but it is over. RIP “new” celtics. what an awesome ride.

  • got to remember one thing..the Celtics have had the deck stacked against them repeatedly this I don’t know what other teams schedules look like but I know that at least 5 times when the Celtics have had back to backs they have been on the road for the second of the two games while the team they are playing, much like Chicago, had the previous night off and was at home watching the Celtics play a tough close game.
    with that said..this team is a lot better than we all think they are. They have lost 3 projected rotation players for the season…picked up MP to fill part of that void and now HE is out..Ray missed games, Paul missed the first 3, Rondo has missed 10 and KG missed a couple and YET somehow they still lead the division.
    When the playoffs start and they can fully scout and prepare for a team with days off between or at the very least no travel time THIS team will surprise everyone.

  • JR99

    This one is mostly on Rondo. He’s the one who started walking the ball up on every possession in the 3rd, while his teammates ran far ahead. He’s the one who stopped working after a good 1st half. Like Doc said, he decided to be the “Cool Celtic.” You could see it coming right as the 2nd half started. And it never changed until, of course, they lost.
    All we can hope for is that Bad Rondo will disappear when the playoffs start. No guarantees, but he always has before. However, it might be too late by then, because seeding actually means something this year.

  • mollysdaddy

    Do the 3 or 4 blocked shots count in there? Yikes.

  • Gotta put some blame on Doc, KG played the entire 4th qtr. That can’t happen!