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Your Morning Dump… The Celtics are better offensively with Bradley as a starter?

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• The Celtics are 10-1 without Allen this season, including 5-1 in the six games Bradley has replaced him recently — and if not for the Mickael Pietrus injury in Philadelphia, the Celtics might be 6-0. What's more, Boston is 11-4 with Bradley as a starter this season, including his time spent subbing for injured Rondo earlier in the year.

• Not including Sunday's game — maybe Boston's most dominant win of the recent stretch — a starting five of Bradley, Rondo, Pierce, Garnett and Bass owned a plus-24.70 net rating in 77.2 minutes together, according to lineup data logged by What's more, Boston's offensive rating (points per 100 possessions) is 114.57 with that lineup and its defensive rating is 89.96 — both much better than the team's season averages (99.82 on offense; 99.63 on defense).

• Allen with the second-half starting lineup has a plus-2.11 net rating (103.89 offensive; 101.78 defensive) over a team-high 268.68 minutes. That's encouraging offensive production, but hammers home how much better the Celtics' defense has been with Bradley on the floor.

ESPN Boston – Bradley making it hard on Doc

My theory on why the offensive is more efficient with Avery Bradley: There's no pressure to find him shots.

When Ray Allen is on the court, and he's not getting touches, there's pressure on Rajon Rondo to get him the ball. He's shooting 45% from 3, he deserves some looks. But we've seen many instances where Rondo will dribble away time awaiting Ray to come off multiple screens. It sometimes brings the offense to a screeching halt.

Check out Avery's shooting percentage. He's 48% for the season and 50% in his last ten games. Look at this season's shot chart, 94 of his 233 attempts have come at the rim. His buckets come on fast breaks or cuts to the hoop. 

The Celtics are playing better offensively and defensively with Avery Bradley as a starter. Doc Rivers needs to ride out this wave. Once Ray Allen is healthy enough to play, ease him back as a 6th man. If the team sputters, make the switch. If the team continues to play well, stay with the status quo.

On Page 2, Paul Pierce is slightly disappointed this morning.



The Truth tweeted out photos of himself in his old Jayhawks uniform prior to last night's NCAA championship game between Kansas and Kentucky. The Wildcats won it, 67-59.

Pierce referenced a wager with Wildcats alum Rajon Rondo. I'm sure we'll learn the specifics today.

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  • out of necessity bradley was thrown into the fire. and maybe now he’s starting to get it.. that he has something to prove? altho at the 2 position bradley lacks size defending premier slashers. i am still liking my cup of ray allen tea.

  • Cam

    I think Rondo is the biggest reason for the offense. He’s been completely engaged these past 10 or so games. If Ray was playing im sure our offense would be doing at least as good.
    It’s 100% on Rondo if he’s just sitting there waiting for Ray to run around.
    Remember when Bradley was starting for the injured Rondo and he was producing a better record than Rondo? People weren’t clamoring for him to start after that. It’s all situational, its not as simple as “Avery Bradley is the reason we are having success”

  • < >
    You hit the nail on the head. They get overly dependent on this play that takes way too long to develop and is completely ineffective if really good screens are not being set for Ray. Way too one-dimensional.

  • “But we’ve seen many instances where Rondo will dribble away time awaiting Ray to come off multiple screens. It sometimes brings the offense to a screeching halt.”
    the quote didn’t come through the first time

  • Pj

    Everyone is missing the main reason the celtics have been playing better of late…..Defense!!! Bradley is a fantastic defender and because of his strength he can defend bigger guards and his quickness laterally helps him stay with the smaller wuicker guards. He injects the celtics with youth and that is exactly what this team needs.

  • djisinthehall

    ” altho at the 2 position bradley lacks size defending premier slashers.”
    AB just checked the best 2 guard/slasher in the game. This is why the game is played on the court and not on paper.
    This is simple keep this unit together. Have Ray move to the bench.

  • “Clippers get first six-game win streak in 20 years”
    All this winning is killing our draft position….

  • wait.. you’re comparing one play by a rookie on premier nba legend?!?!? bahahaha! would you also be interested in buying prime real estate in syria or serbia?

  • Ive been saying since last year the celtics should mix the big 3 up. Last year during the playoffs I wrote on this website the Celtics would have been better suited putting pierce on the bench with jeff green starting because it the big 3 the ability to take more shots and for one of them to play against lower competition and then jeff green would have been able to play and run with rondo giving him someone in transition to run with. This is the same instance just different position. Bradley can run with rondo and bring all the other stuff to the table that you guys have brought up. Ray Ray then gets to play agianst bench players while also having the ability to take more shots and control the ball because the bench needs scoring and people who want the ball. I think it is a win-win for the celtics bench and starters if avery starts and ray ray comes off the bnech ie manu ginobli

  • Danno

    Quite a few NBA experts have claimed Avery is the best on-ball defender in the entire league. Prior to that “one play”.
    Size matters not. Judge me by my size, do you?

  • One thing Ray can’t do that Bradley can is cutting. Avery gets a lot of baskets by cutting.

  • djisinthehall

    @ greenbean
    AB has made a lot more than one play this year.
    C’mon dude. Wake up. AB is top 3 on ball defenders in the NBA, maybe the best. He DESTROYED Jameer Nelson and basically rattles everyone he guards. The thing about defense is it isn’t a fluke. You can either play or not.
    Sure I will buy the land in Serbia, just like I would have bought/traded for the land in Manhattan and Alaska.
    gold mines son. Ray is old, have him come off the bench, whats the issue?

  • djisinthehall

    Everyone knows except Greenbean and James Eisenman that its not who starts the game, it is who finishes.
    Some nights it will Be Ray and some nights AB. Its awesome that AB has got himself to this situation.
    These arguments are all kind of dumb, you have to give the game what it needs. We have a luxury we haven’t had in a long time. With Ray and AB. We should enjoy it. Teams would kill for Ray going into the playoffs. Coming off the ankle injury, lower his minutes its WIN WIN.
    Like I said before its pretty simple. AB starts, Ray off the bench let the game dictate the rest.

  • It’s not who starts the game, it’s who finishes? When have I ever remotely suggested otherwise? I think AB should start. And Doc can figure out who finishes. Now that AB has located his shot, I always love when he’s in. He plays defense. Real defense. Not just on-ball, whatever that means. On man defense, all the time. There’s no other kind unless you’re a big man who helps pick up guys in the paint. None of you pundits have ever played a real minute of organized basketball, I’m sure. If you’re going to bring my name up out of nowhere, at least bring up something I’ve ever commented about.

  • aaron

    ray should be coming off bench to add scoring punch to second unit. bottom line. rondo needs to run w/ bradley…its been working well as bass can run the floor for a big guy…..
    i just know when ray comes back the offense will be stagnant again….

  • aaron

    i guess we could say same thing about rondo in the 2008 playoffs… gotta start somewhere bro….

  • no need to praise mediocrity or give the keys to unproven talent, he’s not even close to being labeled a franchise player

  • obviously english isn’t dj’s first language. just wants to twist a baseless argument and make shit-up. as well owns a low basketball iq