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Watch KG punk Al Jefferson, repeatedly

The only thing better than watching KG punk Al Jefferson is listening to the whiny Jazz announcers.

I don't understand the "fake toughness" label. Garnett is right in Jefferson's grill. And what's fake about that shoulder-to-the-jaw on the free throw line? It was an in-your-face dirty play. FYI – I wouldn't have blamed Big Al for punching KG square in the face. 

Courtesy: The Big Lead and @jose3030

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  • paul

    I find it hilarious. Last year, you guys were screwing Garnett to the wall for the ball tap that didn’t happen, right? This year you are cheering while he ‘punks’ someone with dirty play after dirty play. I’m not hating on Garnett. I don’t think he tries to hurt anybody. I think he gets into people’s heads, like Rodman used to do. But if anyone is being a punk here, it’s Garnett. It’s just that he does whatever he can to take opposing players out of their games.

  • Ryan

    I agree with Paul. KG is playing great recently but he definitely isn’t as tough as he thinks he is. He always starts with other centers like Big Al and then puts his arms in the air and walks away. The Jazz announcers were whining but they had a point and we all know Tommy is twice as bad!

  • Sam

    “Fake toughness” is definitely a weak argument: KG doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody, he talks trash and puts opponents out of their game with his antics. He’s not in the streets or in jail acting like a tough guy.. but I guess it’s normal to hear such idiocy in this day and age where the NBA is all hugs, dumb smiles and dances..

  • Gil

    I’m a big Celtics sand KG fan, but that was pure ignorance from KG. Call out punking someone all you want but when KG gets ejected or suspended by the league no one will be happy. Talk is one thing but to put a shoulder into a guys face isn’t something I want my kids to watch.

  • Sam

    As for what happened with Millsap, I don’t even know if he elbowed him on purpose, and I remember a few past occurrences when Garnett was the one bleeding…

  • Wayne

    This is basketball did you think Wade or Heat fans were upset that he injured Rondo in last year’s playoffs? NO!!! So why are you guys crying over what Garnett is doing when this is his game and he’s good at it. Get over it if you don’t like it than stop watching simple as that.

  • The only play I have an issue with is the one at the FT line. And I said I wouldn’t blame Big Al for punching Garnett after that one.
    The rest of the stuff is fine by me.

  • One thing i noticed is they list KG at 6-11..and Big Al at 6-10…well something is off there..KG is clearly 3-4 inches taller than Big Al

  • Cal

    Let’s see him play like this against the Pacers or the Bulls.

  • Dwade

    too many squirmish people in here if you don’t want to see physicality and mind games like that your are free to watch other sports like queer volleyball or gymnastics or ballet. if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen including you “BigMck”, go watch reruns of Charles Barkley and you see, what KG did is way too soft as the games before watch the old school Knicks and Detroit you’ll see. Don’t watch the NBA if you can’t take it and do not write articles on Blogs if you are too gay for it.

  • The problem is that KG did it to the guy Celtic Fan has a perpetual hard-on for, Big Al No D.