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Recap: Rondo triple-double fuels Celtics blowout win over Heat


I didn't see that coming. The Celtics throttled the Heat 91-72 in a game they controlled from start to finish.

Rajon Rondo (16 points, 11 rebounds, 14 assists) was brilliant. He set the tone in the 1st quarter by relentlessly attacking the rim. It was a vintage Maestro performance.

The Cs were unable to run away with this game in the 1st half because of a lackluster 2nd quarter performance. It was the only time Miami showed any fight. The highlight of the game (and maybe the season) was Avery Bradley's blocked shot on Dwyane Wade.

The Cs got solid efforts from a bunch of guys. Brandon Bass had 16 points and 10 rebounds. Paul Pierce with 23 points and 7 boards. Bradley had 13 points and 2 steals. Greg Stiemsma deserves a bunch of credit, too – 6 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 charges.

The 3rd quarter belonged to Boston. Miami should have never come out of the lockerroom. The Celtics dominated and outscored the Heat 31-12. Rondo continued to push the pace and the Celtics did an excellent job on the boards.

I don't want to be the turd in the punchbowl, but the Heat did not come into Boston trying to win this game. They look distinterested from the start. Their interior defense was atrocious. They might be in 2010 Celtics flip-the-switch mode; a team going through the motions waiting for the playoffs to start.

Box score

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After the jump, KWAPT's message to the Heat.


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  • Avery Bradley is a player, and now the world knows it! That block on Wade was incredible, the kid is blowing up. Most fun I’ve had watching the C’s all year, I stood for this entire game, even the extended garbage. This team has arrived.


    DOC should start cutting some minutes and getting this terrible bench players warmed up. I think our starting five on a 2 day break playoff format can handle everybody but OKC. i am wishing OKC gets stunned in the playoffs otherwise they is no point for the celtics in even trying to play.

  • paul

    After that play, idiot Wade was jawing at Avery like he could make that attempted dunk go in retroactively with his nasty mouth. Avery ignored it. Loving that kid.

  • paul

    Wow. Hey dude, that’s a pretty cool thing to say right after a big win against possibly the best team in the league.

  • Manny

    Ray who? Jk we still need him, and I’m glad he’s willing to come off the bench. I hope pietrus a quick recovery. And every one who was saying Boston is too old when they had those bad stretches should start saying we got younger. Haha

  • vivek-nj

    he’s been behaving like that ever since he had smelled perks shorts


    Nah. Celtics did there thing but the bench sucks and you SAW that with your own eyes. Were on a groove and doc should get some freshlegs for the playoffs. Besides that i like our chances against everybody but the thunder.

  • Thunder r great but let’s enjoy today’s epic bitchslap!! Rondo is the freakin MAN!! Go Celts!

  • Where u at in Oregon? I’m in Lakeview …
    Go Celtics

  • Quest

    How the C’s play in the next 3 games against Spurs, Chi, Ind, will be the benchmark for their standing in the playoffs. Agree the Heat did not bring their A game tonight but still celebrating the great performance by the c’s.

  • The Heat slept on the C’s plain & simple. Then, when they realized what a mistake they had made, it was too late and the C’s crushed them. I really think Miami thought they’d come in here and just walk all over us. April Fools b*tches. There’s nothing else I can say about Rajon-superb. And the Captain had a beautiful, balanced attack: I believe 11 1st half and 12 2nd half pts. But Bass was huge also. He was more aggressive today as far as getting in the paint. He was 10 of 10 from the FT line too. The only thing the Heat really did better than the C’s was offensive rebounding. Oh and Rondo & Avery’s chemistry is getting even better. These guys are going to be a force on the fastbreak. Great win today.

  • lkk23

    that is exactly what i said to my dad after the game about them just thinking they could swoop into boston and beat the celtics…the joke was def. on them. I;m just hoping that they can put something real special together throughout this last month of season and into the playoffs!!

  • I’m in Phoenix, just between Ashland & Medford….been through Lakeview several times though and once spent the night, love the Oregon Outback! Go C’s!

  • number18

    dude, the bench was excellent that game avery bradley, greg steamer, keyoon dooling, they were beast today

  • I thought the Heat were trying to take advantage of Avery being a bit smaller than Wade, and then Avery put that shot back in his face and wouldn’t get pushed around at all after that. Classic leBron though, just to give up, and maybe he’s rubbing off on the rest of those guys.
    I thought Bass was a stud today, that guy keeps it simple and just doesn’t make alot of mistakes.

  • Alex

    Clearly you didn’t see the game if you thought the bench played badly.
    I would have to say Paul Pierce had boneheaded moments where he made poor plays, lost the ball at occasions, and was trying to play hero ball at the wrong times.

  • Tyler

    You know what could be great. Have Avery Bradley start. Defensive stopper. Have Ray Allen on the bench to lead and direct offense with the second unit. Could be a great combo.

  • I agree with BigMck, Miami mailed it in for the most part, BUT that’s the type of performance the Celtics get killed for constantly. Credit the Celtics for beating down the Heat and making it easy to quit. It’s easy to be frontrunners, which has been much of Miami’s season, and easier to quit and take any number of bailout excuses.
    As a final note: Doc should immediately be fired if Bradley goes to the bench. These are the types of midseason developments that propel champions. Ray is taylor-made for a bench that DESPERATELY needs scoring. This is a no-brainer.

  • SamR

    Sounds good as long as “direct the offense” never includes bringing the ball up the floor (always painful to watch).
    Also, Bradley seems to have developed his offensive game so that—at least when he’s playing with the first unit—he can have a real impact offensively. His last 5 point totals: 23, 11, 9, 17, 13, average of 14.6 a game.

  • I agree with everything you said. I love Bradley’s breakout season. It doesn’t hurt that he’s part of my alma mater. Hook ’em.

  • I am a Laker fan and I must say Rondo is today’s Magic Johnson of this league…well without the smile and charisma. Other than that I would want nothing more than to see you guys somehow in the Finals so we could kick some Celtic Ass.

  • James Eisenman

    Rondo was great today. Offensively, he did all the things I’ve said he never does and I loved it. He drove to the basket frequently and with the intent to score. This opened up passing lanes for a lot of easy shots to other people as well as got him on the line and got him some scores. I didn’t even mind the occasional missed free throw and a couple of defensive roams. If he just played this style all the time, I could live with the other faults. Keep it up Rajon. Maybe he’s been reading this site. lol