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Celtics GreenLights vs Wolves

After completing one of their best all-around performances of the season, the Celtics defeated the Minnesota TimberWolves and took control of first place in the Atlantic Division.  They have a tough stretch of games coming up, but to me this is where the fun is just getting started.  Last night was a lot of fun if you were a Celtics fan and the GreenLights below prove it.  Sit back and enjoy this mini-version of GreenLights from the Target Center in Minneapolis.

Brandon Bass attacks the basket and causes a mini-earthquake:


KG turns back the clock with this power slam:


Rondo and Avery Bradley working together is becoming a thing of beauty:


Rondo to KG alley-oop


Rondo finds KG with several nice assists:


Pierce with the sweet reverse lay-up:


Tolliver gets StiemRolled:


KG finishes off the Wolves with some clutch 4th quarter work:



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  • Pablo34

    This game was a joy to watch. Good basketball all around. KG going back in time the last few weeks, playing awesome ball. Rondo racking up assists like nothing, Bradley getting better and more confident, PP still scoring, The Steamroller getting all that S%#$& out of there, etc.
    I’m finding myself enjoying every moment -of good basketball- left of the Big3+Rondo era on this team together, we don’t know when it’ll be over with.
    Keep up the good work with the greenlights guys, they’re greatly appreciated.

  • vivek-nj

    Man, Tommy is old but he has great memory. He exactly says how steimsma blocks like bill russell. bill was only 6 10. but his success was timing.

  • nyceltic

    Missed this game. C’s looked great and playing well. Thanks for the GreenLights.

  • … would also like to see that steal by bradley. for some reason, i didn’t see it hehehe… i think it happened in the 4th. my friends said it was amazing. i also read the same comments in other blogs.