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Recap: KG sticks it to Wolves, one more time

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 30, 2012 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Recap: KG sticks it to Wolves, one more time

KG-KLThe Celtics started strong and finished even stronger in tonight's 100-79 victory over the Wolves.

Kevin Garnett was phenomenal: 24 points, 12-18 FG, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 block. He dropped 10 points in the 4th quarter. The Wolves tried to make a run midway thru the 4th, but Garnett slammed the door. After re-entering the game (Stiemsma fouled out) at the 5:26 mark, KG had a couple of quick buckets and a charge to seal the game.

The running joke on Twitter today was the over/under on Kevin Love's rebound total. 20… 25… 50. While he finished with 22 points and 11 rebounds, he struggled. 5-18 FGs. The Celtics bigs put forth a solid defensive effort.

Rajon Rondo had 17 assists and 2 turnovers. He could have my jump shot and it wouldn't matter. He's killing it in the half-court and on the break. Text-book point guard play. 

Paul Pierce had 21 points (9-20 FG) and 9 rebounds in an uneasy performance. He never seemed to find a consistent rhythm. But don't hold me to that, I missed some of the first half and dozed off in the 3rd quarter. Maybe he played well while I wasn't looking.

Avery Bradley (starting again for Ray Allen) was great: 17 points on 6-9 shooting. He seems to be in the right spot on offense and defense on just about every possession. It's like night and day with this kid.

Thanks to a Philadelphia loss to Washington, the Celtics now sit alone in 1st place in the Atlantic Division.

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  • Laugh all you want, but I knew the C’s would do a good job on Love. You just can’t ignore him, and Doc and his staff planned well and the team executed even better. They never let him get comfortable or even come close to finding any kind of rhythm. I believe 9 of his 18 shots were outside the paint/jumpers. Just a great game on both sides of the ball from Boston. And if not for alot of bogus calls, this game would’ve been a blowout. C’s only turned it over 9 times, and had a balanced attack. They didn’t settle for jumpers too much and Rondo got so many guys involved. I am loving the connection he & Bradley are forming. With these 2 on the floor together, the speed on offense and tenacity on D is phenomenal. And how about Mr. Garnett. Man is he playing well. He suffered the most at the lack of a full training camp and preseason. He’s finally in game shape and just flowing-whether he’s shooting or passing. Stiemer continues to impress, and if he can just cut the fouls down a bit is going to be a great back-up center in the NBA…

  • RyanH

    There’s nothing pretty about our team and I love it. This is the grittiest and toughest celts team to play in years. We certainly have talent, but right now our will to win and play incredible defense is what’s making us as good as we are. Can’t say enough about how proud I am of these guys and Doc for fighting through tremendous adversity.

  • Shawn

    We don’t want the 4th seed. Right now that puts us through the pacers in the first round and then Chicago. Two teams with good depth, good players at every position, and are great at rebounding. Drop to 7th and rest the big 4 and stiemsma so he gets healthy and then take out the heat 1st round.

  • knn

    I could see the logic in planning for such strategy like that, however, just the overall vibe from the team right now is great. They’re on a roll and whether its due to the win streak, Rondo’s assist streak, or KG’s alzheimer’s acting up making him think he’s young again, I say we ride this action until the end.
    Forget planning for the playoffs – let these Celtics win!

  • I’d like to match up with Orlando in that 1st round if possible. Also, there will be back to back games in the first round, allegedly.
    Good time for this group to come together as this last month will be brutal schedule wise.
    Chances of Kevin Love staying in ‘Sota as long as KG did? I’d say no chance of that.

  • Uhh… how about starting Bradley and make Ray come out of the bench when he will be healthy? It would be beneficial for both units (as long as Avery keeps this pace).

  • Orb

    Absolutely agree with that. All the talk of Pierce and KG earlier this year, and I think it’s Ray that’s actually lost a step the most. When he’s not catching and shooting, his offense has been not great (turnovers) and he’s just a bit slower fighting through the picks. I think coming off the bench would be great for everyone, then in the 4th we can see who’s hot. And Ray I’m sure would be fine with it, but there’s about a 2% chance Doc would consider it.

  • I can make an argument for both sides. Its not disrespect to Ray, because every contender wishes they had his experience and skills coming off their bench. He can be the 6th man with crunch time minutes like Ginobili and Terry. Ray is usually the lone starter that plays the most with 2nd unit. He can be that calming factor and reliable weapon for our bench. Avery’s confidence level is light years away from where it was in January. As good as his perimeter defense is, he might get abused on a post up from a bigger shooting guard. Maybe Rondo can switch and do his Lebron ball denial defensive stance lol. But it is nice to have a young athletic back court. Milwaukee is utilizing the small back court line up with Jennings and Ellis. Smaller is faster and speed kills right?

  • Nathan

    Any update on pietrus?? I’ve been wanting all year for him to start in rays place. No disrespect to ray I just think that would be most beneficial for the team.

  • IanD

    I would absolutely trade the farm to put Love and rondo together…a man can dream, right?

  • Shawn

    I heard the back to backs were in the second round from somewhere I believe Chris Forsberg but I had originally thought 1st round as well. And @knn, having a worse record going into the postseason by giving rest to the big four gives us plenty of benefits. 1. prevents injuries 2. Gives us a higher draft pick if we don’t still win 3. gives us an easier path to the finals 4. gives more time to the young guys to develop.