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Ray Allen: The ankle feels good

Sherrod Blakely has an update on Ray Allen's ankle:

"It feels good; it feels fine," Allen said. "I'll know a little better later on."

Allen, who has missed the Celtics' last four games with the injury, will go through his usual pre-game routine which involves getting to the arena early and get up some shots.

He did that prior to the C's win over Utah on Wednesday. He cut the session short when he wasn't able to move laterally as well as he's accustomed to.

While there remains swelling, rest and "aggressive" treatments have the ankle, according to Allen, "in a good place now. We'll see."

Ray will be a game-time decision.

The Wolves will not have three regulars for tonight's game: center Nikola Pekovic, J.J. Barea and Michael Beasley.

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  • illegalblues

    klove is gonna get 40 rebounds

  • SamR

    Ray seems like a questionable fit for this team now. Still an amazing shooter, but can’t get open as much (even off picks), isn’t a great defender, and can’t rebound well even for his position.

  • Danno

    Still gonna be the best thing on a shitty sub .500 team.

  • unfortunialty ray’s no longer able to match-up against bron, rose, kobe, etc.. but as next years 6th man he’ll be fine.

  • DaTruth

    If the C’s can’t beat the T-Wolves with their 3 key guys, then I don’t know wut to say about this team?

  • BrookBridge

    You guys on here need to pump your breaks. I get that you’re happy about Avery, being on a streak, but Allen is still a key piece of the Celtics.

  • Agree…people are getting too excited about going young and watching dunks and highlights..The Wiz and Bobcats went young…hows that working out for them? Going young and making a highlight reel doesnt win titles..or even games..not in the NBA. If you want to watch flashy plays go watch the Globetrotters or And1