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Austin Rivers: I would play for anybody, especially the Celtics


Here are my notes from Austin Rivers' appearance on WEEI earlier this morning:

What do you do between now and draft day?

Keep working out… getting better. Get an agent this weekend… I'll just get ready for workouts so I'll be able to kill them all.

Where you might be slotted?

Top 10… top 15. It's pretty good.

Would you like to play for your old man?

It would be interesting… I would play for anybody especially the Celtics. Do I think it will happen? Probably not, because I might go earlier. It would be different… I've never played for my Dad… on any level. He's always let us find our own way… let us do what we want to do.

Do you feel NBA ready at 19?

I do… if I didn't think I was ready, I honestly wouldn't go.
What do you think needs work most?

Improving strength… getting in the weight room. As far as defense goes, off the ball defender from the help side. I'm a pretty good on the ball defender.

Have you scrimmaged with the Celtics?

Played 1-on-1 with Garnett and Pierce… but never with Rondo.

Would you Dad be tougher on you?

He would not go easy on me, I would not that on myself and neither would anyone on the team. If this does happen, I want him to treat me like anyone else. However he coaches Rondo, Bradley, Garnett… I want him to coach me.

If you're father spent several weeks getting in shape, who would win a game to 21?

I would win 21-0… I'm just kidding. My dad can shoot a bit still. I know I would win.. it wouldn't be close. He's still a big dude, he has a lot of size, he's strong. 

Austin comes across as a very humble kid. He doesn't seem overly excited about playing for his father in Boston, but I think that's more about him being grateful for the opportunity to play in the NBA.

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  • classless

    I really hope Doc doesn’t block Danny from potentially drafting him, then we watch Austin grow into a star somewhere else. We need young talent going forward, not a coach who hates rookies.

  • Danno

    Doc has already said he’d welcome it if he’s still available at their pick.

  • If Rivers is available, Ainge will succumb to the pressure and draft him…if only to avoid the worst case scenario {he becomes a star elsewhere, while the Boston pick fizzles out}.
    Hopefully, he goes early, allowing Boston to draft the size they desperately need.

  • Classless

    They do need size, but also need a young SG in the worst way. Bradley doesn’t have the offensive game to lock that starting position down in the future.

  • It’s quite disappointing that Rivers has decided to declare for the draft. I would have thought that he would stay another season to redeem himself after his team got eliminated out of the first round by LeHigh. I’m sure if he would stay at least another year at Duke, his draft stock would rise exponentially–top five at best. Now he is just predicted to be a middle of the pack player wheras he could have been a lottery pick if he would have stayed another year.

  • Bradley is only 21…there is time for him to further hone his shooting skills, which he has already made noticeable progress with.
    I wish Bradley was bigger…he and Rondo are a puny backcourt.
    Rivers is 6`4″…his size would help.

  • Danno

    You’re still an idiot and your blog still sucks ass.
    If he waited until next year and Duke did the same, he would have dropped in value, and if he injured himself, he would potentially have to wait even longer.

  • Sk

    not going to happen nor should it.

  • aaron

    the kids 19, and has already played 1 on 1 against PP and KG, lucky right there, modest confidence goes a long way.

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