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Taking Stock: Celtics – Jazz

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 29, 2012 Uncategorized 12 Comments on Taking Stock: Celtics – Jazz

Taking stock

After every game, we'll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player's overall value.


Green arrowRajon Rondo:  Ho Hum, another double-digit assist night.  And as a bonus, 9 of his assists led to makes at the rim.  Very often, Rajon is assisting on long jumpers.  It's nice to see a more uptempo game where guys are getting dunks.  It's also nice to see guys running with him that can get to the rim for those dunks.

Green arrowPaul Pierce:  Even when his shot is not falling, Pierce does other things.  He got to the line (and shot 7-7), rebounded (6), and got a couple of steals and a block.        

Green arrowKevin Garnett: I'm sorry I called you old.  I'm sorry I called you old.  I'm sorry I called you old.  I'm sorry I called you old (I'm supposed to write that 1,000 times as punishment)  

Green arrowAvery Bradley:  He struggled with his shot, but he played a solid 43 minutes and he looked very comfortable playing down the stretch.  I've gotten on Avery this season, and he's still got a lot to improve on, but he's maturing and turning into a solid player.

Green arrowBrandon Bass:  Nice distribution on his shot attempts.  Sometimes jumpers won't fall, but I won't get on a good shooter for missing makeable shots.  Bass is at his best offensively when he mixes it up and attacks the basket.  Defensively, we may just have to accept that he's going to get lost sometimes.


Green arrowKeyon Dooling:  Don't look now, but Keyon is really starting to get productive.  He hit a big 3 to break the 66-all tie last night, and 5 of his points were part of the 12-4 run that gave the C's some separation in the 4th quarter.  We've given him a world of shit.. time to give him some credit.

Green arrowGreg Stiemsma:  I wasn't sure if I wanted to go positive or stay the same on Stiemer.  1 point in 19 minutes is tough, and I'd like more than 4 rebounds in that stretch.  His rebounding rate (11.6) is not good enough yet.  But four blocks and a charge… well… the kid's there for his defense.  And I'm clearly feeling generous today.

Green arrow

Sasha Pavlovic: Now I'm just giving these green arrows away.  Actually, Sasha did plenty in just 12 minutes.  He hit 2 of the 3 shots he took, he grabbed 2 rebounds and blocked a shot.  For a guy who gets no time, that's a nice little contribution.

Green arrowRyan Hollins: 7 minutes, 2-2 (both dunks), and 2 rebounds.  His Per-36 numbers make that a 20-10 game for him!!  Ok, that's an exaggeration, obviously, but he ran the floor, finished a couple of plays, and got a couple of boards in very limited time.  What more do you want out of 7 minutes of play?

Sideways_double_arrowJaJuan Johnson, Marquis Daniels, E'Twaun Moore 


Green arrowDoc Rivers:  Let's give this guy credit.  He's had guys come in out of shape, two guys go down with heart problems, key players go down with injuries all season long… and yet he's managed to keep this team together, manage minutes fairly well, and now hold a share of the Atlantic division lead.  I think Doc is earning his money.


Green arrowLet's just take a step back from the hyper-focused over-analysis for a minute.  The C's are now 28-22 after a horrible 6-8 start.  They've have two 5-game losing streaks.  Yet they're now 6 games over .500, in a battle for the 4 seed and home court in the first round and, seemingly, gaining some momentum and getting contributions from all over the place.

Last night's win, despite the lapse that led to a tie game, was impressive in that the oldest guy on the floor was the best player on the floor, everyone did their jobs, and they pulled out a tough win, at home, against a good team. 

I'm telling you… they're George Foreman against Michael Moorer.  Old, finished, and seemingly out for the count… but they've still got a big knockout punch in them.

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  • Shane

    Brandon Bass is our best on-ball defender. Look at the advanced stats, and stop calling him out before you know what you’re talking about.

  • coco687

    did you say “old”? I think KG just heard you 🙂

  • Alex

    He’s a good ON-BALL defender. He does get lost in the defensive rotations at times.
    Please learn the difference.

  • Danno

    at ALL times. LOL. Dude is great, but he rotates over on help defense about as well as I shoot half court shots.

  • sev

    Bass has one of the best mid range jump shots of all the bigs in the game, and while I understand that he needs to take it to the rim, he seems to have no moves when he attacks the basket. If he gets space he can easily do his two handed throw down, but it does seem like the ball gets poked away a lot as his moves are limited. Obviously I much prefer bass over baby, but glen had more moves down low, despite not being able to jump as high and not having the long arms like bass. Glen def got blocked a lot, but he was able to find “blue sky” quite a bit for all of his limitations. Bass is clearly much more consistent and again his jumper is one of the best(and big baby’s wasn’t bad), but unless its a throw down power dunk, his low post and drive to the basket moves have not been that impressive. I know i’m just rambling cuz I would do that trade in a heart beat again as he does spread the floor and I think bass rebounds better. I also think dooling can handle the ball better than avery, so I don’t understand why avery plays the 1 and dooling the 2 when they’re both in the game cuz dooling can still spread the floor with his jumper as a pg and avery is the better scorer.

  • he does well on the ball, yes. He blows it on rotations, though. There were a couple in that Charlotte game where KG had to come over from the other side of the floor to prevent a clear lane to the hoop. One resulted in the alley oop.

  • All I’m saying is I don’t want him settling for jumpers. Even the best mid-range jumper is a lower percentage shot than a dunk. I’m not asking for McHale-esque post moves. All I’m saying is one or two dribbles and attacking the basket make him a much more effective scorer.

  • the whole team takes jump shots…yell at Garnett and tell him to back up a step and get a 3 out of his jump shot. He takes a half a step in from 3 everytime he shoots. He is a center he is supposed to be down low at the rim…he lives by the 3 point line. If your going to call out Bass please call out the center on the team KG along with him

  • First of all “call out” is too strong a word. All I said is he’s is BETTER when he attacks the rim.
    Kevin Garnett has been taking that long 2 his whole career, so this notion that he’s “supposed” to be down low doesn’t fly. Call him a center all you want, but that’s where KG scores the ball.
    And I don’t think now’s the time to call out KG for much of anything. He’s been the best player on the team. I don’t see reason to criticize him

  • that is right he shoots where he wants and does what he wants. All i am saying is as far as i know i thought a center was supposed to stay in the paint and rebound..thats what Perkins always did.. when ur center is taking 3 point jump shots and barely getting 10 rebounds a game..umm yeahh about that. Bass takes those shots all the time too. Just don’t talk about the guy unless ur going to talk about the center the same way. Garnett is a center that doesnt mean take the shot u took when u played PF. It means take a shot that the center on all the other teams take..a shot down low. He proved he can shoot the ball down low. Garnetts lucky Mike Brown aint the coach.

  • This is a ridiculous conversation and I will no longer take part in it

  • wil

    LOL seriously dude? wtf?
    all he was saying in this article is Bass is better when he mixes long shots and attacking the rim. it wasnt really criticizing bass. He cant pass the ball as well as KG so he needs to mix it up to prevent being predictable.
    And rebounding is the teams problem, not just KG. Bass barely gets 6 a game. And you got a problem with KG? Celtics get out rebounded by 10 a game. You really dont expect KG to get 20 rebounds a game.