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Why doesn’t Noah gets suspended like Rondo did?

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 27, 2012 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Why doesn’t Noah gets suspended like Rondo did?

Over the weekend, Joakim Noah threw the ball at a ref, and then, if you read his lips, started singing a little Cee Lo Green to him.

"I see you wait for the miss to call a foul on me and I'm like.. F yoouuuuuuu"

Here's the video.


So we have Noah, clearly throwing the ball at a ref in frustration after a tech is called.  You have him tossing F Bombs at the ref after the second tech.  And you'll have exactly zero games missed because of it all.

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah apologized to the officiating crew on Sunday afternoon after he was ejected during Saturday night's win over the Toronto Raptors for throwing the ball in referee Derrick Collins' direction.

Noah will not be suspended, according to a league source.

"That was wrong," Noah said. "I was frustrated at the call and I overreacted.

Rajon Rondo tossed a ball at a ref and got a 2 game suspension.  What's the difference?  

I don't see how the NBA can explain this one away.  Was it because Rondo was close and it actually hit the ref?  Will the NBA's explanation be "well, as long as the ref can catch the ball you whip at him, it's ok?"  

What about the F-You's Noah was throwing around as he left the court?  Does that not make the situation worse? 

I guess the NBA is happy being as inconsistent with its punishment as its officials are on the floor.  All this does is add fuel to the conspiracy fire.  And it's not like this was a player-on-player thing.  How a player can be allowed to do that to a referee and get away with it is beyond me.  I'm sure the refs appreciate the green light the NBA just gave players.  

Precedent is one of the tenets of any system of punishment.  You decide what is an appropriate punishment and you use those decisions as a guide for future punishment.  The precedent set LAST MONTH for throwing a ball at a ref is a 2 game suspension.  Rondo has no history of bad behavior that would make what he did that much worse than Noah… so you can't use that as an excuse.  The NBA set the bar, and now it's refusing to acknowledge it.

It's just so damn infuriating.  I wish the Celtics could appeal Noah's non-suspension.

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  • I thought Rondo had a similar incident in the past and that’s why he was suspended.

  • Mike

    Dont ask me for a link. But i remember somebody, maybe Chris Mannix or Ian Thomsen,tweeting after rondos suspension that he had done this in the past and that factored into his two games.
    with that said, with all of noahs f-bombs, this incident seems just as egregious.

  • KY Celts fan

    Finally, someone brings this up! It’s complete bull shit is what it is. David Sterns and his Smithers are about as slimy a pair there ever was. They do whatever they feel like without any reason other than what mood they are in.

  • ticky tac bullshit whistles make me sick, that was a nonfoul of two guys playing hard to the hoop

  • Terry Bogard

    Donald Stern is ruining this league.

  • Danno

    David Stern.

  • fire bavetta

    Putting Rondo’s suspension aside, it’s a one game suspension for touching the refs. How can you get no suspension for throwing the ball at the refs? While cursing them out too? So now all it takes to evade punishment is a lame apology. Stern and his league of corrupt minions suck.

  • Terry Bogard.
  • trytryagain

    Mommy! It’s not fair!!
    Grab a tissue, find a corner, have a cry.

  • rlis

    to me noahs incident looks alot worse than rondo, rondo barely threw the ball at the ref and said absolutely nothing after! Noah rifled the ball toward the ref and swore up a storm making himself look a thousand times worse than rondos incident! Even if rondo did this in the past, noah should get at least one game! If im rondo im getting my lawyer and the players association to appeal losing his pay for those two games just b/c of noah’s incident and lack or response by the nba! You have to be consistent stern wake up!!

  • JoeB

    Suspending Noah would have a negative affect on the Bulls, especially with Rose in and out of the lineup, that’s potentially bad for TV ratings, both now and in the playoffs. NBA is counting on a Bulls/Heat ECF.
    The more I see this kinda stuff, the more I believe the outcome of select games is either influenced or altered. Frankly, it’s too easy to believe that the tampering of games is ridiculous, too far fetched to believe in any conspiracy theories. So this is a good cover to hide behind. Donaghy almost spoiled this, but it was easy to discredit him as a rogue that had no credibility. And the vast majority of the media will not pursue these stories as their access to the NBA and its players will be strangle held, thus negatively impacting their ability to do their job.