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Report: Nets want Kevin Garnett


Provided he does not retire, a revitalized Kevin Garnett will be in demand once the season ends. Count New Jersey as one of the interested teams:

According to the New York Daily News, the Nets, who have about $8 million in cap space this summer assuming they announce Kris Humphries' rights, are targeting Kevin Garnett and Ersan Ilyasova. Talk about a consolation prize, huh? 

The Nets' first priority is to try and re-sign Deron Williams, but that's not going to happen unless a couple names join him in Brooklyn. Garnett is certainly a big name, but he'll be 36 next season and is on borrowed time with his knees.

Doc Rivers is on record saying he wants KG back in Boston next season.

"Oh yeah, absolutely. We want him back," Rivers said. "I think it will come down to if he wants to play or not. But, you know, who knows? So many games and so many things can happen. Being around this as long as I have I know it is very emotional how the season ends. And a lot of players have made poor decisions on the end of a season, so we'll have to wait and see."

What will Garnett do? Will he chase another championship and sign for low money with a contending team? It's possible.

Will he follow the money? I doubt it.

Will he stick around in Boston? I hope so. He loves Doc Rivers and the Celtics tradition. I want KG back in Boston, either as a starter or role player. 

(Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

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  • there’s no question kg/ray return on short money contracts. both are established HOF players that have too much self pride and respect for this organization. imo as 6/7th role players they’ll bring #18

  • I think everyone wants him back, just not sure what kinda dough he wants. Consider that Ray made 10 mil each of these last 2 years….
    I hope the C’s are interested in Illyasova too!

  • Chief

    Hope he retires as a Celtic……great player

  • sev

    yea illyasova would be a nice pickup…get another solid big man and some nice draft picks….paul pierce, rondo, green, and maybe ray allen on the cheap just like kg and maybe ryan anderson to help spread the floor for rondo….add in an older and more confident avery bradley. If danny doesn’t mess this up, and assuming we get our vets on the cheap, we could have A LOT of talent and depth…old and young. I think danny and doc will relay this to the vets who don’t need the money but want the titles to help with their legacies.

  • nero2870

    Next year? Paul, Rajon, Avery, JJJ on contract. Bring back Bass, Jeff Green, Steimsma, KG and Ray for low money, and Pietrus. Get people from Free Agency with are valued $ 3M below today, list as follows : Brooks, Hibbert, Anderson, Novak, Ebanks,Fields, Stevenson, G, Green and John Lucas. Etwaun is a possibility.


    Celtics need to plan for the future. PERIOD! Sign and trade KG and Allen and pick up some top draft picks and give some of their newer additions some more minutes. KG and Allen can still help some other teams as the Celtics move on.