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Enemy Chatter: Rondo’s length, quickness were a problem

RondoDI often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Charlotte.

The Bobcats' point guards were invisible (combined 1 of 13 from the field, 7 of 10 from the line, 8 assists and 6 turnovers).

Both were noticeably bothered by Rajon Rondo's length and quickness, whom at one point had three deflections in one play. Augustin couldn't pass the ball. He was just too small.

Kemba didn't do much better, however he was able to set his team mates up for shots due to his speed coming off of picks.

Rufus on Fire

Wait a minute, did I just read praise for Rajon Rondo's defense? 

Now if only certain Celtics fans would judge Rondo's defense as fair as opposing teams' bloggers.

Yup, I'm on a crusade against the Rondo-haters. 

On Page 2, Celtics fans pissed off Byron Mullens.

But Mullens drew some satisfaction from making the game competitive when half of the fans at Time Warner Cable Arena were wearing Celtics green.

“We hate it. We feel embarrassed (to get down early), particularly with the home crowd chanting, ‘Celtics!’ ” Mullens said. “If we play every team as hard as we did the Celtics, the sky is the limit.”

On behalf of Celtics Nation, I want to apologize to Byron Mullens for making him feel uncomfortable on his home court.  


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  • Danno

    Tommy Heinshon and Donny Marshall have both criticized rondo’s D in recent postgame shows. Tommy called him the Matador.
    taking the word of bloggers for the worst team in the league over professional Hoop analysts criticizing the team who cuts their paycheck?

  • Scott

    Well put.

  • His defense is like every other part of his game: inspired at times, aggravatingly lackluster at others.
    We only criticize because we want him to play up to his potential ALL THE TIME, not just when he feels like it.

  • That Mullens kid looks like he just came off the set of a tweaker movie, but I was impressed by his athleticism & shooting. Tough kid too, didn’t back down from our man KG.
    I love the Rondo/Bradley defensive duo….Avery locks down and Rondo plays the passing lanes and goes for steals, they’ve been effective together. It’s almost like some of the folks won’t be happy till we have a crappy shoot-first point guard who has half the game of Rondo. There’s plenty of DJ Augustin types out there, and damn few p.g.’s that have the game of RR. He’s gotta be the most under-appreciated all-star in the league right now. If I didn’t hate little Ricky Pittino so much, I’d quote the guy right now.

  • “It’s almost like some of the folks won’t be happy till we have a crappy shoot-first point guard who has half the game of Rondo.”
    Well said.
    – BRADinLA

  • paul

    Here’s the thing: Rondo gets criticized like he is the best and more important player on the team. Fair enough. He is. Except that what we keep hearing from the same people is that he’s a role player who needs to keep to his lane.
    I’m sure Heinsohn called Rondo out for his awful defense in the Philly game, and rightly so, if he did. Rondo was a nightmare on D in that game. Even Hubie called him out. But then why don’t you haters bash Allen to pieces everytime he gets lit up, which happens a lot? Allen is allowed bad games, but Rondo isn’t?
    If your criticism was more fair, it wouldn’t be taken amiss, it wouldn’t be taken as hating.

  • paul

    About Rondo’s matador style Defense: we can all agree that Rondo needs to stay on his man more like Avery does, and in face, he’s been doing that , but let’s all agree that his style of defense is part of the problem here. Avery’s defense is simple. Rondo is more crafty, and that makes what he does harder to critique. Oftentimes, when he let’s a player go by him, he’s actually guiding that player towards a blocking big, or he’s looking to get a finger on the ball from behind, which he often does. When Steimsma picks up on what Rondo is doing, he’ll make a lot of blocks that will become turnovers. At his best, Rondo is one of the best disruptors in the game, and he uses a variety of strategies. I’m not making excuses for him. Sometimes his matador D is just that. But I get real tired of seeing folks hammer him for gambling instead of playing real defense, as if that’s all he does. I think the rise of the Honey Badger D has been a reminder to Rondo that he needs to stay home on his man more, and he does, but he still roams and disrupts, and ‘gambles’, and that’s good too.

  • James Eisenman

    You’re quoting the Bobcat bloggers to support Rondo’s defense? Are you kidding me? The Bobcats? These two little guards suck and there were still several instances where, nevertheless, they got around Rondo with no problem at all. Several baskets made by the Bobcats bigs came as a direct result of their guards beating Rondo to the basket and our bigs having to pick his man up. Roaming and gambling and disrupting, when your man is running around free, is not defense. It’s matador defense. It’s BS defense. It’s the kind of defense that my high school coach would have pulled me out of the game for and smacked me with his clipboard for (things were rougher back then). Sure, every once and a while, it can help and may be justified but that’s all Rondo does lately. Your defending his defense by citing Charlotte bloggers and then being a “Crusade against the Rondo-haters” is embarrassing. I’ve had to post video on this cite to show the readers here evidence of his pure lack of defensive intensity. I’ve had to point out the exact minutes that his bad defense shows up on the video because some fans want to deny what is right in front of them. I’ve done this because you won’t do it because you want to defend Rondo at all costs. You do a better job of defending him than Rondo does defending his man. If Rondo did half the job you do, I would have no complaints at all. I don’t hate Rondo. I just don’t like his defense. Why are you on a crusade to protect him when you don’t even have the guts to isolate his defense on video and show it to your readers so that they can judge? Embarrassing.

  • James Eisenman

    And Rondo wasn’t that bad on defense last night. He actually stayed within some range of these guys last night. But pick out almost any other night and what he’s doing is obvious. He doesn’t know how to or refuses to have the proper defensive stance, so he’s unbalanced. He doesn’t get up on his man, so he gets picked off all of the time. He stands in the paint instead of guarding his man half the time. Forget about this on-ball defense that you guys talk about. If Michael Cooper only guarded Larry Bird when he had the ball, Bird would have torched him for 40 every night like he did the other pretenders. It’s on-man defense. On-man, all the time. An occasional foray into going to other people, doubling, picking up another guy when your teammate is beaten is fine. But, generally, it’s all about giving a crap about stopping your man. Which Rondo doesn’t

  • James Eisenman

    And, by the way, on an ordindary night, Ray Allen would torch Rondo if Rondo was on the other team. Because Ray’s always moving without his man and El Matador would be imprinted on KG’s elbow and hip while Ray got his shooting hand free on the picks and boom – Ray for 40. I’m done now. lol

  • James Eisenman

    Moving without the ball. Oops. Now I’m done.

  • James Eisenman

    One last comment. I promise. Look at last night’s CSNNE highlights. It’s only one play. But check out Reggie Williams’ three in the Second Quarter. The only length involved with Rondo’s defense on that play is the length of the distance between Rondo and Williams when he takes the three. LOL

  • sev

    ricky rubio is very similar except not as athletic….can’t defend as well when rondo actually wants to…can’t rebound as well either.