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Your Morning Dump… Where Bradley is better served playing shooting guard

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“It’s all about confidence. Sometimes I would go into games thinking twice about shooting. Now, if I’m open, I’m open and I’ll shoot it.”

Which is easier at “shooting” guard.

“Obviously you can tell he’s far more comfortable at that position (shooting guard), and unfortunately for him in a lot of ways, we have to play him a lot at the other position,” Rivers said. “But I think it gives him confidence. One of the things I’ve said consistently all year is he can shoot the ball. And, you know, he was making me a liar for most of the year, and it was great to see them go in.

“I thought there was a point where it was clearly confidence, because you see him in practice he makes them. Then he gets in the game, and he just needed one to fall.”

Herald – Bradley far from a shock

At 6-2 and 180 pounds, Bradley is undersized for a shooting guard. Quickness is his number one asset. It allows him to ball-hawk on defense and, as we witnessed last night, run super-sharp cuts on offense.

But… bigger guards like Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant would man-handle him in the post. Just look at the size of any starting shooting guard. I would say the average size is 6-5, 210 pounds.

Let's fast forward to next season. Could the Celtics role out a starting backcourt of Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley? Even if Bradley develops a solid jumper, can that duo co-exist defensively?

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On Page 2, Greg Stiemsma's laundry list of injuries.

He has a bone bruise in his right foot, plantar fasciitis in his left, a jammed thumb and a dislocated finger. Yet, he still put the best half of his young NBA career on display last night with 10 points and seven rebounds in the first 24 minutes of the Celtics’ 88-76 win against Washington.

“There’s all of those bumps and bruises you get, but with the way things are right now you don’t have a choice,” Stiemsma said. “I’ve worked too hard to get to this point to let a couple of little injuries keep me off the floor. It’s been a journey to get here, so I’m not going to let something keep me off the floor. You kind of feel it in the warmups and on the bench, but once you get out there you get into the flow of the game. You try to limp through it. There’s not a good second option.

“The feet are a little bit sore, but no time to rest them. I’m getting a little treatment, and I feel good.” 

Herald – Ailing Stiemsma not half bad

Stiemsma's list of ailments reminds me of the scene in Road House where Dalton gives the doctor his dossier of medical records.

He's playing tough and doing everything required of a legit back-up NBA center.

Stiemsma is a smart kid. He's been thrust into the spotlight because of the injuries to JO and Chris Wilcox. Even if he's not in the Celtics plans next season, he's putting on a show for other teams. He can't let injuries limit this opportunity.

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  • KY Celts fan

    A backcourt of Avery-Rondo would be awful. If Bradley ever wants to find a starters position in the league, he’s gonna have to work on his point guard skills considerably.

  • Kobe and Wade “man-handle” everyone in the post…that`s why they are future Hall of Famers.
    However, AB could wear out their aging legs while chasing him all over the court!

  • Quest

    Rondo passing up shots…you wonder when this will come around to bite him and the team….will he be able to shoot at will when it comes down to the big games…

  • Astarot

    I hope Ainge haven’t made any decision about Stiemsma yet. If he’ll step up in playoffs I’d give him new contract. And Bradley, I wasn’t aware of his offensive potential to be honest.

  • Mike

    I always worry about Rondos lack of shooting. Rondo is obviously a facilitator first, but there are games now where the team needs his scoring (philly) and he needs to realize it. I thought he had reached that point earlier in the season when he had those back to back 30 point games, but this stretch of -10 ppg is becoming worrisome.
    When the playoffs come around he needs to shoot the ball, and if hes not getting shots up now, he wont be hitting anything when it matters.

  • TheDubz33

    I have said this from the start. He moves so well without the ball and his confidence is crushed when he is relied on for ball handling and creating. He is more than capable of defending bigger players because of his strength and willingness. He is more likely to torch defenses when he is not on the radar and can roam without the ball. This has my full endorsement ANY TIME we can get him and Rondo on the floor together.

  • paul

    Do you really not understand that to be a true facilitator, you need to be a legitimate threat to score?
    And what makes this whole discussion about Rondo more inane is that Rondo is in fact a very talented scorer, and clearly our best player at breaking down the offense with his threat to attack.
    YES, WE NEED RONDO TO SCORE. Why are folks even discussing this, or worse, acting like Rondo scoring is precisely what we don’t need?

  • paul

    It could be brilliant.

  • Mike

    Ummm, you realize my entire comment was advocating for rondo to shoot more, right?

  • Quest

    A series with the Bulls/Heat, teams rated 1st & 2nd offensively, will be the ultimate test to Rondo’s scoring abilities baring no injuries this post season. IMO to be a true pt guard facilitator you need to have great passing skills & high level Bball IQ / court vision first…a case in pt why Avery Bradley plays better at the #2 position.

  • Agreed. Also, don’t underestimate his ability to deny them the ball and wear them out on the perimeter before they get into the post. He’s one of the best rhythm disruptors in terms of dribbling and facing up the game has today. Avery could be a very good SG. He has a silky smooth jumper that is equipped with a relatively quick release, and the basketball IQ he has shown through his cutting skills at this age is very promising. Him and Rondo could pair to make one of the most tenacious backcourts in the league.
    What I would like to see preferably? If the Clips end up falling out of the playoff race, we may have the chance to pair the Clips pick (if it’s 11-14) and ours for a pick in the 8-10 range and possibly snatch Bradley Beal. If not, we could pair both picks+a future pick+cash for a pick in the 8-10 range and snatch the same player. If you make Beal your starting shooting guard next year (which I do regardless of whether Ray Allen stays or not), you could develop Bradley into the defensive version of Jason Terry. As a combo guard he could be a nightmare for opposing teams coming off the bench as one of the game’s premier defenders already and a pretty good offensive arsenal as well.

  • KY Celts fan

    It does make for a freakishly fast backcourt. One of the fastest in the league.

  • I`d love to see Rivers “unshackle” Bradley for just one game, to see what he can do offensively.
    He is steadily developing a jump shot that is starting to require “respect”.
    Coupled with his athleticism and tenacious defense…AB is a keeper!