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Recap: Celtics coast after huge first quarter, beat terrible Wizards team

Avery bradley dunks in Wizards gameThe Boston Celtics came out of the gates blazing hot… which is to say Avery Bradley came out of the gates blazing hot… outscoring the Wizards by 15 in the first quarter and 19 in the first half before coasting to a ……  win.

Bradley was unstoppable in the first quarter.  He hit his first seven shots of the game and he finished the first quarter with 15 of the C's 27 points.  He was simply murdering the Wizards with backdoor cuts and everyone on the team was finding him.  He had a career-high 23 poins on the night.

Greg Stiemsma was hot early too… hitting for 10 points in that same 20-minute stretch.  Those 10 points would be it for the night, to go along with 7 rebounds.  

The Celtics totally let up with a few minutes to go in the first half.  The 3rd quarter was an ugly mess of a quarter that saw the disinterested Celtics get outscored 21-16.  The C's pushed the lead back out to 20 in the fourth before pulling everyone… letting the Wizards close the gap a bit. 

Make no mistake, the Celtics could have won this game by 40 if they wanted to.  Rajon rondo only took 5 shots in this one, but he had 11 assists and 2 steals.  If he had given a full effort for the full game, he probably would have had a triple double.  Paul Pierce had 21, and most of his damage was done in the 4th to close out the game.  KG was off tonight, only hitting 3-10, but he matched his season high with 6 assists. 

Basically, the C's came out strong in the their first home game in weeks.  Without Ray Allen and Mickael Pietrus, they blew Washington out early and coasted the rest of the way.  The minutes were held to a decent level on the front-end of a back-to-back.  A good win all around despite a not-so-pretty second half. 

Box Score

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  • Alex

    Can we copy Bradley’s offensive game DNA into Rajon Rondo’s DNA?

  • Bradley has too much athleticism to give up on…not to mention how committed he is defensively.
    If he ever develops a consistent jumper {which seems to have a legitimate chance of happening} he`ll be tremendous!
    With Rondo, it`s painfully clear the jump shooting will never happen.

  • Erin

    To be fair, his jumper has been relatively consistent lately. Can’t imagine how good he’ll get once his offensive skill sets catches up with his D. Not sure why Doc didn’t give guys like Moore and JJ more playing time — it’s garbage games like these that we should give them more experience!

  • I thought there would be a ‘Gino’ sighting but the C’s kinda lost interest. Loved seeing Avery & Rondo working together in that 1st quarter though.

  • Totally agree.

  • Classless

    ” If he had given a full effort for the full game, he probably would have had a triple double.”
    ..and that is why Rondo is so maddening.

  • BostonBub24

    It is borderline delusional to assume that a 26 year old petulant, stubborn, inconsistent baller is suddenly going to develop a jumper at this point in his career. Rondo is at, if not already past, his peak as a player in the Association. He’s a solid player but clearly not on the level of a Williams, Paul, Rose, Westbrook, or even Nash. 4 points from one of your starting guards is not going get it done when it matters the most. Celtics fans need to get a grip on the player Rondo is and not the player we all wish he was.

  • CJC

    Saw Paul Pierce out last night–guy was absolutely plastered. Sad to think that after all these years and with how many injuries we have this season that he is able to consciously do that to his teammates. Fortunately, he played well, but it’s maddening to think that these athletes get paid millions of dollars/year and can’t grow up even after so many years in the league.

  • JR99

    Cs can keep the Rondo+Bradley weapon in their pocket, bring it out when they need some quick scoring. Avery cuts like greased lightning, and can score 8-10 points off Rondo feeds before the defense even knows what is happening to them.

  • James Eisenman

    And, here I go again, but it was when Rondo lost interest that this crappy team creaped back into the game. He played no defense again, except for a couple of steals off of his man. He did not really even look for his shot until the 4th quarter. Before that, he drove into the basket with his obvious sole goal of passing off to someone else. In the 3rd quarter, there was a moment when he was all alone, along side the key about 10 feet from the basket. He just couldn’t/wouldn’t pull the trigger and ended up wasting the whole clock, by forcing a pass at the end of the set. He also drove for open layups several times, only to turn around at the basket and force a pass off to Pierce or Bass. Avery, on the other hand, was a demon. He went to the basket with the attitude of finishing the possession but passed when he had an opening. And his outside shot was tremendous in the first half. Stiemsma was terrific. Not only did he block shots, get rebounds and get some points, which show up on the box score, he was tremendous in intimidating players and blocking shots after a foul to be sure that the ball didn’t go in, which doesn’t show up on the box score but is very positive. Pierce was terrific when it counted. Rondo could use a good psychologist. Something’s just off in this guy’s head. He did make some great assists, as usual, but then, as usual, he just drifts off into a basketball coma. No choice but to ride this pony whereever it takes us this year. Oh well.

  • anyone else notice that doc had avery on john wall and not rondo? dont think Doc doesn’t notice Rondo’s lack luster effort…
    but perhaps Rondo is just on cruise control trying to get through the reg season doing just enough to win but not risk any injury again? maybe? i know im reaching but im trying to make a case for myself and others not to be sick of this guys effort

  • James Eisenman

    Yeah and notice that John Wall didn’t go off on us this time? Though, I heard Doc talking to the press after the game and he was praising the defense with Rondo and Avery playing together, so I’m not 100% sure he gets it either. Someone needs to resurrect Red from the hereafter and give him 10 minutes with Rondo and Doc. He’d see what’s happening in a minute. lol