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Does Doc Rivers bitch too much about officiating?


ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg points out that Doc Rivers leads coaches in technical fouls:

After picking up his eighth technical foul of the season Thursday night in Milwaukee, Doc Rivers not only topped the list of coaches' technicals, but owned a two-tech cushion on the rest of the field (heck, only seven other coaches have four or more technicals this season). 

Rivers has already paid $20,000 for those infractions, but it hasn't detoured his approach. 

"Last year I was on the bottom of the list, so I wanted to reach a goal this year and be on top of the list," quipped Rivers. "I don’t know. I’ve gotten some that I’ve earned …" 

His voice trailed off slightly, allowing another question to arrive (and maybe save him from donating even more money to the league office). Asked if he felt like he was more vociferous in his complaints this season, Rivers swore he hasn't modified his technique. 

"I just think they are quicker this year," said Rivers. "I don’t think I’ve changed at all. I just think the way they’ve been called has changed, for sure. They are quick with them. I mean, the one [Thursday] night [in Milwaukee after a non-call on Brandon Bass] … I said, ‘I thought he got fouled.’ That was about it." 

While researching some Enemy Chatter content a few weeks back, I came across a comment about the frequency of Doc's sideline complaints with foul calls. Until that moment, I hadn't put much thought into his treatment of officials. But after paying closer attention the past few weeks, there is some truth to it.

Rivers says he hasn't changed. If that's true, I have a theory:

NBA officials react on reputation. Star players get the benefit of the doubt, as do elite teams. The Celtics reputation is one of an aging team. Benefit of the doubt calls are getting fewer and fewer. Maybe this is why Doc is worker them harder and getting more techs.

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  • IPod

    Big Mack, I strongly disagree with your statement about Star players get the benefit of the doubt, as do elite teams. The Celtics reputation is one of an aging team. Benefit of the doubt calls are getting fewer and fewer.
    I agree, Doc, does complain too much, but he’s not the only one who’s been complaining about bad officiating. The refs have been god awful during this shorten lock-out season. Players and coaches have been complaining about this season’s officiating i,e; Derrick Rose, Rajan Rondo, Mark Cuban, Jason Kidd, Johkim Noah and etc.
    To suggest the Celtics don’t get calls because they’re an aging veteran team is a bit of reach and stretch. You’re suggesting veteran teams like the Mavs, Celtics, Lakers, Spurs and Suns don’t because they’re older, really?

  • Celtics aside, I think nearly all NBA fans will agree officials give a lot of calls based on reputation.
    Players always complain about officiating. Lock-out or no lockout.

  • I think the officials are frankly sick of the Celtics and their constant complaining since 2008. It’s always a thing with them. Now that Boston is declining, the officials aren’t going out of their way to help them.

  • Does Doc Rivers bitch too much about officiating?

  • Alex

    I have to admit that Doc Rivers does bitch quite a lot about the officiating. I swear, there’s times where the other team steals the ball cleanly from the Celtics and Doc Rivers always has something to say about it.
    If he constantly complains all the time, the referees are going to help the C’s less and less.

  • Rivers makes $7,000,000 per year….$20,000 is chump change! That is the equivalent of a guy making $100,000 paying a $285 fine.
    Reputation is everything in the NBA. The “star system” has always existed. Star players get the calls, and “star” coaches are given more leeway by the refs.
    If anything, Rivers benefits from this system. Regardless of what one might think of him as a coach, the refs do treat him as a “star” coach.

  • kg215

    Doc has to bitch because the officials get it wrong all the time (this is true for all teams tho). Rather than the constant complaints I think it’s more because the Celtics are a hated team, so even when they are a good team, they don’t get the same star treatment as other elite teams. Celtics get in other teams faces and play physical basketball which is ugly at times. I am not saying the Celtics are the only team that gets screwed by the league (most of the smaller markets and teams without big stars do). It’s just they don’t get the star treatment that people think they do, because of the way the Celtics play and the image the Celtics have.

  • AlecBldgrnn

    Here comes your classless arguments as usually. Since 2008 the Celtics established a rep for being physical with other teams. The NBA, is now soft. Players and teams can’t be aggressive without a whistle being blown every minute.
    As far as the decline. I don’t by that argument. If a veteran team is in decline they get less calls. Maybe if the Celts stop settling jumpers and drive to the basket they’ll get calls.