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It’s possible Pietrus could play tomorrow

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 24, 2012 Uncategorized 15 Comments on It’s possible Pietrus could play tomorrow spoke to Mickael Pietrus today, and he acknowledges that he dodged a bullet. 

"We have been playing good basketball and to end the trip like that was sad," Pietrus told

He added, it "could have been worse."

So not only is he on his way back and talking to the media, Sherrod added this little nugget to his piece:

Depending on how those tests go, Pietrus could be back on the floor as early as Sunday's game against Washington

I don't really expect him to be available tomorrow, but I suppose it depends on how the tests go.  If he passes all the league-mandated concussion testing and can go through a full-contact workout, then he'll get the OK. 

Quite honestly, I don't care if he's available tomorrow.  Just the mere fact that it's even possible is a HUGE sigh of relief that he's going to be OK.  This has been a season full of scares and close calls.  It's hurting the team on the floor, but at least these guys are walking and talking.  The Celtics haven't exactly had that level of luck in the past.

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  • D

    I’m happy he is back but am I the only one who saw the fall and immediately thought there is no way he could be seriously hurt and he was being dramatic. His head never hit the floor, and he didn’t land on his neck so there was no need for the stretcher. I guess you can take the man out of France but you can’t take France out of the man.

  • ben

    Actually the man was on the floor vomiting, and coughing up blood. I don’t think anyone was being overly dramatic. Head injuries are serious, and when your neck and head whip like that and cgange direction quickly, bad things can happen. I am so happy he seems to be ok. I prayed for him last night.

  • Thats inappropriate and way off base. There is no need for a comment like this

  • James007

    Kobe, is playing with a cuncussion and broken nose. I guess it all depends on the indivisual. Knowing the Celtics, they might recommend Pietrus, to miss a game or two.

  • Atljm

    It’s unfortunate, because during the Big 3 era we’ve had to deal with season ending injuries. These injuries have prevented the Celtics from getting a second or third ring. Since 2008, the Celtics have not had a complete healthy roster heading into the postseason.

  • Alex

    I really do hope Red’s Army and BigMck are banning these idiots off the blog. People like these make this blog unpleasant. Trytryagain is another one that only brings in despair and trolling into this blog.

  • He snapped his neck…how could he be dramatic if he snapped his neck? he could have become paralyzed, you freak!

  • yeah their doctors seem smarter than the rest, they will probably find something wrong with him that 76ers doctors didn’t. Definitely don’t expect him to play tomorrow that’s for sure.

  • Just glad he’s okay and isnt paralyzed. If he’s actually gonna be back soon that’s amazing cause he was just starting to look like the MP of old (driving & dunking).

  • I really do hope they sign this guy past this season…for no other reason than we all know he wants to play tomorrow..he is a celtic no doubt

  • trytryagain

    Glad he’s ok.
    Now he can bear witness as the Celtics go down in a huffing, puffing mess.

  • someguyinsac

    I read here daily but have never commented or replied to any here until reading your comment. I’m guessing the letters following your “d” are ouchebag, because that’s the kind of person that would make a comment like you did.

  • you talking about the C’s or your mommy?

  • JR99

    He was diagnosed with a concussion. There was quite a lot of violence in his fall. Though his head did not hit the ground, it did snap back severely, and that sudden shock was apparently enough to cause the concussion.

  • kg215

    Kobe got hit in the face hard by Wade. Pietrus crashed to the ground and a lot of force was applied to his head and neck from the fall. Kobe is great at playing through injuries, but the injury to Pietrus was a lot more serious don’t compare the two.