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Welcome to Boston, Ryan Hollins

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 23, 2012 Uncategorized 12 Comments on Welcome to Boston, Ryan Hollins



The Celtics made if official on Friday, signing Ryan Hollins for the rest of the season. To make room for Hollins on the roster, they requested waivers on forward Chris Wilcox, who will undergo heart surgery later this month and miss the rest of the season. By asking for waivers on Wilcox, they will be unable to re-sign him for at least a year. 

Those are highlights from one game last year, if you're interested in seeing Hollins in action.  He's big, he's athletic, but he's skinny.  You take what you can get at this point. 

Let's see how Doc uses him.  He should be with the team in Philly.  Last year, Doc threw Chris Johnson right into the mix and it sort of worked.  Meanwhile, today's the deadline for waived players to be playoff eligible. Anyone waived by today can make the playoff roster.  

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  • Danno

    Expect to hear about one more player today being added to the roster, as today is the deadline for free agents to be allowed for playoffs.

  • Alex

    If Danny can’t get anyone else, I would just add Leon Powe. He used to gobble rebounds like no other and it’s honestly better than nothing. He knows the system so I believe he’d fit right in. Meh, not sure who’s going to be the next person to join the squad but I really do hope it’s someone who can help this team with its rebounding woes.

  • Danno

    I agree completely.

  • aaron

    still kind of a bummer to see Wilcox gone, can’t re-sign for next year, he was plyaing pretty well.

  • Astarot

    Correct me if I’m wrong but it’d be good for Cs to get one more big by today cuz’ of JO situation.

  • aaron

    of course, but who in reality is left, and you have to let someone go, either Quis(sad story) or JO, and its probably too much money for Ainge to buy out JOs contract
    I doubt it happens, but something ought to happen

  • Navy007

    Ryan Hollins, is not skinny! That dude is strong and looks like he eats people.

  • Okur was cut by Portland yesterday, either he or Leon would be my choice.

  • fire bavetta

    Beggars can’t be choosers but I cannot get over how awful his rebounding is. Won’t hurt to call Powe up. Even on one leg he should be as good on the boards as our current bench.

  • Love how RH made Bosh look awful. He could just have his number. Here’s hoping.

  • aaron

    okur could fill in nice, t murphy type minutes as long as the back doesnt flair up more
    nostalgic part of me would love to see powe smile as KG yells at him for hard play

  • Here’s a few highlights our friend Asjis put together: http://youtu.be/sUS_vXBfEAA