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Report: Austin Rivers is turning pro

CBS Sports reports Austin Rivers is leaving Duke after one season:

The 6-foot-3 freshman will sign with an agent and forgo his remaining eligibly, multiple sources told

Rivers, the son of Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, averaged 15.5 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.1 assists this past season in Durham.

Rivers, according to multiple NBA executives, is expected to be a lottery pick in June's NBA Draft.

Rivers isn't a lock to land in the lottery. According to this mock draft from, Rivers will fall to the Celtics at 22.

Boston will have two draft picks this year. It's own and the Clippers (top 10 protected). With the Clippers in free fall, Danny Ainge might have two picks in the mid-to-late teens to play with. If Ainge really wants Austin Rivers, he should be able to get him.

My question – Would Doc really want to coach his son, and vice versa?

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  • KY Celts fan

    I don’t like the Father-Son matchup. I would think it would be awkward for everyone involved. Besides, what 20 year old kid, whose suddenly a millionaire, wants to spend every moment with his dad looking over his shoulder?

  • I think it would be great. A player’s coach like Doc will have no problem so long as, and I suspect he does, have a good, functioning relationship with his son already. Doc is not the type to play favorites. The only problem I foresee is Doc’s usual practice of limiting rookie minutes. You don’t do that with an Austin. I think he will grow at a rapid pace with more playing time.

  • chachee

    It would make for a great story, if Austin fell into their laps. I just don’t think Doc would give this the green light. Conflict of interest for everyone involved. If Austin was in his late 20’s, I could see this as a possible scenario. He’s still a kid. He was in high school last year. I just don’t see this happening.

  • Coach Carter-like story? 🙂

  • Lee in Oregon

    Ask Pistol Pete if it’s fun playing for your Dad. Having said that, if he’s the best player on the board, he’ll be picked.

  • Danno

    Letting Ray walk to make this happen might just be the best thing.

  • KY Celts fan

    You got a ouija board so we can try it?

  • there is our new combo gaurd of the bench by by AB and KD resign ray you would be stupid not 2 he is like Dwest only Smart

  • KY Celts fan

    we can’t have both?

  • i like this kids game. if austin commits, he could be great at the next level. although the bucks, hornets, or bobcats would not be ideal destinations… then again, doc could tell him to “go break an ankle” 🙂

  • chachee

    he needs to work on his jump shot and free throws. he has a quick first step and he’ll only get better. i just think at this point, he’s a work in progress. it’ll be the austin rivers project. he’s good enough that there’s potential in his game. however, he’s not going to make an impact right away, unless he gets starter minutes (which i doubt will happen). if he drops to 17-22 range, and he’s the best available on the board, i’m sure there will be some consideration.

  • I agree, partially. On one hand, the ‘dad’ filter ‘is he being so hard b/c it’s his kid, is he not being hard enough’ would always be in question and I don’t think Doc would want to put his son through that.
    On the other hand, from a big picture wouldn’t Doc love to see his kid play for a franchise like the C’s? With respectable ownership and GM, low tolerance for showboaters and me-first type players, the C’s might be exactly what Doc would want for his son.
    Gives us something to write about.. in the end, if he’s the best player on the board and we can re-sign Ray at a low rate, that’s a pretty sweet 1st and 2nd unit of backcourt

  • paul

    geez, now it’s allen youre after

  • fire bavetta

    He would benefit from another year of college. If he’s the BPA fine but I don’t want drafting him to be a priority. The father/son dynamic is something I would prefer not to see in our locker room.

  • paul

    There is plenty of reason to suspect that wanting to draft Rivers is the reason Danny has been desperately trying to dump Rondo all season. it’s been a fine line for Ainge to walk. He’s had to denigrate Rondo, in order to wed fans to the idea of getting rid of him, while talking up, in order to keep folks around the league interested. Unfortunately for Ainge, he fell off that highwire numerous times over the past six months. Ainge succeeded in turning fans against Rondo, but he turned GMs against Rondo too.
    Some will point out that Rivers isn’t a point guard. Well, he’s not really an NBA level shooting guard either.

  • Doc never plays Moore or Johnson unless he has to, so that would not be fair to let his son play major minutes. If he treats him like all the other rookies then sure sign him. But if he is going to play favorites, especially in practice, then don’t even think about it.

  • Erin

    Too small sized to play SG. So he’s definitely be up at the PG spot. We already have Bradley on the bench, so no..I don’t see how that works. Unless Ray leaves, Pietrus starts, and Austin backs him up.

  • KY Celts fan

    Did you ever to stop to think that Doc has nothing against rookies, that maybe our rookies just aren’t that good? and haven’t been for several years now?

  • Pete
    Austin is below average even for an NCAA shooting guard. If Boston does draft him, it’d likely be just another in a long line of draft failures.

  • PJ Cifaldi

    Father/Son who cares Austin is a good player and we need GOOD young players. If he is available you get him!! Id love to see them take a chance on Fab Melo. I know he’s a bit of a head case but he’s a big dude and we need some young size.