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Recap: Undermanned C’s fall in Philly

I'm still sick to my stomach at the sight of yet another Boston Celtic being wheeled of the court on a stretcher. It was very hard to focus on anything in the 2nd half as a fan-I can't imagine what it was like for the Celtics' players.

The C's came-out strong on offense and especially on defense. They were firing-on all cylinders, and then it happened. Mickael Pietrus landed hard on his back/shoulders, his head violently snapping-back. The play came on a drive in the lane with 5:07 left in the 2nd. The arena was silent. Both teams prayed, and CelticsNation held their breath.

Pietrus was wheeled-off the floor on a stretcher, and taken to a local hospital. If you missed the game/play, you can see it here. The Sixers came-out in the 2nd half and simply blindsided a weary, thin Celtics squad that also lost Avery Bradley to a sprained-ankle. The C's were out-of-gas physically and emotionally and the Sixers simply took advantage. It didn't hurt that the Sixers got hot, and hit what seemed like everything they put-up in the 2nd half. KG continued to play his ass off and had 20 & 8 tonight. Pierce followed suit with 20 & 9. Rondo dished-out an impressive 17 assists, but was not a factor scoring-wise. He took 5 shots total and did not get to the FT once. 

There are links to the recap and boxscore below. Please keep Mickael Pietrus in your thoughts and prayers. I've had a chance to meet him a couple of times this season, and he is such a great, light-hearted guy. I'm really pulling for him tonight. C's finish this grueling cross-country trip 4-4 and 1.5 games out of first. Not too shabby for an old, injury-plagued squad if you ask me.

*UPDATE Doc just told the media Pietrus is having ct scans and mri's done and will remain in the hospital tonight


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  • Mainly, like everyone, I just hope Pietrus is okay, very scary shit and I’m praying he doesn’t have a spinal injury. Hard to think about a guy lying in a hospital wondering about things way more important than basketball. As for the C’s, hard to kick them after such a long trip and being so shorthanded. Obviously they ran out of gas and were just plain flat in the 2nd half.
    I thought Doug Collins was supposed to be a classy guy, but making Hollins shoot those free thows for MP, in my opinion, was a punk move. He shoulda just had Rondo take them.

  • KG.THe.Great

    What a bench.I think me and my guys can take on the second unit. Paul pierce has no defence. But, i think the celts stoped playing after the second quarter. Best of luck to pietrus and his family.

  • I’m biased on this topic, as I’m a Sixers fan, but if you’re going for the division title, wouldn’t you look for every advantage possible? You can’t stop trying to win a game that would give the opponent the lead in your division. I’m sure any team in this situation would put the worst free throw shooter on the line.
    Obviously what happened to Mickael was horrible, but you can’t stop trying to win, imo.

  • Alex

    First of all, I really hope Pietrus didn’t suffer any serious injuries and he’ll be fine. People like Pietrus just don’t deserve stuff like that to happen to them. 🙁
    Anyways, about the game… quite obvious that the C’s are undermanned at this point and they just ran out of gas. They are tired mentally and physically and they clearly need the break. The fact that they had to see Pietrus get injured at the end of a very long road break can really impact the team emotionally.
    Rondo had an amazing amount of assists… but he still is very hesitant at attacking the basket… Not sure why Rondo is afraid of attacking the paint. Is it because he doesn’t like taking free throws? Who knows… The offense is definitely stagnant when he doesn’t play aggressive.
    Kevin Garnett is honestly the BIG star on the Celtics team. Only one who’s been consistent and working hard every game. It really comes down to everyone else to put that same effort.

  • Orb

    Can I just say, WHAT THE FUCK? Is he Garden, old and new, built on an Indian burial ground? From Bias to Lewis to Daniels to Greene to Wilcox, it’s seriously spooky what the Cs have been through. How many life/career ending medical issues or injuries can you think of in professional sports total compared to the Celtics. I’m sick.

  • Just my opinion, and I’m equally biased in the other direction, but I thought in this instance, with a guy just leaving on a stretcher in the middle of a close game, that Collins move was bush. I will say I thought it was nice when he brought his guys together and led the prayer. (before he went over the roster sheet and picked the guy we signed this morning)

  • paul

    I totally agree that having Hollins shoot those FTs was a punk move. Why were you thinking about this strategy, Doug, while you were pretending to be praying?

  • sev

    it sucks cause with green and wilcox this is easily the third best team in the east and could def give bulls heat a run for their money especially with how rondo plays in the playoffs…the bench looks a lot different than danny imagined when putting it together….add it JO who is a better body than ryan hollins and debatable compared to greg, but not if you look at how he played in last years playoffs…not to mention having a healthy deep squad gives those older guys even more energy and desire to win because they actually believe its possible…amazing how even at this advanced age, if our 2nd unit was fully healthy we could have competed and who would have known what danny would have done at the deadline assuming we had all of our pieces together…a lot of combos too…pietrus or quis at sg and sf at the same time makes us pretty long with avery pushing up the ball to a running green and wilcox on the break…switch wilcox with bass and the 2nd unit would have been even more evenly distributed. JO to bag with the true big centers to give KG a break….danny did his job and have faith he can make something work…especially if those oldies are team players who will sign for cheap to come off the bench. Does Kg really want to prove himself somewhere else when we already appreciate him and allen will def sign for cheap it we want him

  • paul

    Oh jesus, you MUST be kidding, pal. When you have a guy on the floor possibly paralyzed, it’s damn well time to take a few minutes off from trying to win the division, and you know it.
    Big time punk move.

  • paul

    Kinda made the whole prayer thing look a little bit shallow, didn’t it? A prayer is a cheap thing if it doesn’t come with some heart and soul behind it.

  • sev

    everytime I think the worst happens to the C’s, I then start thinking about the portland fans….they had a legit BIG THREE with ALOT of young talented pieces around them….tough being them

  • paul

    Rondo has stopped attacking because everyone tears his damn head off every time he puts up scoring numbers.

  • Tonight was a deja vu. All I saw was another Marquis Daniels bumping into Gilbert Arenas and falling limp to the floor. The team standing around nervously praying and waiting. With KG speaking words of encouragement as he was lifted up on to a stretcher. Marquis had his eyes open and gave the crowd a thumbs up. Pietrus had his eyes shut, a very scary moment relived. Injuries are a bitch man, its so frustrating watching our team not play with its full complement of players. Our true potential has been limited. KG missing the ’09 Semis vs Orlando. Perkins missing the rest game 6 and game 7 in the 2010 Finals. Rondo’s dislocated elbow in the 2011 Semis vs Miami. I can’t guarantee championships for all 4 playoff runs. But I can argue that these soldiers would have 2 rings at the least. Maybe we were just that lucky to stay healthy in ’08.

  • So, then, would you put the best shooter on the line? Would you let Doc choose who he wants? I mean, it’s not the nicest way to handle it, that’s very clear and I agree on that point. But I see no other way he can reasonably handle it other than giving away points to the other team. That’s not his job. He’s supposed to feel for Pietrus and you can tell he did, but he’s not supposed to feel charitable.

  • trytryagain

    I have a feeling Pietrus will be ok, and I sincerely hope he will.
    You can bet your ass that if the same injury (god forbid) happened to a certain player named Kobe, their would be little or no well wishes coming from “Celtic Nation”.
    Here’s to his healing. Cheers.

  • That’s bullshit and you’re an asshole for saying it. I hate players for the way they play and the teams they play for, but I don’t hate people, and that’s pretty universal for Boston fans. Nobody in my town cheers when people get hurt. Seriously, fuck you for suggesting it.

  • Totally agree.
    Collins is paid by the 76`ers, to try to maximize his team`s chances of winning games.
    Feeling bad about an opponent`s injury, and trying to help your team win, are mutually exclusive concepts.
    It`s not as though Pietrus` condition would be altered based upon who shot the FT`s.
    Hollins is a .658% career free throw shooter. Collins chose not to be a real dick by sending Rondo, a .620% free throw shooter to the line.

  • trytryagain

    I’m not trying to start something here, so pull it back a tad. EVERY team has asshole fans. EVERY team. And I have had first hand experience with several asshole Boston fans. In Boston. And more than a few here rejoiced when Bynum went down with knee injuries. Immediately.
    So……seriously, fuck YOU for taking focus off of Pietrus and his injury and playing the tough guy Boston representative.

  • No need to be a dick if you’re actually sincere about the healing. Most of us very much respect Kobe, but we don’t need you removing your head from his ass to tell us how we’d feel if the guy got hurt. Nobody wishes that on anybody. Cheers

  • trytryagain

    Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. I’be heard it, seen it, and read it for YEARS. And the one fan base that wishes career ending injuries on more players is always Boston. Always. Pointing out the obvious isn’t being a dick, pal.
    Can you get the focus back on Pietrus? Hard for some of you to pass up on a chance to direct your disappointment with the Celtics, even at a time like this. Kinda sick.
    Get well MP.

  • OKCeltic

    Actually. You took the focus off of MP with the second sentence of your post. If you want to wish MP well, that’s fine, but you didn’t have to bring the Kobe thing up. You didn’t have to go there especially since this had nothing to do with your Lakers.

  • Quest

    Comments vs personal negative rants…in future I think I am going to forego reading the comments….

  • I hear you. Everyone’s emotional and upset. Just a bad night…and there’s always that one guy who will come in and attack everyone. They’re usually hypocrites too. Let’s hope we get some hopeful news on Pietrus tomorrow, and a good win on Sunday.

  • Please. Rondo can’t shoot free throws so he doesn’t attack. He just looks to pass. Plus, his defense was putrid again tonight. At times, he was literally guarding no ine.

  • When this team is referred to as “The C`s”… stands for “The Cursed” {not Celtics}!

  • Right. So now it’s an “every team” thing. Before it was specifically a “Celtics fans are headhunters” thing. But now it’s “all I was saying is that there are some shitty fans in the world, but you guys took it out of context and changed the subject, even though it was 80% of my original post.
    You’re a troll and a douchebag, and I’m not going to dial back on it. A dude we all like is hurt, and you just rode in saying that if he was wearing yellow, we’d be sending hemlock to his hospital bed.
    You. Are. A. Troll.

  • Alex

    Hmm, I think I’m going to hear from someone else who isn’t in love with Rondo.