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Mickael Pietrus removed on a stretcher after awkward fall


Celtics swing man Mickael Pietrus fell awkardly in the second quarter of tonight's game and, after a long period of time on the floor, had to be removed on a stretcher. 

It's unclear exactly what the injury is.  He was moving all of his extremities, but according to Greg Dickerson, Pietrus may have been coughing up blood.  The ESPN crew did report Pietrus had vomited, so there is some similiarity in the reports, but differences in exact details.  Pietrus' head did not hit the floor, but he grabbed at his head as if there was some sort of head/neck injury. 

We wil update this post as information becomes available.  Please join us in wishing the best for Pietrus and hoping this is not a serious injury.

[h/t CBS Sports for the video]

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  • Quest

    man this is scary another major injury for the c’s What are the probalities????

  • SC

    This was a statement loss tonight…
    Not because we were close to the Atlantic lead.
    Because one of our teammates literally went out and risked his life to win this game tonight, and instead of responding with fiery emotion to win it for him, we rolled over and played pitiful while we let the team who did it stomp on the rest of us and finish the job.
    How can any player on this team now possibly risk putting themselves in harm’s way to win after watching that?
    They won’t….
    Huge loss tonight… Season changing…