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Stats Don’t Lie: KG playing better at center

It's no secret that KG isn't a fan of playing center, but how can he argue with stats like this?

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  • Andrew Hantzis

    These offensive stats are hard to argue with. However, I’d like to see the stats on the defensive side stack up. How about opponents ppg / rpg?

  • It’s to bad he wants to be a PF. He is a pretty good center. Better then anyone we could pick up on the free agent market this summer anyways. I’d love to see them dump the two pics for Paul Milsap and then throw some stupid money at Eric Gordon. You’d have a pretty sweet starting 5 and at the end of the summer you would have Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum as free agents. You can keep the picks and sign Kaman and Gordon in the off season as well. The rebuilding process isn’t going to be as painful as it was last time.

  • Tyler

    Dude do you have any idea how the salary cap works? And why would Utah trade milsap for two crappy picks?

  • i don’t care if he don’t like playing center. there’s 22M reason’s that kg should be willing to play pg. and it piss’s me off every time he’d defer the jump ball to perk or w/e. he better resign at the vet min.

  • When both teams are under the cap, you don’t have to worry about the cap. So yea I know how it works.
    Utah wants to rebuild on the cheap threw the draft. It’s a deep draft so a 17th or 19th pick in this years draft is like a 10th or 13th pick in prior years. Milsap is going to be a free agent after next year and is going to want some serious $$$. Derrick Favors is their PF of the future. Milsap doesn’t fit into their long term plans. You can do nothing and try and sign the free agents but like others have said guys learn to love Boston. Bringing them here in a trade is one thing, bringig them in as afree agent is tough.