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Ronny Turiaf will go to Miami

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 21, 2012 Uncategorized 17 Comments on Ronny Turiaf will go to Miami

Ronny turiafWell, there goes another one off the market.

Turiaf, a 6-foot-10 forward, gives the Heat a strong rebounding and defensive presence as they fortify themselves for a title run. For the Heat, Turiaf gives them another tough, experienced veteran to defend the Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference playoffs. The deal will be announced later Wednesday, league sources said.

It's hard to fault the guy.  The Celtics need him more, but how can you pass on probably the best team in the league, in gorgeous weather, and a state with no income tax?

Welcome to the end of the Big 3 era… even the best of the leftovers are passing on Boston.  My only defense is finding a picture of the guy that looks douchey enough to make us feel better about it.  

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  • Good…we already have enough cardiac patients.

  • OUCH.

  • Danno

    There’s a “lack of heart” joke in here somewhere, but I’m not going to make it…

  • further reason why not to max out your cap space with 3 players

  • No major surprise. As a veteran it was expected he’d go with a bonafide title contender. Let’s keep in mind Garnett or Bass will be on the floor when a big comes off the bench, so Danny may be looking for a more defensive minded PF/Center who can body their man, protect the rim and fill the lane in transition. Murphy didn’t work out for us, partly because he came in out of shape, and I don’t think Turiaf will matter much to the Heat … if he does they’ve got problems.

  • john

    He’s a three rebound a game guy. I think we can do just as god in the d league.

  • Thinking Mike

    I think it was more of Turiaf being star struck than opportunity. Earlier this season, Miami, tried to lure Joel Pryzbilla, Keyon Martin, Baron Davis and recently, Derick Fisher, but all turned the Heat down. The Celtics need reliable big men that are healthy, can rebound and defend.
    Ronny T, is never healthy and can’t defend. During last season’s playoffs the Celtics front court took apart Ronny T.

  • we know we need to get rid of 3 this is who you bring in
    Malik Allen
    Jason Kapono
    Luther Head/Eddie House
    would fix some issues
    if you drop KD
    Kyrylo Fesenko
    I should run this team it would beat sweating my butt off here at the waffle house. great weather we are having right?

  • That happened 7 years ago. I know we’re sensitive to it around here… but that was a long time ago.

  • chachee

    Are we really considering this the end of the Big 3 because Ronny Turiaf doesn’t want to play here?? Let’s be honest, Ronny T isn’t making ANY impact on this team, other than putting in 5-10 minutes a game. It’s hard to get over but this is what’s best for the Celtics. Give the veterans one last ride, try to win the Atlantic, go for a 3-5 seed and cross your fingers that some superstar in the east goes down. D Rose has the injury bug this year and maybe the C’s could give the Bulls a run for their money, with or without Rose. Start the rebuilding process after this year. If the Spurs can do it, so can the Celtics. Danny brought a championship here, regardless of how he did it. He deserves one more chance with a clean slate. “All the negativity that’s in this town sucks”

  • Eh, nothing agianst Rony, he’d be my 3rd choice of available big guys. Just as soon see more of Steimsma.

  • aaron

    danny is runnning this into the ground. if he didnt want to trade the big three to rebuild, WHY didnt we at least get some bench players to help out the big three?
    he is as useful as tits on a bull. he pulled off ONE DEAL in his career. THAT IS IT.

  • Too soon?

  • One deal? Really? Get a freakin grip who the f#ck did you expect him to get with what we had to offer? The sad thing is we never find out the deals he passed on where he could have imported garbage in return for a beloved vet. Ray Allen. Kevin Garnett. James Posey. Eddie House. Brandon Bass for BBD. P.J. Brown. And I could go on. Which was his “ONE DEAL”? Don’t get pissed at danny for coming home empty handed when there was nothing worth buying. AND TURIAF IS NOT WORTH BUYING .

  • All in good fun..

  • chachee

    agreed. any other year, if Turiaf is a celtic, he’s getting Scalabrine’d. Riding the pine, until Gino comes on the screen. GARBAGE TIME. Now, all of a sudden, this guy is the savior to the C’s season?!?!?! Am i stuck in the twilight zone? Is Ashton Kutcher gonna come flying threw my window and punk me?? You people are out of your minds for suggesting that Danny throw away KG and Ray’s expiring deals for 10 cents on the dollar. Those expiring contracts are GOLD. $38 million to write off next year and we give it away for average role players and a few draft picks?? No way. We already got our championship. Now its time to rebuild, the right way. If you don’t want to watch this team anymore, or watch them go through a rebuilding phase, you were never really a fan to begin with. The C’s will get back to the big stage, just be patient.

  • TG for you setting the record straight. Agree 100%. You can criticize Ainge for some moves, but don’t act like he’s under-performed. The guy brought the city of Boston two Finals appearances plus a championship. How many GMs in this league have that on their resume?