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Next crappy big man to consider: Boris Diaw

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 21, 2012 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Next crappy big man to consider: Boris Diaw

So Charlotte bought out Bo Diaw, and like every other rejected big man, the Celtics are going to  have to consider him.

The one thing we have to keep in mind with all of these shlubs is that its much like rummaging through a junk yard to fix your old beat up clunker.  You are just looking for a part that is good enough to get a few more miles out of that junker until you can afford a better car.  

In Diaw you have a guy who could help offensively but probably not in many other aspects of the game.  He is certainly no answer to the rebounding issue and his fat ass isn't going to be filling any lanes on the break.  He would be a strictly half-court guy who can score in the post, even if he has to be coaxed into doing so.

The bigger question is whether he would mentally commit to the Kevin Garnett mindset or would he withdraw and just play on his own little island?  Of all the options mentioned so far, Diaw has the most raw basketball talent.  If the Celtics are truly opening up more than one roster spot, then Diaw could fill a need on the offensive end.  Maybe.  The next guy the Celtics get would have to be as pure a rebounder as possible at this point of the season.  I would still hope for a couple of bigger guys who are better rebounders before Diaw, but I suppose we could do worse at this point.

And that, my friends, is the most ringing endorsement any of these scrap heap guys is probably going to get.

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  • We can buy out Wilcox,JO, also Marquis probably so what’s the problem? We’ll have 3 free spots.

  • “Can” and “will” are different stories. Those spots aren’t open until the buyouts happen

  • Unless we’re talking about signing Kaman off a buyout none of these names are going to jump off the page and excite us. Diaw may be the most talented, but IMHO if Evans is bought out over the next 48 hours you push hard because he addresses rebounding, toughness … and he’s in game shape. Can’t say that about Turiaf or Sheed; no one has seen any gains made by Fesenko since he’s been out of league since last year, and Hollins is nothing more than a journeyman.

  • Any shot at PJ Brown, Scot Pollard, Shaq, hell there really nobody out there that can help I’m thinking Danny may made few Mistakes ever since the KG injury at least he Got Bass for BB.

  • sev

    maybe my mind is going blank, but the only evans I can think of is reggie evans and if that’s who you meant, I highly doubt he will be bought out. They are a contender even though they’ve been playing bad, but either way they realize they will need that toughness come playoff time. He would be exactly what we need though.

  • It was a twitter rumor that Sean Grande had mentioned, but so far no reports of LAC letting him go 🙁
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