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Bulpett: Celtics may get Ryan Hollins

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 21, 2012 Uncategorized 14 Comments on Bulpett: Celtics may get Ryan Hollins

Hey… remember that amazingly bad rebounder that's available?  well, he may no longer be once he becomes a Celtic.  

So the Celtics have problems with bench scoring and rebounding, and they get a big guy with no post game that can't rebound?  Why can't we get Leon Powe?  He's small, but he can at least bang down low.  

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  • Jerry Heasley

    Hollins is a true seven footer and very athletic, a good score and rebounder. I like him better than Turiaf or any other big available now.

  • s


  • Quest

    I don’t think it matters at this point. I ‘m not seeing Celtics getting past the Heat or Bulls in the playoff runs given where they’re at. One new roster player may make them a little better but Eastern Contenders,,,,,not sure about that. Just enjoying the last few games with the Big 3 HOF in tact.

  • wil

    LOL wow, danny sure is cheap, should just chase after boris diaw

  • Nick

    ok this is a good start… now lets get Fesenko too, just cuz Turiaf and Diaw have big names that don’t mean they are better fits… I’d prefer bigger athletic guys like Hollins and Fesenko. cut Jermaine and Wilcox and lets make it happen. Hollins runs the floor and bangs quite well, I endorse this signing 100%.

  • Blazers claimed Hickson, so I guess this is okay for what’s out there. I think Steimsma is doing better, as the season progresses he’s getting more comfortable on the offensive end, I think the guy is worth keeping around (I thought the same about Semih)

  • astarot

    I’ve read somewhere Powe’s playing in Puerto Rico, don’t know is it a problem to get him out of there or Ainge isn’t considering him cuz’ of different reasons.

  • Danno

    Powe left Puerto Rico a week ago to pursue “an NBA opportunity” according to him team there. He still hasn’t surfaced anywhere here though.

  • Rondoing

    Hollins is THE perfect fit for the Celtics!
    I don’t get why people are bashing him that much!?!
    Most of them are just stubbornly repeating things they hear but don’t take the time to look at the potential of the guy!
    I wanted us to actually TRADE some of our asset to get him!!
    So for him to come to us for “free” is blessing!
    C’s fans should not look at how badly he fitted on other teams and should look at what he can bring to complement our already set team!
    Rondo will be in heaven with him!
    Check out what he could do for us against a team like MIAMI :
    If this is not something we lack and would benefit from…
    Com’on guys!!!
    This is a blessing!!
    Hope we keep him (and Greg and KG and add a low post scorer for next year as our main bigs)…

  • biggidymcsnooglebottom

    they dont need to cut them there out for the year roster sots already open but they should hae waived dooling an pick up nocioni

  • biggidymcsnooglebottom

    yeah i liked semih but steimsma i like een more hes a legitimate shot blocker he rebounds well he needs work offensively maybe work on his post up more an he can hit free throws thats def a plus

  • biggidymcsnooglebottom

    i dont kno why either everytime ive seen him play hes looked pretty good

  • To help you out: a waived player at this time of year may only go to a team of his choice at the pro-rated VETERAN MINIMUM. There is no $$ decisions involved. And if money was a consideration the C’s couldn’t offer more due to being over the cap.
    Ainge is not cheap, the team is maxed out.

  • biggidymcsnooglebottom

    and to add to the rondo being in heaven hell yeah nothing better than a big man who can run the floor and you can just lob it up to him easy buckets