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Reports: Celtics interested in Josh Powell, Ronny Turiaf


Here's an update on the Celtics pursuit of a power forward/center. Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld throws Josh Powell's name into the mix:

The Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns are among the teams expressing interest in unrestricted free agent Josh Powell, according to sources close to the situation. The 29-year-old signed in China during the lockout, but now he’s back in the United States and weighing his options.

Powell has played for the Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks. He won two championships during his time with the Lakers. Over the course of his six-year career, Powell has averaged 3.9 points and 2.9 rebounds.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst reports the Celtics and Heat lead a pack of teams interested in Ronny Turiaf.

Did any of you hear Mike Gorman praising Dan Gadzuric during last night's broadcast? The 6-11 center is currently in the D-league.

Leon Powe is leading our big man poll, but I haven't heard of any reports linking Powe to Boston (or any other team).

As for J.J. Hickson, there's a report the Warriors are the favorites. Hickson is reportedly looking to sign with a team where he can play significant minutes. He won't find major minutes in Boston.

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  • Steph

    They SHOULD be interested in JJ HICKSON !!!

  • Fesenko! Why are we not looking at this guy. He’s literally the only legitimate center out there. Have we not learnt that signing guys under 6’11 to play center just doesn’t work against better teams. I’d go after Chris Johnson (or Turiaf or Evans if he’s bought out) and Fesenko, that way we’ve got a bit of energy/hustle/athleticism and just raw size.
    Getting a bunch of undersized guys who are PFs at best is NOT the solution, never has been, never will be.

  • He just got cut- I’m sure they will be.

  • Hickson is going to GSW or Phoenix, Woj reported it.

  • sev

    prob cause dan gadzuric always seemed to play good against the celtics

  • Steph

    Yeah my bad – was on my phone, didn’t read the whole article

  • Steph

    On another note – besides looking for a big, they should consider Terrence Williams …

  • Don’t know much about Fesenko. Here’s some of Hollinger’s scouting report:
    Enormous center whose size makes him a major defensive presence.
    Hugely foul-prone and mistake-prone offensively. Horrid foul shooter.
    Professionalism needs improvement. Also struggles to finish around rim.
    The best-kept secret in the NBA right now is Fesenko’s monstrous defensive stats. It’s not that one or two metrics point out his defensive value; it’s that all of them do, without any pointing to the contrary.
    Last season the Jazz were an eye-popping 11.91 points per 100 possessions better on defense with Fesenko on the floor, and this is not a new trend. The season before it was 8.67; in limited minutes his first two seasons he also had a strong differential.
    Synergy Stats, meanwhile, rated Fesenko as the second-best defender in the entire league among players who faced at least 150 opponent plays; the season before he was first. And according to, opposing centers had a PER of just 10.4 against him; the season before it was 12.9.
    Despite his size, Fesenko doesn’t block a ton of shots or dominate the boards. He just uglies up the game for opponents with his sheer hugeness, especially since he moves his feet fairly well for his size. And he can still get better — he wasn’t always fully engaged in Utah and needs to step up his commitment.
    Now for the bad news. Fesenko has been fairly disastrous offensively. He tends to bring balls back into shot-blockers when finishing at the rim, he’s a 39.8 percent career foul shooter, he’s clumsy, and he has no shooting range or ball skills.

  • andrew

    I think Hickson would be awesome playing twenty minutes a game behind Bass. But if not him then we need Turiaf and Powell. We need two of these Big men. Steisma is very hesitant. Turiaf and Powe would work also. Keeping my fingers crossed that Kaman gets bought out 🙂

  • Dan Gadzuric is your best option other then kevin pittsnogle

  • both those guys make me sick

  • Wow, we’re arguing about utter NBA garbage here.

  • yeap whole lot Jason Caffey’s and Dickey Simpkins out there