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Big Man Update: Cavs cut Ryan Hollins, Johnson to NO

HollinsThe Cavaliers have released 7-foot center Ryan Hollins. 

The Globe's Gary Washburn wasted no time tweeting the Celtics will have interest.

Before you lobby for Hollins, check out John Hollinger's scouting report:

+ Lean, athletic big man who can run the floor and make spectacular dunks. 

+ Poor shooter with no post game. Can make short runners. Loses cool easily.

+ Amazingly bad rebounder. Capable pick-and-roll defender. Lacks strength. 

One of the world's greatest mysteries is how Hollins can suck so badly at rebounding. He is 7 feet tall, 240 pounds and can jump out of the gym. It seems inconceivable that he would be a below-average rebounder, much less this shockingly below average. Yet last year he was outrebounded by every frontcourt player in the league except for Andrea Bargnani and Brian Cardinal. 

Let's pray the Celtics opt for someone not labeled as an "amazingly bad rebounder."

Cross Chris Johnson off the list. He was claimed by the Hornets.

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    And Hickson apparently is poised to sign with Golden State?
    I don’t understand these dudes. Wouldn’t they rather play in the playoffs than teams that aren’t going anywhere?
    I guess this is a clue as to why these guys got bought in the first place.