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Your Morning Dump… The next three games are HUGE

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here... highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“It’ll be fun,” said coach Doc Rivers, perhaps speaking more in the hopeful than definitive sense. “We have a chance to catch Atlanta, have a chance to put room (between themselves and) Milwaukee and catch Philly. I mean, the next three games are going to be great. It should be a lot of fun.”

Now as the trip turns, their fate falls into their own hands.

“We’re all fighting for playoff position,” Pierce said. “All these games are amongst teams that these positions can change with every game. Atlanta, Milwaukee, Philadelphia: We’ve got to make sure we try to finish out this trip on a strong note.

“It was about our effort, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to clean that up in the next three games.”

Herald – Celtics in dire need of rebounding

HUGE might be a bit of an overstatement, but work with me here. 

A check of the standings finds the Celtics 2.5 games behind the Hawks (tonight's opponent) in the Eastern Conference. Philadelphia – the Atlantic Division leader – is 1 game ahead of Boston.

The critics and cynics are probably thinking: "Who gives a crap? This team isn't going anywhere." But… getting out of the 7th seed could mean an extra two weeks of basketball for us. Isn't that why we are here – to enjoy hoops?

We need to accept this team for what they are: aging and inconsistent. Alter your perspective and expectations and you might have a bit more fun. The negativity in this town on this site sucks.

On Page 2, the pros and cons to signing Ronny Turiaf.

When Turiaf is healthy, he's a rather efficient offensive player. In 64 appearances for the Knicks last season, he averaged 1.085 points per play, ranking him in the 95th percentile among all NBA players. He's actually one of the best at rolling to the hoop in the pick-and-roll and excels as a cutter. Don't get too excited, it only translated into 4.2 points over 17.8 minutes per game, but it shows that good things happen when he gets the ball. 

Defensively, the news isn't as sunny. Turiaf is middle of the pack, allowing 0.89 points per play last season (53rd percentile). His career defensive rating is 107 (and was only slightly better in his time with the Lakers than the Warriors and Knicks). And this may be the deal-breaker: Turiaf just isn't that good on the glass. For his career, he's averaged 3.8 rebounds over 17.9 minutes per game, but his total rebound percentage is just 11.9 percent (only slightly better than JaJuan Johnson this season). His career defensive rebounding percentage is 16.7 percent (Wilcox was at 20.2, while Jermaine O'Neal was 19.9 this year). 

ESPN Boston – Should C's be interested in Turiaf?

Turiaf would bring athleticism and some offensive skill. But as our luck would have it, he's a poor defensive rebounder. I still think he's the best option available.

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  • paul

    Why are we fishing for Bigs when we have one we don’t use? I know that if we play JJJ, we are going to take some rookie lumps, maybe a lot of them, but we take some lumps if we pick up a relative stiff too, and we don’t get the payoff of giving our bright young hopeful some experience.

  • Ian

    Can the Celtics really afford rookie lumps?

  • I am absolutely in the pro-Turiaf camp.

  • Turiaf had open heart surgery in 2006….so, he would be a perfect fit here!

  • ATL plays 5 games this week. hands down they’re the worst road team and squeaking up 1-2 places w/be clutch. win baby win!

  • Quest

    comment well taken… this team’s chances of getting Banner 18 is pretty slim is what it is…. so soaking in the last time we could see these 3 Hall Of Famers play together on the same team…. a little bit of history.

  • Ivan Johnson is another worker bee who always seems to win the 50/50 game for Atl. That’s exactly the type of player we’re in dire need of. While its true Turiaf is not the most efficient rebounder, he does bring that kind of hustle, which tends to be contagious. But he’ll be forced to play his way into shape given he hasn’t seen floor time in 2 1/2 months. In Chris Johnson’s case, he just wasn’t able to get any burn. But if JO is bought out they’ll have to wave either Quis or Sasha to sign both. It’ll be up to Doc to mix and match once Garnett is given a blow because all three (Stiemer/Turiaf/CJ) will not be consistent on a night in, night out basis. JO’s health withstanding, it shows how little trade value we had on bench and how hand cuffed Danny really was at the trade deadline.
    As for this week’s slate of games. The most brutal part of the schedule features a pair of 4 games in 5 nights in April with home/home vs. Miami, on road in Chic-town and Indy, and home against the Spurs, Sixers and Hawks. They could win the division and nab the 4th seed or completely fall apart and not make the playoffs.

  • bobheckler

    We need height. We need beef. We need a 5. JJJ is an underweight 4. Thinking Doc can use JJJ to replace KG or Steamer isn’t realistic. Turiaf is the best of a weak litter, but we need another body. If we don’t keep KG’s minutes down now, we will pay for it later.