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Recap: I watched this game because I had to

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 19, 2012 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Recap: I watched this game because I had to

March 19, 2012

Dear Journal, 

The journey was especially rough today.  The Red's Army team has had its difficulties tracking the Celtics this season, but this one was one of the worst.

We lost two members on today's expedition.  Chuck crumpled to a broken heap before halftime.  I turned to KWAPT to help carry the broken, shattered, blubbering shell of a man Chuck had become back to camp, but the catatonic look in KWAPT's eyes told me he was gone too.  

I was going at this one alone. 

It wasn't easy.  The Celtics were shooting about 33% through 3 quarters.  There were what felt like 100 turnovers and twice as many fouls between these two teams through that stretch.  It was a gross, vomit-inducing, unbearably bad brand of basketball that only the strongest of stomachs can handle. 

Then… there was light. 

Ray Allen hit a 3 to beat the 3rd quarter buzzer and the glorious floodgates opened.  The Celtics offense went OFF…. opening up a 19 point lead.  I dropped to my knees, threw my hands to the heavens, and thanked the sweet Lord above that I had survived. 

Of course, my celebration came too soon.  Atlanta scored 11 straight points, to make the last few minutes a dog fight.  The Celtics lead was four… I felt the elements starting to overwhelm me.  I felt that this was the end.  And then Josh Smith, with :22 left, took an ill-advised three.

Even now, I swear he winked at me before he shot it.  Good ol' Josh.  I knew I could count on him. 

With the game still in doubt, Jeff Teague… who had gotten a ridiculous taunting tech earlier in the game… had the chance to make the storm unbearable.  As he launched his potential game-tying 3… I saw the hands of the basketball Gods swoop down and push it the shot about three feet wide left.  

I had survived the most unbearable game I may have ever seen.  So did the Celtics, 79-76.

Tomorrow, I will send the search party for Chuck & KWAPT.  I will tell them to follow the sobbing. 

– John

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  • Didn’t i just say a few days ago about the Celtics being described consistently like the above post? Sigh…
    Anyways, it’s at least good to see those posers in ATL lose. There can’t be more of a black hole in the NBA with no light than the Hawks. Even the Wizards have a brighter future and better fans.

  • The run started right after Teague taunted Ray. Good job by Bass boxing out tonight … team high 10 boards … Rumor is LAC may buyout Evans … Ryan Hollins + Fesensko on the short list.

  • Quest

    now that’s what I call grinding it out

  • Awesome recap John..lmao. The Hawks kept trying to give us this game. I mean, if we would’ve hit even 50% of our shots in the 1st half, this is a blowout. That 1st quarter was traumatizing. Worst offense I’ve seen all year. But..on this road-trip, a win’s a win. I was a little disappointed Rondo did not take more advantage of Teague on the post/offensively, but oh well. Jesus Shuttlesworth saves the day..FINALLY 2 days off. And Orlando lost too: Bring on the Bucks.

  • Alex

    I gotta say… it was painful watching this game. I even HOPED that the C’s would pull it out after the 3 point barrage that Pietrus and Ray Allen pulled off in the third quarter. But of course, these are the Celtics and they just let the damn Hawks back into it because they don’t have the common sense to pay attention to Doc and KEEP RUNNING THEIR DAMN PLAYS instead of playing out the clock.
    This win was honestly unimpressive and I just hope they win the next two.

  • Erin

    Both teams were equally horrendous. Fortunately, that played in our favor! If we were playing some other team, I’m sure the score would have been 63-31 at the half. The Celtics have never stopped surprising me. Just when I thought they couldn’t play any worse, out comes another rabbit from the magic bag! At least we got a W out of this mess. 2 days of rest? I’m not sure what to expect.

  • There was about a 10 minutes tonite when the C’s got aggressive and I thought “wow these guys can actually play” and then the wheels fell off. You’re right about the offense though, just stagnant, live by the jumper-die by the jumper, drives me crazy that Rondo is the only guy who drives on a regular basis, especially in a game like tonite with a playoff atmosphere. Jesus saves, but Jesus also takes a lot longer to run through 3 picks than he used to. A nice beat-down on the Bucks would make me feel better.

  • Awful game. The turnovers. Uggh!! The poor shooting for most of the game. Arghh! Rondo leaving Joe Johnson wide open near the end of the game so he could hit his third three in the last minute. Blechh! The only good news is that I watched this game on league pass and as I was locking the game in before it started, I happened to see the Hawks final score was 76. The Celtics reached 75 with like 3 minutes to go in the game. I pulled out my Red cigar. In the bag. Little did I know, it would have to come down to Pietrus hitting 1 of 2 free throws for the Celtics to reach 76 (finally I pulled out my cigar and then I forgot I don’t smoke) and Pierce to split 1 of 2 free throws to get to 77. After that, I was able to relax with 10 seconds left in the game after Ray nailed 2 more free throws. Except for that short run in the 4th when we went up big, this was literally the worst basketball game I’ve ever watched and I’ve seen some stinkers in my day. Do these people remember that Bob Petit and Bill Russell and companies, then Dominque and Bird and companies, made this rivalry something to be proud of? If basketball rivalries were kittie litters this one was the runt. I’ve got to run. I think it gave me a hairball.

  • Havlicek/White/Cowens vs. Lou Hudson/Maravich…Good playoff battles in `72 & `73.

  • Yes, great. The kids don’t know what they’re missing.;-)