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Jermaine O’Neal done for the year


CSNNE's Greg Dickerson just tweeted this not-so-surprising news on Celtics' center Jermaine O'Neal:

"despite trying to rehab his wrist and working out, Jo will have surgery and will miss the remainder of the season"

The Herald's Steve Bulpett has more information.

This comes as no surprise, as Doc has been speculating for the last week that J.O. was all-done for the 2011-12 season.

So what now? Well, Twitter is  buzzing with the news that the Sacramento Kings have bought-out 23 year-old JJ Hickson's contract. Hickson is not a true "big", but at 6-9 240 pounds, the power forward could certainly help-out in the paint.

So what do the readers think? Should the C's try and sign Hickson for the remainder of the season….?



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  • Zauer

    Wonder if Danny is now regreting not blowing up big 3. Loss of Wilcox and JO kills our tiny chance of winning this year

  • KY Celts fan

    uhh… yeah! even if we don’t use him, we’ll still have his bird rights to resign him in the offseason. which will be nice if Bass decides to leave for mo’ money.

  • K.G. the great

    YES. holy shid danny do something right finally. Sign and have KG tell him to do the dirty work. Plus he’s atheletic enough to hide his lack of size at the center. Him on the team would give Bass and KG some more offensive focus to their game.

  • Worst signing of the Ainge era.

  • Brick James

    You are forgetting quite a bit of garbage.

  • Quest

    He’s being bought out for a reason….do we want another team’s baggage at our doorstep.

  • Quest

    What else is available???? D-league????

  • The guy was impressive in Cleveland and he is still young. There are a few reasons I could think of to not like playing in Sacramento.

  • jo < trash ┌∩┐


    If possible, sign Hickson for rest of the season. A low risk move. If he works out, great. If not, he walks at end of season. He’ll walk even if he contributes. Nothing better out there in terms of a big whose contract is/will be bought out.

  • sev

    not necessarily because he’s not good, but because they are already stacked with young players. Sac is also trying to save money and because they know they have NO chance, why keep a player that is not in their future plans and doesn’t get much playing time anyways due to all the other young talented bigs they have. Buying out players does not equate to them being garbage. Every team has a reason, just look at the rumors of NO and Kaman.

  • sev

    take him and ronny if you can’t get kaman but you have to act on one of them now to assure that we at least get some help

  • Kricky

    Some interesting bigs out there now: Hickson, Turriaff and C. Johnson. Shoudl take a flyer on at least two of these guys now that JO and Cox are out for the season.

  • Kricky

    Kaman has skills, but he’s slow as all hell. I’d rather get a big that can run with Rondo like Wilcox did on occasion. C Johnson or Hickson would be worth a try.