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For Ray Allen, it’s gotta be the (larger size) shoes

CSNNE's Jess Camerato uncovered some interesting information about Ray Allen's choice of footwear:

Allen entered the NBA in 1996 wearing a size 13 sneaker. As time went on, he went up to a 14. Just two years ago, he made another jump that has helped his performance and his health.

“My feet were always hurting,” he told “I was at shootaround in Detroit two years ago, I was running through it, and when I got back to the bus, it was just like the shoes, my orthotics – I called over to Nike and said, ‘The next shoe allotment, send it to me in 15s.’ I’ve been a 15 ever since.”

“Down in my ankles, I need that blood to flow,” he explained. “Sometimes if the shoe’s too tight, you just feel pressure on your feet.”

Hey, whatever works. 

I'm under the impression that this generation of NBA players doesn't lace up their sneakers super tight. They sacrifice ankle stability for comfort and style. 

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  • vivek-nj

    my feet meassure 9 on the scale in footlockers. but i cannot wear a 9 it is way to tight for me. i got for 11.5 usually or 12.