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Antoine Walker remains a sad, pathetic person


Here's the latest chapter in the sad saga that is Antoine Walker's life:

Antoine Walker's NBA Championship ring just sold for $21,500 … which would have been great news for Antoine, if he wouldn't have been FORCED to sell as part of hisbankruptcy case. 

Walker — who won the ring as a member of the 2006 Miami Heat – filed for bankruptcyback in 2010 … claiming he racked up more than $12.7 million in debts … but had only $4 mill in assets.

According to court docs, Walker had to liquidate his property to pay back his creditors  … including his ring. Now TMZ has learned, the ring has been tentatively sold to a guy named Andres Garcia for a cool $21,500. 

I want to feel compassion for Antoine Walker. He seems like a genuine guy who went broke because he took care of too many people, had a gambling problem and made bad investments.

But after reading Chris Ballard's recent expose on Walker, I was disgusted. How can a guy attempting an NBA comeback be 40 pounds overweight and miss team flights?

He might still have enough talent to be a role player in the NBA, but his work ethic and professionalism leave a lot to be desired.

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  • Toine should have sold it to JO, I hear he wants a heat championship ring.

  • Antoine : From Rags…To Riches…Back to Rags
    A fool and his money….

  • paul

    Wow. Do you folks grasp ethics much? Ok, think about it. If the only folks you are willing to have sympathy for are perfect human beings, THEY AREN’T LIKELY TO NEED ANY SYMPATHY ARE THEY? You are only willing to have compassion when it comes easy, apparently.

  • You’re wrong. I’ve felt bad for Antoine. His situation is unfortunate. But now he’s squandering the remote chance he has left. At some point you move from compassion to frustration.

  • aaron

    f compassion.
    missing flights for games? really?
    he is living in 2002… guess what buddy… you aint good anymore.
    he is also leading his team in 3pt attempts while shooting 20%
    he is a joke and needs to grow up.