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Your Morning Dump… Marquis Daniels has a pulse

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here... highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Serious box-score readers may do a double-take when they see that Marquis Daniels played 20 minutes, most of them meaningful. That has happened since … who knows when? Okay, since Jan. 23. Basically, he had been a fixture on the bench since the arrival of Mickael Pietrus. But he was on the floor when the Celtics made their run and not only finished with 8 points, but also was the only Celtic who had a plus-minus better than plus-1. He was plus-8.

"He played great for us," Rivers said of Daniels, adding he went with Daniels out of a "gut" decision.

ESPN Boston

Glad to see Marquis Daniels is capable of making a contribution to this team. He's stayed healthy this year, mostly because he's never on the court.

Quis was in Doc's circle of trust for the first month and a half of the season, but he was not producing (31% FG). Once Mickael Pietrus emerged, Daniels faded away on the bench. 

No dispect to Marquis, but I hope he steers clear of Boston next season. He'll occasionally flash enough skill to make you think he can be a capable bench player, but something always gets in the way.

On Page 2, Danny Ainge dismisses the Jermaine O'Neal buyout reports.

“Not yet,” Ainge said yesterday when asked if O’Neal’s situation was any more defined. “Jermaine is weighing things and just seeing how his wrist responds to the treatment that he’s been getting and seeing if he wants to continue playing or not play. So he and Dr. McKeon are sort of evaluating that process now.”

But the Celts president noted again that he knows of no scenario in which O’Neal, 33, will seek to be bought out so he can play for another club this season.

“I never heard any of that, other than in the media,” Ainge said. “Jermaine and I have talked a few times, and I’ve talked with his agent, and that’s never even come up.”

Herald – Surgery no sure thing

It appears the media reports of Jermaine wanting to play in Miami were wrong. Even with the Celtics in desperate need of big man help, I don't want to see JO on the floor. He's too fragile to be reliable. I'd rather go with a D-leaguer who is willing to bust his ass and won't tweak a hammy doing so. 

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  • Erin

    He sprained his wrist while dunking. He sprained his wrist while taking a charge. Are we really supposed to feel comfortable with him in a 7 game series? Stiemsma is showing flashes of inspirational plays..but that guy is a foul machine. I’m not sure what to assume anymore. I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed.

  • Quest

    Shaq Oneal/ Jermaine Oneal one and the same scenario… holding the C’s hostage to get another Big Man before the buyout deadline. So what Jermaine comes back plays 2 or 3 games , reinjures, then retires just before the playoffs. Danny kick this man’s butt off the team now. I agree get a D-Leaguer who will work his ass off to be on the team instead of sitting in the training room for his paycheque.
    So what’s left for the 9 man rotation & playoffs:
    Bass who doesn’t box out and not rebounding.
    Ray who can’t be rushed or he can’t set his feet and shoot. Wonder if his self proclaimed OCD is getting in the way.
    Rondo who dribbles the ball forever because the passing lanes shut down and he’s hesitate to/can’t shoot.
    Steisma who flaps his hands all around giving pts away in fouls.
    PP has become inconsistent and flashes of brilliance to dig his team out of a hole.
    Pietrus standing on the perimeter pretending to be a 3 pts shooter.
    AB great defender but rookie pt guard and can’t make shots at critical moments in the game….”clang”
    Dooling who??
    KG awesome vet….thank god he’s been healthy….

  • Alex

    All I know is that the Celtics are a turnover machine and a team that no longer plays proper defense. Not sure what happened but the defense has been putrid as of late. Not only that, the Celtics inability to make a simple block out on a player to get a rebound shocks me to no end. Paul Pierce constantly lets his man get a rebound, I’m starting to think he does this on purpose.

  • This team just isn’t that good. They are in the dreaded middle class purgatory and will definitely be there next year as well. I love basketball and the Celtics but I’ve seen enough games this year where the Celtics effort and/or play has been described as “lackluster, uninspired, uneven, sluggish, not pretty, inconsistent”. How many “good” games have they played? Five? The sad thing is, when they do play competitive and solid, they still lose (ex. Both LA games).

  • the bitching and moaning really isn’t warranted. mind you it’s a lock-out season, kg/rays contracts are up, and 2 missing components jeff green/david west. add those 2 players and we’re singing a different tune.

  • Quest

    I guess celtic fan options are feelings of frustrations over Banner 18 opportunities fading away with each loss, poor play OR just soaking in the End of an Era of the Big 3.

  • sev

    too bad too because with jeff green and a healthy wilcox, never mind counting david west, we would easily be the 3rd best in the east. Throw in delonte west over dooling…never understood that but either way dwest is injury prone.

  • The few times E’Twan Moore, played, he showed some serious skills.
    I don’t really understand Doc let him get dust on the bench; play him JJJ, and bench Dooling and Quis. At least we’re building some future players..

  • Sorry:
    The few times E’Twan Moore played, he showed some serious skills.
    I don’t really understand Doc letting him get dust on the bench; play him and JJJ, and please bench Dooling and Quis. At least we’re building some future players..