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Your Morning Dump… Jermaine O’Neal offers a weak explanation

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You can't always believe what you see and hear on tv! Smdh!

I see I'm going to have to start back tweeting more because It looks like people know more about me than I know about myself! #crazy#

But I can tell yall that I do really miss playing and some of yall are crazy as hell on twitter lol! But its all love tho!

But I will be seeing the doctor again in the next couple of days to determine where my wrist is at this point.

So the next statement about "me" publicly will come from "me"! Good night yall!

Jermaine O'Neal's Twitter

Jermaine O'Neal is getting blasted from Celtics fans for allegedly seeking a buyout from the Celtics so he can play for the Heat.

He used Twitter last night to dismiss TV reports about his future and update the situation with his ailing wrist.  

Nice try, Jermaine. If you really wanted to return to the Celtics, you response should have been this:

The media reports are false. I am not seeking a buyout. My goal is to get healthy enough so I can help my Celtics teammates. I owe it to those guys and the organization.

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On Page 2, big man talk goes from Chris Kaman to Chris Johnson.

You may want to hold off on thoughts about the Celtics adding New Orleans center Chris Kaman. Speaking with reporters on Thursday, Hornets GM Dell Demps said the team was not planning to buyout the remainder of his $14 million contract that expires after this season. 

"Everything is always a possibility," Demps said, per the New Orleans Times-Picayune. "I mean there's no reason to say I'm certain, 100 percent sure. There's always a possibility. I never want to say never. But our intention is to keep Chris."

If the Hornets do buyout his contract and waive him, they would have to do it by March 23 for Kaman to be eligible for the postseason. 


No GM ever comes forward and says he's willing to buyout a player's contract because it takes away all his leverage. Demps is waiting for Kaman's agent to drop his asking price.

If Kaman stays in New Orleans for the remainder of the season, the Celtics may have to turn to Chris Johnson. He was recently released by Portland and played 4 games last season for the Celtics.

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  • Alex

    I say go after kaman as much as humanly possible and if it doesn’t work out, sign power (who left his foreign team) and possibly Wallace. Both played for the celtics and it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle getting them back into the system. We desperately need bits that can rebound and defend….

  • Devonte

    C`s buyout O`Neal then waived Wilcox and Daniels by today so they can get some healthy role players by today. C`s sign E.House,G.Arenas,J.Posey,R.Wallace, and B.Diaw for 1 year. With these 5 guys the C`s can come out the East.

  • I’d like to remind everyone it was that dope Tanguay who insisted Pierce would be traded by the deadline.
    Has it ever occurred to those seeking to turn back the hands of time that there’s reason why Sheed, House, Posey, and Arenas are no longer in the league?
    True, Kaman would be the best option, but even if he is bought out why would he choose Boston over Miami or SA ?
    More likely candidates are Gadzuric, Fesenko or Johnson … although I wouldn’t mind seeing Leon back in a Celtic uniform.

  • it’s not 2006 or 2007 man

  • paul

    What I wonder is what collusion is involved on what levels when LA turns useless Walton, plus a low pick, into quality PG Sessions? That would be like us trading Dooling for Kaman.

  • ricky davis and tiny gallon still with the red claws?

  • Erin

    I see you spamming this crap on every Celtics blog. Seriously, have you even thought about what you just said? With the exception of Diaw, I can’t see how the rest of those guys can contribute.

  • Erin

    I like tiny. Why isn’t he in the list?

  • Alex

    Pain in the ass autocorrect

  • I was thinking long the same lines because it looks like a steal for LA. But the key element was LA’s #1. It’s lottery protected this year, which means if they don’t make the playoffs they keep it. But the Cav’s have the right to swap spots in 2013 if LA’s pick ends up higher than than the Miami pick, which the Cavs own. So if the Heat finish 30 and LA 15, they can move up to 15 … plus they have their own #1 in 2013.

  • Looks like Turiaf will be waived …
    He would be an excellent pickup … A good energy worker bee who can defend and rebound

  • vivek

    Turiaf didnt play any game for wizards this season. Is he fit enough to play ?

  • That's the 1,000,000.00 question. Can he pass a physical ??? I guess we'll know soon enough 🙂
    Sent from my iPad

  • tiny could use a cup of coffee

  • Seriously, fuck off and die Jermain O”Neal

  • Danno

    I don’t hate the guy. I feel for him because he can’t stay healthy, and it’s been made clear in the press nobody wants him. But I would prefer the celtics resolve the Big man problem, with, or without him.

  • Terrence Williams just got waived. Pretty athletic guy who had couple nice games in NJN and then in Rockets didn’t have a chance to show his game.

  • Classless

    Jermaine O’Neal steals money daily from the Celtics. I’d rather have Vin Baker.