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Yet another reason why Paul Pierce is awesome

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 16, 2012 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Yet another reason why Paul Pierce is awesome

We keep hearing about how guys react to trade rumors…. think Pau Gasol in LA with his constant sulking.  Paul Pierce?  Total opposite.  Check out his reaction today, via Paul Flannery.

"If it was something that was going to better the Boston Celtics in the long run, I’d have been happy for them."

"They’ve done a lot for me in my career. There would have never been any hard feelings."

This is a guy who just gets it. 

Michael Jordan… Hakeem Olajuwon… Clyde Drexler… some of the greatest players of all time… and none finished their careers with their original teams.  It's a rare feat.  It's one that I so very much want Paul Pierce to accomplish.  But he knows it's out of his hands.  He knows how it all works.  And that all just makes me want him to stick around even more.

It's a hell of an example to Rajon Rondo, who is going through the same phase (I hope it's a phase) as Pierce.  Six or seven years ago, many Celtics fans didn't think Pierce was capable of being this kind of leader.  His behavior supported their claims.  He's changed.  He's a leader.  He's the captain.  The younger guys should be looking to him at this time and learning how to conduct themselves properly.

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  • Mike


  • too bad we couldn’t have surrounded him with better players for 1-2 more banners

  • Gixr1

    I’m a huge Paul Pierce fan. Grew up watching him, and have a ton of respect for his game and what he means to the Celtics. With that said I have watched him show up out for the season out of shape, and check out of games where he was a not a factor. Not sure he’s been the person the younger guys should be emulating this year.

  • Totally agree. He may not reach the legendary status of guys with more than one ring, but finishing his career a Celtic would still be a huge part of his legacy. I know it’s tough seeing these older guys’ bodies’ breakdown & watching them get old, but Pierce embodies what it is to be a Celtic. Ubuntu.