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Celtics mailed in the game, so I’m mailing in the recap

In a classic Celtics move, the boys in Green looked way past a bad team missing its best player and paid dearly for it.  Sacramento smoked the shit out of the Celtics tonight and they did it without Tyreke Evans. 

I started writing this post with about 4:30 left in the game because Marquis Daniels, JaJuan Johnson, Keyon Dooling, Sasha Pavlovic and Keyon Dooling are on the floor. 

The only guy who played remotedly well was Ray Allen.  The Celtics "defense" gave up 41 third quarter points.  The final score was a lot to a little… go here if you want the exact number.

I'll make the same joke that was flying around Twitter tonight… someone make up some trade rumors so these guys can play with an edge again.   

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  • Just zero defense. Only guy who did play D was Stiemsma. And I don’t know WTF crawled up Rajon’s ass, and I like Rondo, but he literally pouted the whole game. He sulked, kicked the ball once after a dumb foul, just looked like he was doing us a favor by showing-up at the arena. He’s gotta knock that crap off. But the team defense is the real culprit here. Layups, dunks, wide-open looks..just terrible. Sorry-I normally don’t get this negative, but we were on a full day’s rest tonight, and gave-up 41 points in 1 quarter to a lottery team. I bleed green, but I am thoroughly disappointed right now. Indiana and Philly both lost tonight too and we could’ve gained some ground. Damn.

  • when you’re right you’re right..and you..you’re right..
    when a guy who controls the ball as much as Rondo does doesn’t bring it..it effects the entire teams energy…clearly this game didnt have enough “juice” on it for him to care..he let Isaiah get to the basket at will early and that opened the flood gates..hopefully tomorrow night he is in a better mood seeing that Denver was off tonight (thanks NBA schedule makers) and played last night but at home and has 2 pg’s that can score

  • Here we go again with the immature, mail it in Rondo. I guess Ainge really does have to hold a sword over his head all year, every year. Rondo for Eric Gordon sure would be nice in the future….

  • C-2012

    Danny think this team can make another run for a championship. We can’t even beat the lowly kings. Maybe it’s because of the trading deadline is over now. These guys feel like they not going anywhere now. We don’t have to play hard. No defense at all the whole game. They just gave this game up. Maybe it’s to piss Danny off for trying to trade everyone on this team. Because there is no reason in the world to lose to bad team like the kings.

  • Alex

    The celtics got killed by the kings… Without their best player… Horrible defense and even worse performances from Rondo and Paul pierce. Something I noticed is pierce being extremely inconsistent as of late. He’s been looking like shit.

  • paul

    Ray got eaten alive on defense. He did not play remotely well.

  • keeping ray as 6th man next year is legit

  • i was there at the game, unfortunately, i didn’t feel it. the only celtic presence i felt were of the celtic fans in the arena… but of those who were wearing green and playing in the court… nada. at the start of the 4th quarter, the guy beside me was like, “are we really down by 20 points?!”. i just let out a sigh.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    So what’s new? Rondo being Rondo? He’s the “future leader” of the Celtics.. 🙁

  • Quest

    Seems like Danny not looking at getting this year’s Banner 18 but rather waiting for the salary cap and what is coming in the Draft and Free Agency for rebuilding this team starting next season.
    But you’d think pride alone would make the C’s fight through to at least make the game competitive.
    Getting so tired of Rondo “moods” like grow up already. Well I guess there is still the trade in the summer if Danny is fed up like everyone else is becoming.
    We are in the last stretch to the playoffs who really thinks that the C’s are even contenders anymore???
    The game was too brutal to watch all the way through so sorry to Misel who actually paid for a ticket and sat in the arena. I have league pass so just switched to watch real basketball.

  • Quest

    BTW luv your gif how appropriate. Should pass it forward to all the Celtic players.

  • Quest

    Just read Jackie Mac’s piece. Really respect what she has to say. Ray gone this off season to another Championship team searching for a ring I really think will happen. KG depending on how C’s end this yr resigns or goes same route as Ray looking for contending team that will sign him. KG is having a good year.
    Will Paul be patient enough to stick around through rebuilding process with young guys? Not sure I can see that happening. The way the C’s season have been playing it doesn’t hurt as much to see the breakup of the Big 3.
    Unless Rondo improves more can’t see him the center piece for Danny w/out the vets. But not sure what you do with him. Not much out there in Free Angency this summer.
    What do you think Redarmy?