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Report: Contenders making offers for Ray Allen

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 15, 2012 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Report: Contenders making offers for Ray Allen

The Celtics asking price for Ray has been young talent AND a first.  If desperate contenders feel the pressure of the trade deadline and give Danny his asking price, then I'll bet we've seen the last of Ray Allen in Boston.

Of course, there's no guarantee that will happen, but teams do get desperate the closer we get to 3:00.  Stay tuned.

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  • Noori

    I for one hope this does not happen, I am probably just too sentimental. I want the core to remain in tact.

  • Eric

    :'( Not Ray.. I love Ray Allen..

  • Anti

    leave it like it is, they gained rights to end their time with celtics on their terms

  • C’mon people… don’t you at least have to know the offer before saying No?

  • andrew

    Would have to be an offer of someone like OJ Mayo and a first rounder to even start thinking about it. Ray is too valuable. Teams know that. Trying to low ball Celtics to get him. I would be happy with just staying pat….just get Hickson from the kings and maybe Kaman either on a buyout pick up or trade j oneal, wilcox and another part for him.

  • ballin…

    Here’s goes trigger happy Ainge, about to hurt this team’s chemistry. If he’s serious about making one last run, then why trade Ray Allen? I’m done with Ainge!

  • Mike

    Well folks it was fun watching this core 4 play together, but Ainge’s ego will likely send Ray Allen to a contender, then ending the Big 3. I see a Kendrick Perkins style trade coming.

  • chachee

    f they can get a mid-late 1st rounder for him, i think they have to consider it. Maybe a team like Indiana or Atlanta would try to get him. That would give them 3 first round picks in this years STACKED draft (some analysts feel this might be the best draft since 2003). They will not win this year and they are not in the running for dwight howard. shedding the $$ off the cap is great but after dwight, there’s no true max contract guy in the free agent class that would fill the celtics needs. The only way this team is going to get better, is through the draft. Maybe they could parlay 3 first rounders into a top 5 pick? It’s better to get something for Ray (especially a 1st), then get nothing and have him walk away after the season and sign with another team. WE’RE NOT WINNING THE TITLE THIS YEAR!!! If you’re sentimental about trading him, how sentimental will you be when he signs with another team next year??

  • Lee in Oregon

    Guys, this team isn’t in the hunt, they’re not ‘making one last run’…..have you watched them this year? We all love Ray, DA included, but this is not a championship team. At this point, it’s about making the future less painful.

  • Pete

    Ray has said repeatedly that he wants to retire in Boston. He does not want to move his family again and he does not want to take his son out of the good scenario he has in Bos with his medical issues. I think Ray only goes to another team if traded, and then he likely retires after this season. If the Cs don’t resign him I see him retiring.. that said I think he takes the hometown discount to stay in Boston next year.