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Recap: C’s hold on to beat Warriors

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 15, 2012 Uncategorized 30 Comments on Recap: C’s hold on to beat Warriors

Kevin garnett hook shot against golden stateAP Photo

Ok, so I was a little off about how this game would go.  At least I got the part about the win right.  The Celtics played some pretty terrible basketball for a good portion of this game, but they got the 105-103 win.

KG was the hero tonight.  24 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists for the Big Ticket, who canned a long jumper with 5 seconds left to give the C's the lead. Nate Robinson, who torched the C's for 20 points and 11 assists, took an off balance three with 3 seconds left and the Warriors down 2.  In the end, Nate just couldn't resist being Nate.  You just KNOW he so badly wanted to do the wing flap thing after beating his old team.  

Other notes:

  • Paul Pierce struggled.  15 points on 5-17 shooting and 6 turnovers that negated his 6 assists.  
  • Ray Allen was no better:  2-7 shooting for 7 points.  He did have 4 steals and just 1 turnover, but that was a bad turnover at the wrong time.  Also… he's a problem defensively.  He's not what he used to be.
  • Rajon Rondo was ok. He was responsible for some of Nate's success… though some of it was also caused by him having to cover his teammates' asses and getting pulled out of position.  He had 14 assists to go along with 8 points and 6 rebounds.
  • Brandon Bass had a great night offensively with 22 points.  He also had 9 rebounds.  But he was a -1, which is the result of some problems he continues to have on the defensive end. 
  • Greg Stiemsma was solid off the bench with 8 points and 8 rebounds in 17 minutes.  He also had a block.

The Celtics get a day off and then they play Sacramento.  If they get a win there, they have a shot at a winning road trip. 

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  • Also Pietrus helped a lot with 5-6 from beyond the arc

  • At least they didn’t lose. Good to see Pietrus finally get some shots to fall. For some reason the Warriors always play well against the C’s.

  • Rajon was just “ok”. I have to say though that he had two FANTASTIC plays; the behind-the-back from 20 ft. away pass, and then that touch pass late in the game. The story here though was the lack of effort. C’s just looked sloppy and were letting GSW get anything they wanted down low. Layup after layup after dunk after layup. Pietrus’ lights-out shooting kept us in this in the first. We were very, very fortunate to steal this one. KG came-up big with shot after shot tonight. The C’s def were not “up” for this one. A win is a win though. Loved how in the postgame interview KG said the team would be glad when “this trade crap is over.” So will we..

  • Yes… I can’t believe I looked past his shooting. Pietrus was big early

  • Paul

    Man, I’m not gonna try to fend off the Haters tonight. Rondo made Nate look truly Great. And that grates. Ugh. If Robinson had been hitting his threes, we would have lost by ten, and the Rondo Birds would be tearing Rondo’s guts out, and it would be hard to say they were wrong.

  • RyanH

    If bass had caught that one bunny in the last few minutes it woulda been less tense. Still gotta love the win, KG being clutch, and THE PASS to Ray. Hated the matador D, but teams like Golden State coax you into running and trading buckets.

  • Just watched Tyreke Evans roll his ankle pretty badly- no way he’s gonna go Friday eve in Sactown.

  • Erin

    Defense was bad; kept trading points, no stops, and they were escorting everyone who went into the paint. I winced when Nate hit the layup that tied the game. The momentum NEVER shifted in our favor till the last min. We were lucky to win this. And I have to say Bass and Pietrus = best pickup this season. At this point, I’m not even going to complain if they sign Sheed…….

  • 2nd year in a row that i watched @ the oracle, the C’s win =)) will keep the streak alive on friday in sacramento woohoo!

  • I was at the game too! Got a great seat and KG happened to see my big banner with his upcoming historical numbers. He actually stared at it for a while and then played super well in the second half when he was facing my seat. I was so deeply touched by him as he responded to all the fans’ support in such a positive way.
    It was a great game entertainment-wise–I had a lot of fun at the Oracle arena. Apparently all the Warriors fans surrounding me thought I was over-reacting to the Celtics win and I was literally screaming “Let’s go Celtics” in every possession in the second half. I love how upset the Warriors fans were (Sorry to all the Warriors fans–Warriors is my second favorite team behind Celtics..) when they witnessed how clutch and influential KG could be.
    It was a ugly game though skill-wise. We had no inner presence at all and the Warriors players were dunking on us and destroying the basket. Defense was terrible too.
    Surprised how tight the game was considering no Stephon Curry or Monta Ellis was playing for Warriors. It could have been a lot worse.

  • yeah, good seat for me too. there was a guy behind me who had christmas lights around his neck and kept yelling “KG!” during the warmup, (he had a really loud voice, i think you could hear him from the other side of the court haha), and KG actually acknowledged him, like, gave him a salute or sumthin’, and then he went, “DID YOU SEE THAT??!” he was ecstatic =)) then he saw that i was holding a rondo light panel, so he started yelling “RONDO!” but i told him, “nah, rondo won’t look”. he kept yelling, but to no avail. finally he gave up and told me, “rondo’s just being shy”. wahaha =))
    as for the game, honestly, all i remember was KG’s last shot. everything that happened before and after that was all a blur. =)) i’ll just watch the recap to refresh my memory haha.

  • James Eisenman

    There you go again, Red’s Army. Rondo was not okay tonight. His defense was putrid. He could not stay within 3 yards of Nate all night long. Nate went by him, over and over again, like he was standing still. Yes, Ray got chewed up by Thompson, but late in the game, he didn’t hurt us. Nate scored at will, in the 4th quarter and got his teammates open for a few shots when Rondo lost him and the big guys had to come cover for him. I’m just hoping I’ll wake up tomorrow and the Rondo nightmare will be over. But, alas, probably not.

  • And I’m leaving out the multiple 4th quarter turnovers by Rondo because everyone seemed to be doing that. Thank God for Brandon, Stiemsma, KG and Pietrus.

  • Go peddle your garbage on a Laker website where you have comrades who agree with you. I even saw your troll offspring come on this blog to defend you. I’m a Celtic and I’m loyal. Nothing about this season has gone right. The writing is on the wall, I know what to expect this April. Your just trying to make a scapegoat out of Rondo.
    If it’s really championship or bust for, how did you cope for 2 decades without a title? Oh….there was no internet forum back then for you to hide behind.

  • Do you automatically blame Rondo for his man scoring? Because if you watched the replays last night, Donny Marshall and Mike Gorman did a great job explaining how not only Rondo, but Bass and even KG at one point, did a horrible job on the screen and roll.

  • The Cs had a slew of 4th quarter turnovers, led by Garnett’s 3. Rondo had 2 for the game and zero in the 4th.
    What game are you watching?!?!?!

  • Point Larusso

  • I’m thinking of going to one of those payday advance are they any good? Can’t wait to see the Line vs sack town

  • Hilarious…

  • Mike

    Rondo had ZERO 4th quarter TO’s.
    Your willingness to blame rondo for everything that goes wrong with this team is really annoying.

  • I’ll look back at the 4th quarter on the tape again for the turnovers but the defense part is clear. I don’t automatically blame Rondo when his man scores. Only when it’s his fault. I was trained to play defense fundamentally. Obviously Rondo wasn’t. Avery plays fundamental defense. Butt down, balanced, chest forward, slide your feet from side to side. Rondo is standing upright , unbalaced with no intensity. As a result, a quick guard like Nate leaves him in the dust. Nate did it off picks (that Rondo could never get through but Avery did most of the time). He did it on the open floor. Over and over again. This is not KG or Bass’ fault. He did beat Avery too, once or twice but once was forced to take an incredible shot over KG. BGMCK, you have the tape. PLEASE, instead of criticizing me, run back each of Nate’s scores, even his non-scores, when Rondo was guarding him. Focus on where Rondo was. You’ll see, time and again, Rondo flat-footed and unbalaced and Nate beating him by 3 feet. I’m not a troller or a Lakers’ fan. I HATE the Lakers and always have. I just can’t stand it when people excuse Rondo for blatant defensive screw ups simply because they don’t understand what good defense is or are such a fan, they won’t critically assess him. And because they have a pre-existing mindset, won’t go back and critically reassess what they saw. I’m willing to admit I may have been wrong about the 4th Quarter turnovers and will look at the 4th again but will you isolate his defense? If you did, give me 5 minutes and a pointer and I’m sure I would convince you.

  • Mini Dream Shake, “my troll offspring” is 13 years old and, if you said that to my face, your calling him that would probably be what you remembered when you came to. He has the ability to watch the games with me and have me reverse the tape to explain the plays. Apparently, your troll father never took the time to teach you about defensive fundamentals. Perhaps, if he did, you would not be so rude and so DUMB!

  • Point Eisenman!!!

  • You never answered my question. HOW DID YOU COPE AS A FAN FOR 22 YEARS WITHOUT A CHAMPIONSHIP? In a shortenned season where all the factors are against us, you blame one player for all the wrong. You’re obviously a biased troll. I would blame Danny Ainge, he picked up bad contracts for Rasheed, Shaq, Jermaine and over-paid Pierce’s new deal. James, you should balance out your critism of this team. Assign some blame to Keeyon for sucking, maybe Pierce for his untimely turnovers aswell. Ray Allen isn’t as hot as he was last year. We have big leads when he goes for 35. Blame Garnett for not avergaing 10 rpg. The whole team is to blame for getting out-rebounded everynight. Seems like every missed shot goes to the opposition. But unlike you I can look on the bright side. Thank god we signed Pietrus, Jeff Green was a huge bummer to start off a crappy season. The whole team isn’t playing well at 23-19. As the great Kevin Garnett once said, “not playing golf….not playing tennis, it’s a team game.”

  • Since you probably won’t do it, I found a recap of last night’s game. This does not isolate Nate and Rondo only but, in 3 separate clips, it shows Rondo exactly as I described to you. First, at 1:01 of the tape, Jenkins beats Rondo on the open floor because Rondo is off balance, gets all alone to the middle, Celtics big comes over to Jenkins and Jenkins passes to Warrior big underneath for dunk. Rondo’s fault. Next, at 1:34, steal occurs by Nate. Rondo, instead of heading down the court with Nate, makes flailing attempt at stealing the ball from behind as Nate leads fast break for the score while Rondo is planted at his end of the court. Next, at 1:56, Nate gets Rondo off-balance at the free throw line, drives to the basket and beats him by 3 feet and dunks. These are just 3 isolated plays. There are dozens more, if you did what I said. Here it is.
    So, please, all of you, don’t criticize me for things you miss when you watch a game. I am a Celtics fan, through and through, but that does not mean I have to be blind to blatant laziness and lack of fundamentals. I guess I’m stuck with him for the rest of the season. I’m not happy but I’ll root for his success anyway. God, I wish I had an hour with this kid to teach him how to play real defense, so he could actually deserve his totally undeserved “All-Defensive First Team” award again.

  • You’re isolating my comments. I didn’t and don’t blame Rondo for everything that has gone wrong with the team. Reds Army posted that “Rajon Rondo was ok. He was responsible for some of Nate’s success… though some of it was also caused by him having to cover his teammates’ asses and getting pulled out of position.” This was just totally untrue. So, I was commenting on this aspect alone. Of course, there is a lot of blame to go around for this season. KG, for all of his savior plays, turned the ball over 3 times in crunch time. I’m criticizing Rondo for lack of defensive effort by Rondo. This is not a turnover or a mistake. (And when I critize Rondo for turnovers, it’s only when he opts for the spectacular over the straightforward and he turns it over). Turnovers happen to everyone. Yes, Paul has become very sloppy on the dribble as of late and I wish he wouldn’t do that. But that’s an error in judgment. It’s not refusing to improve an improvable part of your game. You know what I did for the 20 years in the desert? I rooted for my team WHILE I was complaining about Antoine Walker playing exactly the same type of defense as Rondo. He trolled for steals and didn’t stay with his man and, with my trusty VCR, I would reverse the tape to see how the opposing players would get wide open, again and again, for uncontested 3’s. And most of the time, I would curse, “Effin’ Antoine Walker. Guard your man!” Bird was slow on his feet and guys beat him on the open floor. I never complained. He did the best he could do. Rondo is one of the quickest players on the floor. No one should ever beat him on the open floor if he was playing fundamental defense. But he doesn’t. Thank God Danny signed Brandon Bass. I rooted for Baby despite his shortcomings because he tried hard. But I have been overjoyed that Danny made that deal. Brandon Bass is a stud.

  • Oh, and I accept your apology for calling my 13 year old a “troll offspring” Oh, I guess I missed that. You didn’t apologize.

  • So, I reviewed the 4th Quarter and, what I was counting as turnovers, were not technically turnovers by Rondo. I also looked at the defensive issues. Here is my unrefutable analysis.
    8:54 Rondo makes a bad pass after making a questionable drive to the basket, resulting in a bobbled catch by Bass and, therefore, a 24-second violation.
    5:25 Rondo is playing several feet off of Nate so he can’t get around the pick. This leads to an assist and score.
    3:50 Rondo beat in open court by Nate for shot.
    2:59 Rondo several feet off of Nate, Nate goes to the basket and scores.
    2:30 Rondo beaten to the basket by Nate but Nate misses. However, the reason that Nate misses is because Rondo is staying close to Nate here and Nate has to put up more of an awkward shot.
    2:17 Rondo takes a bad shot under the basket but Bass gets rebound. Forgiveable mistake.
    1:12 Rondo throws a bounce pass through the middle to a wide open Bass but the bounce pass is too high and Bass bobbles it. It’s a turnover, but probably charged to Bass because he bobbled it. I saw it as Rondo’s fault though.
    1:02 Rondo is at least 5 feet off of Nate. As a result, he gets picked off by Lee. True that KG doesn’t jump off on Nate in time but it wouldn’t have happened if Rondo was up on his man, playing Avery defense. Nate scores.
    :31 Rondo is again 5 feet off of Nate. As a result, he almost runs into Bass and falls behind Nate. Nate goes to basket and scores.
    So, I admit that technically, I was wrong about the turnovers although I see why I thought what I did. He is playing far too off of Nate though and we pay as a result. I will admit, however, as I watched the 4th quarter again, Rondo’s passing overall was, for the most part, excellent. He had some great assists and, perhaps, my pre-existing mindset overshadowed what I perceived. There, I admit it. How come you guys never do? Plus, at least in the 4th quarter, there were no instances of Rondo getting beaten because he was covering up for anyone else, This was the quote of Reds Army that I was posting about.

  • Read my replies to BGMCK and Mini Dream Shake and maybe you won’t be so annoyed.

  • Oh I saw that part at the beginning of the game. KG was pointing to him and waving to him and all of that. It was very cool!
    There was also a Celtics fan behind me and he was super loud too. I think he’s Paul Pierce fan because he was only cheering for PP (I was cheering for everyone so in the first half they thought I was rooting for Brandon Bass–a Warriors fan in front me asked me why I was so interested in Brandon Bass..
    It was weird as I don’t really remember how the last shot happened until I watched the recap. I was just too nervous at that stage I guess. KG was shooting extraordinarily well throughout the game including the warmup. He missed only one shot and one 3 point as I was watching very closely for his shootout and counted every basket he was making.
    Ray, on the other hand, was super cold. He was missing all the shots in the warmup and that truly surprised me.
    I went to the car park and got to see KG too and he waved to me to acknowledge my support. Super super exciting.
    I have a banner that I made with the record and on the back I collected a lot of the support from China. It took me forever to finish but I have no regret holding it up all night–all my Chinese friends are very appreciative and excited as if they had seen the game!