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Jermaine wants a buyout to go play in Miami

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 15, 2012 Uncategorized 22 Comments on Jermaine wants a buyout to go play in Miami

Jermaine O'Neal is desperate for a title.  The chances of doing that in Boston have shrunk significantly… in part because he, himself can't stay on the floor long enough to provide the help down low the Celtics desperately need. 

So since he's not good or healthy enough to help the Celtics, he's got another plan in mind, apparently.!/WojYahooNBA/status/180337134878724096!/WojYahooNBA/status/180338954829176832

Twitter / @WojYahooNBA: O'Neal has strong interest … via kwout

That's pretty ballsy.  Jermaine O'Neal was going to be a key component to the C's this year because the Celtics need his defense and rebounding ability.  However, those abilities aren't always there, hurting the C's chances of doing anything significant in the playoffs.  So apparently he figures sitting in Miami's training room rather than the C's training room would be better. 

I say send him to Toronto for a conditional 2nd round pick.  I don't care if we never get that pick.  I just want him to go somewhere he'll hate.  Charlotte works too.  

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  • He should pay the Celtics back the salary he’s collected. Even then I think Danny should send him to the Maine red claws for a rehab assignment.

  • what a POS, he was never committed -now he can play, but only for heat, ballsy

  • IF this is true, (sources say), that is lame by JO. What about taking charges and playing for the team.. does he want to go because he was asked to do things he doesn’t want to like crash boards and play D? He only did that in spurts anyway.

  • fuck him asshole

  • Noori

    What a leech, send him to the bobcats

  • Someone should tell JO titles ain’t free. That’s a pretty dick move to abandon a team so you can go to a rival and let them win you a ring you won’t contribute to.

  • Alex

    I honestly can’t believe this is true…
    How could someone actually say that publicly… to be injured and moved to a winning team in order to get a free championship ring.
    Danny needs to trade this guy to a bad team.

  • chachee

    3 weeks ago, the comments on this board about the supposed JO for Beasley trade, were all praise for JO’s ability to play “stout” defense and how the C’s shouldn’t trade him for someone like Beasley. haha. one rumor comes out about a buyout and everyone starts throwing stones. this is a business, get over it. if the c’s don’t buy him out, whatever team he’s traded to, will buy him out.

  • aaron

    only if the red claws can trade him for antoine walker, i dont want to watch jo here in portland

  • I hope he does go to miami, he’s a fucking boat anchor. Best case he gets packaged and sent to the maloofs, bought out for bus fare and then steals a roster spot on the heat. Because Pat Riley really really really wants him back. What a tool.

  • Noori

    Im pretty sure Doc knows all of the MANY MANY weaknesses of JO, so let him go to the Heat to our advantage lol

  • KY Celts fan

    well said.

  • Even if he wanted to take is “eroded talents to South Beach” for free…JO is delusional if he thinks Pat Riley is the least bit interested.
    He dumped JO`s ass in 2010.

  • what a douche stain

  • Sam

    Well I certainly hope we’re getting something in return if he does end up on South Beach anyway…
    I reckon the Heat will first wait and see if the Hornets buy out Kaman though..

  • I’m with some of the other commenters-calling BS until I hear it from him..

  • I got $5, anyone else wanna chip in?

  • paul

    Wow. That really takes the cake. I say dump his azz to New Orleans.

  • paul

    I love how folks aways say ‘it’s just a business’ when they want to justify someone being an azz.

  • Quest

    Luv your comment on O’Neal. At least Shaq gave it his best shot.

  • sev

    ainge was supposed to check out the status of JO and Wilcox tuesday…obviously I know about wilcox but nothing about JO….is he even healthy…did danny say something to him that made him decide he didn’t want to play for the celtics cause his feelings were hurt….will he forgo surgery only for a guarantee at a title like in miami…or is the fact that doc said bass was gonna take his starting spot regardless of JO’s health or maybe he reads all the hate celtics fans have been writing about him(deservedly so), but either way he must realize he can’t do shit with Miami anyhow..Could also be his role on the celtics….taking a couple extra jump shots to take his scoring to 8-10 points may mean a lot to him….hes not gonna feel the love anywhere when he can barely move

  • Erin

    Come on guys. This isn’t news. Have you forgotten this??!/SherrodbCSN/status/145360371438469120 Instead, Perk got the axe and his ass was saved.
    This season, same BS quote? I don’t think it’s a coincidence. On the other hand, Miami is no fool. Why would Pat Riley use his precious cap space to fulfill JO’s retirement wish? Tough call.