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Danny and Doc were right: The Celtics did nothing

TumbleweedsThe NBA trade deadline has passed and the Celtics did NOT make a major move (at this hour, we haven't heard word of a minor move).

Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will all be wearing Celtic green for the rest of the season.

There was a completely false Twitter report that the Clippers backed out of a deal that would have sent Ray Allen to Los Angeles for a Eric Bledsoe and a 1st round pick.

SI's Chris Mannix reported "interest in Paul Pierce picked up today but Boston's asking price (first round pick, expiring contract) was too high."

There's still time for a minor deal to trickle in. Maybe something involving Marquis Daniels for a yet-to-be-named big man.

New Orleans was unable to move center Chris Kaman. If they decide to buy-out the remaining money on his $14 million contract, the Celtics would be interested. So would the Heat, Spurs and many other teams.

There was plenty of action across the league. Portland gutted its roster and fired coach Nate McMillan. The Lakers acquired Ramon Sessions and dumped Kobe's buddy – Derek Fisher. Crazy Stephen Jackson is going to San Antonio. 

As for the Celtics, I'm excited about watching this team have one last stand.

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  • chachee

    Danny is smart for not panicking and pulling the trigger. If there was ever a more meaningless regular season, this is it. Teams are gearing up for the playoffs. I think the stress of being on the “block”, should go away with a few of these guys and we’ll start to see some more inspired play (not that they were lacking it). Also, this will be the first time in a long time that the C’s can finally have some financial flexibility going into the offseason. Doesn’t mean they have to make a move or sign anyone (Mayo, Gordon) to big contracts. In 2 years, the free agent market will be much better. Not to mention, this years draft is solid. I’m actually really glad that the C’s remained silent and held their position. Danny’s getting a lot BS from some supposed “fans” about not doing anything. In my opinion, his best move, was to not do anything at all.

  • Glad the deadline’s over. SO fu**ing tired of the rumors and especially the DHoward circus.

  • paul

    Thank god the idiot didn’t do anything stupid this time.

  • agreed, now shut the blinds and break out the vet min contracts.

  • So i guess we’re punting next year then, with all this cap space and nobody of value to sign. They really really hope they don’t re-up Allen and Garnett again

  • We’re punting next season anyways. Nobody of value was available to us through trade.

  • chachee

    i agree. Dwight might actually one-up Lebron for the most horrible PR moves. this kid has no idea what he’s doing. i’m still surprised that the Lakers gave up a first rounder, in this year’s draft, for Sessions. they filled a need but that’s a steep cost. Even with this trade, i don’t think they get past the Thunder.

  • Indeed…I still think the Thunder could use one more vet scorer/leader, but they have what it takes to beat the Fakers this year..

  • KY Celts fan

    the rumors stop for now. They’ll start right back up again in July.

  • Danno

    So we’re going with big money free agent signings next year? We should have tons of cap space. Awesome, right?
    Name one big, Top 15-20 difference making free agent player signing by the Celtics in the last 30 years?
    Ok, Let’s try that again,
    Name one big, Top 15-20 difference making free agent player signing by the Celtics… EVER?
    No one that good is coming here as a free agent. No one ever has. Great players only end up in Boston by being forced to be here, through trades and drafting. It’s not a market anyone wants to come to, let alone, one that big name superstars with title aspirations want to come to. It’s a small, backwards, townie-mentality, still-kinda-racist city with nothing of value to offer an aspiring superstar player. The weather sucks. There’s no entertainment other than sports. The best restaurants are all chain garbage. You can’t become a movie star. You won’t be seen with movie stars or rappers, ever. There’s nothing here for the top 20 NBA superstars to look forward to, except Money. And they are going to get that anywhere they go.
    Welcome to a redux of 1987-2007.
    At least we have all of Rondo’s Sportscenter highlight reel around the back passes of the night to Jeff Green for the oop, in a 10 point loss to Miami to look forward to for the next 10 years. Maybe. If Jeff ever plays again.

  • Probably even sooner w/this club..will be an interesting summer to say the least.

  • What NBA player DOES know what he’s doing when it comes to PR these days? Respectable superstars are hard to find. Amar’e Stoudemire, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Kevin Love… am I missing anybody? There’s a lot just below the superstar level like the Big Four, a few washed up superstars, etc. But there’s not a lot of players truly on that level that have good PR sense (and sources say Dwight specifically said he didn’t want to turn into LeBron!)

  • chachee

    They’ve never had the financial flexibility to lure a top tier free agent, while having decent talent on the team to surround that person with. Think about it, when was the last time the C’s could sit back and say, “ok, we don’t have any horrible contracts. we’re not eating anyone’s contract while their not playing (Rasheed, Jermaine, Vin Baker, etc).” They’re in a good position to make a move in the future. Also, they’ve NEVER had a decent point guard like Rondo, in the last 25 years (Billups doesn’t count because he wasn’t the player he became, and Kenny Anderson was well past his prime). The Pierce years were filled with horrible contracts and middle of the pack, homegrown talent because they were too stubborn and would always get knocked out of the playoffs in the first or second round.
    I wouldn’t go so far to say that the C’s will never bring in talent via free agency. You play 41 home and 41 away. Boston isn’t exactly Milwaukee. The fan base is great and people are passionate. Besides, there’s only 3 places to go if you want the entertainment crowd – LA, NY, Miami. It’s not like Boston is the only area where there are no celebrities.

  • 1987-2007 happened for for a few reasons, most notably the deaths of Reggie Lewis and Len Bias. The Celtics were starting to transition to a new team and a new generation when tragedy struck.
    The resulting personnel mess was a desperate attempt to stay relevant and build around some minor success with Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce.
    The Lewis/Bias element, despite any similarities people may want to draw between Wilcox/Green, is not an element in this rebuilding process.
    Further. The cap space IS important, because it eliminates the need to match salaries in a trade. Even if we say you’re correct in that no free agents want to come here, the Celtics now can offer other assets for players without having to match salaries in a trade. It’s an important tool for Danny Ainge if he wants to take on a guy that has gotten too expensive for other teams.
    This IS a rebuildig process. The Celtic will very likely not be very good next year. But we’re not facing a prolonged, 20-year malaise. That’s an overreaction.

  • Exactly. It could be a FA, or it could be a trade because we’re under the cap. And the cap is important; if we wanted to ‘trade’ for a combo of, say, a PF and a SG (KG and Ray?), we have that ability to pay them and only send 1st and 2nd yr players in return because we can absorb their salary under the cap.

  • Danno

    I wasn’t saying it was GOING to be a 20 year drought. What I said was because no trades were made, we will be at that level of competitiveness for the foreseeable future. The cap space only helps in trades if you already have assets other teams desire in the first place. We really have none, which is why Danny made no moves.
    It is not as bad a bungle as the Pitino years, granted. But I don’t understand keeping players like Dooling, Pavlovic, Daniels and JO and Wilcox’s contracts past today without getting something for them from a desperate team. I would have been happy with Camby. We got nothing.

  • Sure, Camby would have helped, but he’s gone after this year too and he’s not exactly guaranteed to stay healthy the rest of the year either.
    I hear what you’re saying, but I think the value of the cap space is more important than some people realize. Of course, it’s only valuable when you do something good with it… and that’s obviously yet to be seen.

  • Quest

    No Trades…Danny waiting for free cap space and Fee Agency July 1st?

  • chachee

    trading Daniels would get us a conditional 2nd round pick, which would most likely dissolve its a top 50 protected pick. So, essentially we’d be giving him away for free. He’s worth more in the locker room than to give him away. Jermaine is injured and he has an expiring contract. no sense in trading him to assume a multiple year contract. plus, what team would give up an expiring for an expiring if that player is hurt? makes no sense. Pavlovic is a decent defender and he can help out for foul trouble. realistically, would we trade Pavlovic straight up for an upgrade? Probably not. That leads us to Dooling, who is our only back up point guard. I’m not a big fan of Dooling but he can hit the three and i’d rather see him dribble the ball up the court, when Rondo’s on the bench, than Avery Bradley. Again, who’s the upgrade over Dooling in a straight up deal? I understand the frustration but there’s not a move out there that puts this team into serious contention. Just hope they catch a break when the playoffs start. Don’t rule out post-deadline buyouts.

  • Tyler

    No Trades? Just a year off again Danny! Last year we traded Perkins for someone who does not even play anymore. Now when we should make moves to help set up pieces for the future but sit on our ass. What good is cap space when not a single top of the line free agent will sign in Boston. Thanks a lot Danny. Now I hope a 22 year drought is the minimum wait for another title.

  • He’s not an idiot. You spend so much time calling out haters then beat up on the GM who brought Boston two Finals appearances and Title number 17…

  • People here starting to get on my nerves. Other teams were trying to fleece Ainge today. He said “no thanks”. Today Ainge is a hero.
    This Summer Ainge put us under cap to be a big player in the DH sweepstakes. Unfortunately he OPTED IN with Orlando for one more year. That still doesn’t mean that Boston can’t get one great player then compete next year for another or trade.
    People here acting like it’s easy to play GM. Like OTHER teams will just bend over backwards for the C’s. Being a GM is a thankless job. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. Please.

  • Kricky

    Blazers just waived Chris Johnson. Remember him? Long and athletic. Blocks shots and could run with Rondo on the break (like Wilcox did on occasion). He’d be a good pickup for us to give us some depth at the 4 or 5 spot.

  • +1. Also the C’s have Doc Rivers, a players coach who is well respected in the league.

  • Yeah! Buy out Wilcox for him!

  • er also gotta wait first for the eventual Kamen buy out. Ah fuck it. Buy out Jermaine and get Kamen if he’ll come here.

  • Thank you. People need to get off danny’s ass. Nobody else pulled off huge moves today.
    Sometimes there really isn’t anything at the garage sale worth buying.

  • KY Celts fan

    Gosh, I’m gonna estimate that about 65% of Boston fans are whiny little bitches. There’s definitely a chunk of good ones, but it’s not too hard to see why Pitino got frustrated with attitude amongst the city.

  • RyanH

    I like Danny staying with what we have. Perhaps if we can add some big bodies off of the waver wire I’ll feel better, but it’s not as if we play in a division with Andrew Bynum, The Gasols, or Lamarcus. Hold on to those picks, because Josh Smith wants out of ATL and they’re straddling the cap line with him, horford and johnsons albatross of a contract.
    More than anything else, I like giving this team the final run that they have earned. They’re playing with heart since the all-star break, pietrus bass and avery are looking like contributors. Other than Thibodeau, Doc will not be outcoached and our players will not be outsmarted. If we go out, we’re going down swinging with the pride of champions.

  • biff pocoroba

    …the pride of champions (once, a long, long time ago…)

  • Even after a 4-8 start I’ve been of the opinion Danny would not trade any of the brand names unless it was for a top 10-20 rated player or #1’s or both. It’s probably why Ray is not an out going Celtic tonight. The same holds true for potential incoming targets like Kamen and Wallace. NJ was able to offer Portland a likely top ten #1 + cap space where we could not, and as it turns out the contracts of JO, Dooling, Wilcox and the rest of our bench were not of any value rendering a trade for Kamen or even Hickson moot.
    So I disagree on the value of cap space. Under the new CBA teams are mandated to spend 85% or more next season, which translates to about 52m. Now that Howard has decided to stay put for another season, and D. Will is likely opting out, heading to Dallas, cap space is not such an enviable position to be in considering the free agent pool this off season is soft, and teams like NJ, Portland and NO have oodles of room to spend as well.
    In Portland’s case they now have the ability to sign Batum to 10m+/yr deal, ample cap room and a potential top ten pick. We may have cap space, but we don’t have a pair of players like Batum and Alridge playing into their prime … and, I’m not sure Rondo alone will be enough to lure top tier FA’s in years to come.

  • Classless

    I would trade this entire team for all the ping pong balls so we can draft Anthony Davis

  • I was thinking the same thing. Hard to believe! Danny’s probably guilty for not bringing five Rondos on the court.. 😉

  • James Eisenman

    Pitino? Yeah, when you’re as awful a professional coach and general manager as Rick Pitino was, I bet you get frustrated when the fans want to send you back to the college level. The Celtics should reinstate their Pitino constant full court press, which worked like a charm. Oy!