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Rumor: Celtics still pursuing Kaman

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 14, 2012 Uncategorized 17 Comments on Rumor: Celtics still pursuing Kaman

A first round pick and what, is the question.  

Kaman makes $14 million dollars and his contract is expiring after this year.  So sending back a bunch of bad expiring deals (O'Neal, Quis, Wilcox if he can't play) means nothing to New Orleans.  They want draft picks… and the question becomes are they going to trade a first round pick for a 30 year-old center?  I thought we wanted to go younger.

Kaman's a good player.  But I just don't see a scenario that works.  I dunno.. maybe Danny does.  That's why I'm not an NBA GM.  

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  • Danno

    I do not like this Sam I Am.

  • Matt

    It was reported today that New Orleans would take a 2nd round pick for Kaman. They just want to unload him. So O’Neal, Wilcox, Dooling and Johnson and 1-2 Second rounders for Kaman would work just fine. They can dump O’Neal, Wilcox and Dooling and keep Johnson.

  • I wouuld hope Danny wouldn’t include any of the limited young talent we have (JaJuan, Avery) for this dude.

  • I like it for a pick, jo, and EM

  • Danno

    Dwight is not saying he won’t Opt out.
    Suddenly, NJ needs to dump Deron Since he will leave in July without Dwight.
    I think this works nicely:

  • Danno

    *now saying he won’t opt out. *fat fingers*

  • If I had to keep just one of the kids it’d be Avery. Kaman is a nice big man though, and at only 30, could be a part of future plans, certainly a huge improvement over JO.

  • Danno

    Leon Powe left Atleticos de San German after four games (7.3ppg, 3.5rpg). As per Atleticos de San German coach he has an opportunity in NBA… 4 minutes ago
    I went to Game 2 of the 2008 Finals. I would welcome this.

  • Would be an upgrade. Yes-Bradley has established himself as a decent defender & his jumper/offensive game his improved also. He'd be my choice as the guy to hold-on to as well..

  • Not a chance. Danny Ainge and Bradley are practically dating.

  • Me too. Game 2 was the pinnacle of my sports attendance life. I somehow got 2 tix for $200.00 and sat next to a douche in a Kobe jersey.

  • KY Celts fan

    Great. Which means we have to listen to this shit for another year.

  • Danno

    I sat in my seats in section 319. Greatest live sports attendance of my life. Leon putting up 21 in a Finals game left a pretty big impression.

  • Didn’t that same report say he was out of shape and still injured?
    A healthy Powe would be a great fill, but another medical patient we don’t need.

  • Phil Jackson just called….Are you referring to “Leon POW”?

  • KWAPT get rid of bradley and KD if you can sign Chirs Quinn or anyone who can shoot or pass

  • Chris Quinn?? Have another shot Jester.. unless you meant Chris KAMAN. In that case, have another shot anyways.