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Report: Celtics offered Pierce to Portland

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 14, 2012 Uncategorized 15 Comments on Report: Celtics offered Pierce to Portland

RUMOR MILLColor me skeptical… but's out there.

While Boston Celtics boss Danny Ainge has said Rajon Rondo will not be traded, he is still actively seeking offers for members of the Big Three. The Celtics offered Paul Pierce to Portland — I'm not sure what they asked for in return — but the Blazers were not interested because of the two years and $32 million remaining on Pierce's contract.

First of all… this is Chris Broussard… so this entire thing could be wrong.  To paraphrase Stan Van Gundy yesterday, these guys have a great job.  They can be wrong 99% of the time and still have jobs. 

Like most other deals, I'm not sure what would make sense in a Pierce-to-Portland trade.  Let's make the leap of faith and say Broussard is right… the Celtics probably asked for a ridiculous deal. Still, I can't find anything that make sense.

About 16 hours to go until this BS ends for about a month or two.  

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  • asked for lamarcus i bet

  • Lee in Oregon

    Outside of Lamarcus Aldrige, Nick Batum, & Wes Mathews, there’s nobody on that roster that interests me.

  • s

    They didn’t ask for anything because this didn’t happen.

  • joova

    I get that Ainge isn’t loyal, but why on earth would he offer Pierce to Portland? If this is from Chris Broussard, then it might be suspect rumors. Danny Ainge can’t be that crazy unless he wants to get chased out of Boston.
    If he trades any of the Big 3 or Pierce, then I’m waving the white-flag. I rather the core Big 4 together finish the remainder of the regular season, then rebuild next season.
    If any of the Big 3 are traded, not sure how I’ll feel about this team anymore.


    Loyalty!!? This is a business if your a farmer and your horses get to old to get the work done on the farm what do you say, I’m going to keep them around for ever even though they don’t get the job done anymore? He need to get something back in return so that we don’t go through another 10 years of shit!! I trust Ainge and any decision he makes. Before Ainge all moves made did not get us anywhere!!

  • We`re talkin` Paul Pierce….I don`t want to believe Danny can be this “cold”.

  • This is actually embarrasing
    …..for ainge…and for portalnd to not want pierce to have space to sign nicolas batum?! are you kidding me?
    The only player on portland worth talking is lamarcus aldridge and that would just be dumb to even try to get him with pierce.. but if hes offering pierce for portlands trash im really embarassed

  • PD

    Loyalty actually is important in this scenario. In an age where players decide where they want to go (Dwight, Lebron) and who coaches them (Melo), Paul Pierce stuck it out in Boston and had faith that help would come.. he should not go unrewarded for HIS loyalty because Danny is so made about the celtics that got old over night when he was playing. This is not the same scenario.

  • In fairness Pierce stuck it out simply because he was never traded, there was a time when he asked for a trade

  • Celtics offered Pierce and the #5 pick for Oden so….

  • Tyler

    DA should trade Rondo for Aldridge. That trade would immediately help our rebounding and inside defensive woes.

  • business…horses..farmer… bleah!

  • Joelle

    True That. 100% correct… Ainge is not that crazy. One can only hope, one can only hope.

  • paul

    I love your asskissing media hack logic. So, according to you, Broussard is a liar, but Danny, A KNOWN LIAR, is a paragon of truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You make me sick.

  • paul

    Perfect!!!!!!! So you are comparing Pierce to an old horse to be sent to the glue factory. You really are a sick one.