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Enemy Chatter: Doc Rivers out coached Del Negro

VDNI often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Los Angeles.

Who says coaches don’t matter? Doc Rivers thoroughly outcoached Vinny Del Negro in this one by going to a stable of simple yet effective plays to create the mismatches the Clippers’ defense readily offers. The Celtics may not have the horses for a championship run, but no one in the East wants to see this smart, tough team come playoff time.

Clippers Blog

I'm not sure why you wouldn't go ahead and put DeAndre Jordan in the game down the stretch, perhaps for Butler. With Jermaine O'Neal and Chris Wilcox out, the Celtics only played three players over 6'7" — and one of those (Brandon Bass) had fouled out while another (Greg Stiemsma) had shown little indication that he'd be able to handle crunch time. But by going small and staying small, Del Negro failed to press his size advantage and Boston was able to close the game with Garnett surrounded by a group of guards and small forwards.

Clips Nation

As I watched the 4th quarter of last night's game from my couch this morning (yes, I was too hungover from Sunday's party and tired to stay up), I wondered about the absence of DeAndre Jordan. Was he hurt or in the dog house?

None of the above. Turns out he was Del Negro'd. 

I hope we all appreciate the genius that is Doc Rivers.

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  • matt fernandez

    the usually dont play Jordan at the end of games because they cant spread the floor at all with him and blake out there. he cant shoot at all. but yea with how small the C’s were last night it could have worked.

  • kg.the.great

    BIGMCK thanks alot, i am going to use “del negro’d” every chance i get. By the way how was rondo last night on chris paul. can we say that chris paul was locked up in a cage until pietrus sorta gave him the key in the last minutes of the game.

  • um WoW Does that mean Mike “Mr. Potato Head” Brown out coached Doc?????

  • chachee

    genius that is doc rivers? you’re joking, right? my 9 yr old nephew could’ve “outcoached” Vinny Del Negro, last night. Bobby Simmons has been in the D league all season and he only played 2 games last year with the Spurs. DeAndre can’t spread the floor? They have Chris Paul, Mo Williams and Caron Butler out there. Why would they need more perimeter players when they could’ve just went for the C’s jugular and posted up KG and Stiemsma? I’m happy we got the win but it just felt like the C’s were playing against a team that couldn’t put it together and at times, seemed lost. They have no identity. A win is a win but let’s no toot our horn over it.

  • paul

    Please. Doc has strengths and weaknesses as a coach. I’d say he clocks in well short of genius at this point. Let’s see him coach this team to a championship and then maybe we can talk about that.

  • sev

    dJordan has NO post up game whatsoever….so thats why….that would be like us going to perk in the post. Deandre gets his points off of easy buckets(dunks, off rebounds, layups). Now I agree they could have still used him to get rebounds and blocks, do what he does best because they did have enough players to spread the floor, but djordans post up game is non existent. Still he would have made KG have to expend more energy fighting for boards and would have cleared out space, making griffins job easier.