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Celtics beat LA!! (work with me here)


This one looked like a classic 2011-2012 Celtics game…. come out big, suck in the 2nd, show some signs of life, blow it in the last 5 minutes.

But instead of following the script in the last 5 minutes, the Celtics went on a 20-7 run and beat the Clippers 94-85.

Let's make this quick cuz I'm tired… 

  • Paul Pierce led the way with 25.  He had it working early and his coast-to-coast layup was the beginning of the end in this one. 
  • Ray Allen turned his ankle late in the game, but he's fine. He only shot 5-12, but he hit 2-3 from deep.
  • KG's turnaround jumper when the Clippers had a chance to shift momentum was a key bucket. He had 21 & 8 tonight to go along with 2 huge blocks.
  • Brandon Bass had it going early and was a big key to fast Celtics starts in the 1st and 3rd quarter.  He was plagued with foul trouble all night… he even fouled out… and finished with 10-9.  And some of the fouls on him were horrible, horrible calls.  Brandon deserved better tonight. 
  • Rajon Rondo won the point guard battle:

Rondo: 12 points (4-8 fg, 4-4 ft), 10 assists, 2 rebounds, 3 steals, 6 turnovers
Paul:   14 points (3-12 fg, 1-5 3pt, 7-7 ft), 5 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, 4 turnovers

  • Mickael Pietrus was not good offensively and fans were starting to turn on him… but he ramped it up defensively, forced a couple of turnovers in the last couple of turnovers.  Say what you want, the guy is playing in pain and he's trying to do whatever he can to help this team win.  He's not giving up.

Big win for the C's tonight.  I was expecting a split in LA and that's what we got.  Now they get a day off to get rested for a Warriors team that might look radically different come Wednesday.  They're involved in a lot of rumors right now.  Keep an eye on that.  They may be shorthanded.

Box Score

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  • HUGE win. After Clippers lost last night, I really felt like we could take this one. The C’s never really let the Clippers’ fans get in the game, and some great defense by Bass & KG kept the BlakeShow pretty quiet. The fact that Staples was filled w/alot of C’s fans helped too. Pierce and KG were just fantastic in closing this one out offensively. And I have to agree w/John that as much Pietrus has struggled with his shot lately (which is all due to that knee bothering him) his hustle & defense were crucial tonight-I give him a Tommy Point. Oh and if you were really quiet, you could hear every C’s fan in Boston scream at their tv when Rajon missed that layup. I love the kid, but man he’s GOTTA dunk those..nice win tonight coupled with another Knicks loss..Bucks are now the 8th seed.

  • Nice to get that 1st win on the roadie. Very strange game, but the C’s were clearly the better team down the stretch. Pierce & KG were big when it counted. As for Pietrus, whether he’s hurt or not, his shot is just not falling, although he did have some nice defensive plays. I think Sasha ought to be getting some minutes on this trip. Seeing Ray limp off was scary for a minute.
    Blake Griffin is the most over-rated “star” in the game right now. I’m not sayin he doesn’t have some skills and could become a great player, but right now he’s a one-move guy who can dunk like crazy and that’s about it. The fact that he started in the AllStar game is a joke. Blake talked alot of smack, staring guys down (well, actually mostly Steimsma) tonite like he’s actually done something in the league besides win a dunk contest that he shouldn’t even have won. Wouldn’t mind seeing D. Jordan in green someday…

  • Couldnt agree more..Blake is a punk..has no outside shot and acts like dunks are worth more than 2 points

  • Great game by rondo..I’ve been more than critical of him but tonight he really showed up Chris Paul but didn’t try to do too much..played smart within the offense and made the right pass every time.

  • I didn’t realize just how over-rated Griffin was until this game. He’d probably be better if he spent more time on the court and less time filming creepy Kia ads.

  • Great win. Second night of back to back after the heartbreak to the Lakers. Luckily no travel due to LA having TWO teams play in same arena.
    This team is going to be a tough out come play off time. I wouldn’t make any dramatic changes. KG is playing some inspired ball these days and if he can go the Celts are a miserable old dog that won’t die easily.
    My hope is that Boston moves Jermaine for SOMETHING (anything?) and that Wilcox can play again this year.
    As for the Clippers they may (tiny may) continue to spiral out of play-off contention. Since Billups went down they are 8-10. This is a big deal because Boston owns their pick. The next few days/weeks/months will be interesting for sure…

  • James Eisenman

    Was there last night. There were literally about 4,000-5,000 Celtics fan (outnumbering the 1,000 or more that were at the Lakers game, the day before). There were so many of us, that we started the “Let’s Go Celtics” cheer in the fourth quarter and it caught on so loudly that it overshadowed the Clippers’ fans when they tried to boo it down. My son said that this was his first Celtics home game. lol. The LA fans took off in the last minute or two when the game spiraled out of control for the Celtics, so when the game was over, we were clearly the majority of fans left. When we were headed out, the escaltors were filled with hundreds of Celtics fans, continuing the cheer with only a few sporadic “Celtics Suck” cheers as we overpowered them.
    The game was mostly good. Chris Paul was literally out of it. I wouldn’t say Rondo had anything to do with it. He literally spun away from Rondo dozens of times but then when he would, Pietrus came over and, instead of attacking, Paul just stood there until Rondo moved back into position. Chris Paul truly didn’t even look for his shot until the 4th quarter. Even then, when he drove, he kept having no shot and no place to go. Rondo was fine, (even made free throws and luckily didn’t get burned on defense) except for the full court drive, at the end of the game, all the way to the basket and then missing the layup because he just wouldn’t dunk the open shot. But KG and Paul came up with clutch shots at the end. Plus, some great stops by Pietrus and some solid defense, shutting down Mo Williams and Blake Griffin, put it out of reach. Plus, Steemer had a monster block on Mo Williams, who never drove after it and he worked hard when he was in, clogging the lane.
    The refs were awful again. A bad series of pointless double technicals and a lot of petty calls. I will say, though, that the petty calls were going both ways most of the time, so it could have been worse. All-in-all, a good game and a lot of fun for a native Bostonian.

  • Wels

    I do wonder why Rondo doesn’t dunk anymore. Not that he needs to often, but it would help him in certain situations like this, where a layup can be harder to pull off at high speed. I really can’t recall him dunking at all this season, and only remember him doing it once or twice last season /Not a Rondo critique

  • James Eisenman

    This was the perfect situation for it. He had an open floor with everyone trailing him. All he had to do was put it down. No need for the Blake Show-Off Jam, just a simple Larry Bird two-inch over the rim dunk. lol. Avery did one, he certainly can.

  • Love the win see we had another great night for Dooling

  • Rondo`s getting better at it…at least this layup drew iron, unlike the Houston game six days earlier!

  • I had forgotten that there’s actually a lot of Celtic fans in LA. I remember going to Celtics/Clippers at the LA Sports Arena and there was green everywhere.

  • I used to love those nights at the Sports Arena. We had the overwhelming majority when the Clippers sucked. lol. Also, there’s a bar in Santa Monica owned by two guys from Boston where only Celtics fans show up. In 2008, the place was jammed to the rafters. I couldn’t even bribe the doorman to let my son in. LOL. There are tons of us out here. Some from LA, some from Boston. I knew a women in front of me was a real transplant when I overheard her calling someone “wicked smahhht.” Like a little taste of the home country. 🙂

  • Ever run into Whitey Bulger at Sonny McLean`s Bar in Santa Monica?

  • I’ve heard of that bar but never been. I moved away and am on the other side of town when I come to visit. Still remember going to a game where Bird was at the line with .8 seconds left and was waving on the Clipper faithful to bring it as he stepped to the line. Were either down by one or tied and he sank both. Funniest thing was under the basket some guys had life size posters of women in bikinis taped to poster board and were waving it. The drama didn’t end as Bo Kimble I believe nailed a falling out of bounds three pointer that didn’t count as time had expired.

  • I was at that game too. I never noticed Whitey at Sonny MclLeans but there was an old guy with a horse’s head in that corner booth. I thought it was a good luck charm for Kobe at the time.;-)