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Enemy Chatter: Andrew Bynum stole the Celtics’ heart

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here’s a dose of ‘enemy chatter’ from Los Angeles.

Bynum dominated again at times against the Celtics, repeatedly making Kevin Garnett look every minute of 35 years old.

He finished with 20 points and 14 rebounds. He played nearly 41 minutes, second only among the Lakers to Bryant. He played all but one minute of the second half, second only among the Lakers, again, to Bryant.

On the game’s deciding basket, Bynum bullied Garnett, moving him deep, deeper and deeper still, until being able to convert from in close.

“Andrew is too big,” Bryant said. “You can’t teach that. I knew it was going to be a high-percentage shot.”

On Friday, Bynum made headlines by saying the Lakers were going to go at Boston’s head, at “the Celtics’ rack.”

Instead, he reached in and strong-arm stole their heart.

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I’ll give Andrew Bynum credit for a well played game and clutch bucket, but can we chill out on the dominated Kevin Garnett talk?

Bynum is a legit center with a 30-pound weight advantage on a 35-year-old power forward. He scored 20 points in 41 minutes against one of the thinnest front lines in the NBA.

The media is also buzzing about Kobe Bryant’s decision to pass the ball to Bynum on the Lakers final possession. As though it’s some sort of passing of the torch. Don’t forget the Lakers were up one point at the time. Talk to me when Bryant passes into the post when the Lakers are down one.

God, I hate the Lakers.

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  • Everyone in LA in pathetic. Don’t think for one second that if Derek Caracter or some shit player on the end of LA’s bench was injured and we won ESPN wouldn’t have pointed that out. As if it matters. Pietrus was questionable and with Wilcox AND Jermaine out we still came within three points. Don’t forget Joey Crawford was lights out in that game for the Lakers. Yet Bynum “dominates” and I’m sure there will be title talk in LA for the next couple days until they lose to some shit team like NOH.

  • Bynum “stole the Celtics` heart” in 2010…when he destroyed Perkins` knee in the 6th minute of Game 6.

  • haha

    Love how the Leprechauns unite and whine together. Want some cheese with that W(h)ine? lol

  • Danno

    I love how Lakers fans come to Celtics blogs to gloat, about meaningless regular season wins.

  • Maybe, maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself.

  • trytryagain

    Desperate nit picking disguised as analysis, hiding the growing acceptance that The Celtics are done. End of an era, kids.

  • Danno

    guy has to keep registering new usernames.
    takes being a spineless pussy on the internet to new heights.

  • haha

    just like you calling someone a pussy on the internet. Stop trying to act all hard over the computer lol

  • haha

    Leprechauns will be relevant again in another 20+ years. lol

  • thetitleisours

    Actually I thought Steamer was doing a good job defending Gasol and Bynum. he was the only one with the body to match up.

  • thetitleisours

    Kind of a big boast when we had no starting center and you only won by a couple. But if that’s what makes you guys proud then it doesn’t take much…

  • haha

    Seem’s like that is the only excuse you can come up with. But if that makes you sleep better at night, keep telling yourself that…

  • Wels

    Garnett had a hard time, but this is hardly an age thing, rather a body/size thing. KG has played great against Howard in two games this season, keeping him off the block and contesting his shots expertly. I do think he could have done more of the latter against Bynum, but it still may not have gotten him anywhere except in foul trouble–which the thin front line doesn’t leave room for. Bynum just happens to be the current physical equivalent of Shaq in this league, and hell even Hakeem had a hard time defending Shaq.

  • Deperate gloating from yesterdays news. We play the relevant LA team tonight.
    Bubba byynum wore out an older lighter kg. Maybe its all the shrimps coctails he eats.

  • F***Celtics

    hahahah its funny how them chumps frm boston bitch an wine bout everything, get it thru ur head boston is done, havent u heard da GM, the owners..etc everyone knows there done they r trying to trade everyone there Celtics suck big balls they’ll come back mmmm20yrs frm now……..PG away from scaring every team once again……..Lakers All day come to da WEST

  • FukkkkCeltics

    Celtics fans are big Pussys they just run there mouth on da computer, thats why da Celtics suck, cuz their fans r Bitches, they r lucky Artest didnt beat up pierce an Garnet at da same time, now if that would of happen celtics will b equal to cavs after james left

  • Maybe you could get jimmer fredette, that would scare the shit out of the west. He’s from the other LA so he would be able to relate to bubba bynum.

  • Eh I’m about as pleased with a loss as one can get.
    C’s forgot to bring everything but guts and almost got ’em, and LA has only lost twice so far on their home floor this year.

  • “… that’s why they run there mouths on da computer” Sentence before that: “Celtics fans are big Pussys” 1) Learn English 2) Yes because we’re definitely gonna take a flight out to Los Angeles to argue with you in person 3) STFU, you’re a hypocrite