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Your Morning Dump… where we’ve seen this movie before

Chris wilcox laying it in against detroit

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here... highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

You can't help but wonder if Boston will need to make a move at the back end of its roster this week to at least free a roster spot. If Marquis Daniels is struggling to get on the floor, you can't help but wonder if the team would be better served to free a spot that could be used to bring in a big man on a 10-day contract. As we've stressed in this space before, it's got less to do with Daniels — a truly inspiring story in coming back after lats year's spine injury — and more to do with the Celtics having a glaring need to add a big body at the moment, even if it's nothing more than emergency depth. The fact that Boston hasn't added a big man for the rest of the season seems to indicate that there's no one available out there that likely deserves more than a 10-day tryout (but maybe they can find another intriguing young big man like Chris Johnson turned out to be last season).

ESPN Boston:  How Wilcox's absence impacts the C's

I've had a few people bring this up to me now… 

This is getting a little too similar to last season.  The Celtics lose a key bench guy just before the deadline (when Marquis Daniels went down) and a west coast trip… then Danny pulls off a blockbuster deal to try to address that need.  

We're all on edge a bit lately as it is…. now with the C's suddenly finding themselves insanely short handed, everyone's looking around to see if Danny will do the same thing?  Or will he just shore up the bench with a less explosive move like the one Forsberg lays out there? 

My guess?  Quis is gone soon to clear up a spot and the C's try a patchwork approach.  Last year, I think Danny was making a last-ditch effort to win a title.  I don't think Danny does that this time around.  This time he's got the future staring at him in the face, so a huge move to shore up a need this year doesn't make sense.  He's not blowing this up for a run at the title.  The only reason he'd blow up this team now with a major deal is to find pieces for the future. 

So rest ease, C's fans.  While we've seen all of this happen before… and it seems very similar…. I think this movie will have a different ending. 

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On page 2:  Rondo is… despite what some people think… still working on his shooting

“We definitely saw some improvement when I worked with him initially,” said Price. “Obviously I haven’t been able to follow him on a regular basis, but he came back a couple of times and I felt like we did make some progress.

“But the hard part about that is you’ve got to stick with stuff, and I haven’t been able to follow him that closely.”

Rondo has been stubborn at times over his career with his form, but he is out in the pregame going through a full shooting regimen to find a groove.

“Confidence is a huge thing, no question about it,” Price said. “A guy out there has got to feel confident he can make the shot. If he doesn’t, it’s really hard to be consistent.

“But it’s like, what comes first, the chicken or the egg? Without improving mechanics, can you really get that kind of confidence? And then it just takes a lot of repetition doing things the right way.”

Herald:  Rondo's shooting still needs tweaking

It irks me when people say things like "it's obvious this player isn't working on such-and-such"… or if they see a guy at some event and they say "he should be working on his shooting, not at that thing"…. as if players must spend 12 hours a day in the gym with no breaks and they can't enjoy themselves at all.  

Rondo went to Price for an extended session and then went back a couple more times.  He's working on his shot.  And it has gotten better.  

I know that's not good enough for everyone.  But people have to understand one simple thing:  If it was as easy as going to Mark Price for a tutorial and spending hours a day at the gym shooting jumpers… then everyone would be Mark Price.  If it was as easy as "working on your shot" every day, then why isn't everyone in the NBA a dead-eye shooter? 

Because some guys just aren't as good at it as others.  Some will never be as good as others.  Rondo has improved and he'll continue to improve, but he's probably never going to be "automatic" from mid-range.  What we need himt to be is dangerous… a threat to make it from there… and he's getting there.  He really needs to improve the free throw shooting, which may just be a matter of confidence.  

Shooting the basketball isn't easy… these guys just make it look easy.

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  • he air balled a free throw…………….

  • Ian

    Andreas24x7… I didn’t realize you are a sharp shooter with nba level defenders in your face. Why do people give rondo so much crap? The guy is amazing and his shot is improving even if it’s a little.

  • he air balled a free throw………….

  • You missed the point, Red’s Army. It ISN’T easy working hard on your shot, being committed, and improving your game. That’s what separates the good from the great. Look no further than Ray Allen, who was not born a great shooter. He worked extremely hard and turned out to be the greatest 3 pt shooter ever. Jason Kidd couldn’t hit anything but a layup his first 3 years, then became a deadly free throw AND 3 point shooter. So it is perfectly valid to question Rondo’s work ethic.

  • Try finding another team in any sport that sees it`s young, superbly conditioned athletes develop heart related issues.
    Len Bias…Reggie Lewis…Jeff Green…Chris Wilcox

  • Quest

    Rondo’s role on the team has changed. At the beginning of his carreer his role was to be the passer on this team now circumstances are such he has to extend/evolve his skills. Isn’t that normal for any career. Which NBA player hasn’t needed to work on his game over time. Let’s talk about Dwight’s shooting or Le Bron’s clutch moments, Nash started as a terrible shooter in his career & took him awhile to gain success etc.. Everyone at one time in any career meets changes and learning curves. Its how you address these changes that is a measure of a person.
    I think people who are consistently heaping criticism on Rondo’s playing abilities are people who generally like to see the world half empty and Rondo is just an easy target.

  • Walk

    Totally agree. PERFECTLY valid to question his work ethic. It’s like anything else in life… If you want to be good or successful at something, you put the time in and actually show improvement. Looking forward to watching Kobe play 5′ off Rondo all game.

  • Alex

    Rondo’s jumpshot IS improving and I can definitely see it.
    People questioning his work ethic… uhhh guys… how do you know what he does during his training sessions? For all we know, he probably has a personal court in his mansion where he keeps practicing his jumpshot. You don’t know Rondo so stop saying he doesn’t work hard enough (like Ray Ray).
    And the whole “he airballed a free throw” comment… Are you an idiot? Didn’t Lebron James airball a free throw? People have airballed the free throw before and it’s just a human mistake. People are seriously nitpicking on Rondo for flaws at this point and not giving valid reasons why we should be criticizing him.
    For me, Rondo needs to be consistent and attack the paint more often. This is what he did against the Blazers and look what happened. A huge blow out. If he just keeps doing that, the Celtics flow much better on offense.

  • paul

    The Haters never stop. One of the things that is so great about Rondo is that he has improved markedly every season. We should have faith that he will become a good shooter. He has EARNED that. And also, he has shown improvement. There’s no question that he started out this season looking better, and shooting better. That has tailed off, admittedly. The wrist injury had something to do with that, I think. Also, as the season wears on, players inevitably tend to revert to engrained behaviors. Rondo seems to be crooking his elbow that weird way he tends to do a lot more now. Shooting is a delicate art. It’s not just a matter of rote and mechanics. Does anybody seriously think we should have a league of Ray Allens? Ray Allen does what he does, and he’s amazing at it. Could you find two players with games more different than Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo? Rondo is working his way towards a more fluid and reliable shot. The turning point will come when no one is looking. Some day there will be article here at Redsarmy pointing out that while we weren’t thinking about it, and obsessing over it, Rondo gradually turned into a reliable shooter. He may even become a great shooter. Even Rondo’s haters must surely see that the guy does have a FEEL for shooting the basketball. One sees it more often when he is shooting on the move. The basic feel you have to have is there. I don’t know if Rondo will ever get that far, but I’m quite confident that he will at least get to ‘reliable’.
    And you know, it’s fascinating to see how people sneer at him when he does show signs of progress. For example, he was the best shooter in the skills challenge, but instead of being well pleased to see that (I suspect the fact that Rondo entered the challenge at all was a tribute to his increased confidence in his shooting), ‘fans’ spat out ridicule.
    Hopefully, today will be the day that Rondo DESTROYS the Rondo Sag. Maybe it won’t be. But that day is coming.

  • yeah..cant wait for the clogging of the lane defense..the forcing KG out away from the hoop..the lack of space for Ray..all caused by Kobe sagging off rondo

  • paul

    Naturally, Redsarmy wouldn’t point this out, but the Herald article is an obvious hit piece, sent out into the world by the Wonder Journalist who told us all the nasty locker room gossip about Rondo prior to the season. Here Bulpett acknowledges that Rondo is shooting better, but then proceeds with quote after quote from ONE source, Price, who finds himself four or five charming ways to question Rondo’s work ethic, without coming out and saying it. Very gutsy and classy there, Price.
    Price does say one good thing. Shooting is an art. It takes time. Habits die hard, especially when the body is trained to them, and it’s the middle of the season. Everyone learns to shoot differently. Rondo isn’t Mark Price. He isn’t Ray Allen.
    The Herald seems to be specializing in anti-Rondo hit pieces these days. Interesting.

  • sev
    rondo vs durant in horse….rondo can shoot when he’s relaxed….i think its confidence and the fact that when he’s wide open he knows everybody thinks he’s gonna miss…when you have time to think about it like rondo does when he’s wide open, it tends to effect your mechanics. There is a reason why he seems to make shots at the end of the shot clock because he doesn’t have time to think and it’s less pressure because you HAVE to chuck it up. His big hands don’t help either, but I really believe he is a better shooter than demonstrated. Your confidence drops when you see your man sagging off you 8ft. Check out the video though….shots are from 3

  • KY Celts fan

    Len Bias was a cocaine issue. Not a heart issue.

  • Official cause of death : Cardiac Arrhythmia

  • tom

    The celtic just need to focus on defense and that is whats going to help them take out the lakers today. Id suggest parlaying the under with celtics gettin 5.5 and if u want to know why check out my blog

  • I love it when people who have never played competitive basketball opine on subjects they really know nothing about. Yes, practice will improve your shot and your confidence. Note Avery’s vast improvement. Rondo’s not so much. Free throw shooting worse. Actually now doing a pre-game shooting routine and taking a few lessons from Price. Not really. Hand size is totallt irrelevant. Practice more and you’ll gain confidence in the game. I did it, so I know. Went from a 60% free throw shooter to 75%-80% and added a mid-range jumper. Practice, real practice makes better.

  • You can`t teach “self-motivation”.
    Either you are completely driven to be the best you can be {Bird, Jordan, Magic}…or you`re not {Rondo}.
    Rondo is simply “too content” with where he is.

  • KY Celts fan

    Cardiac Arrhythmia related to the usage of cocaine. Don’t try to whitewash it.